Little Dragon

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Little Dragon Chapter 1: The Soul Bond

Harry could feel his heart beat speed up as they neared the towering snow white fortress that was Gringotts. Ever since he had first stepped foot in Diagon Alley, Harry had felt... Drawn to something. What it was he didn't know, all that he knew was that the longer he stood there the more he began to hurt. As though resisting the pull were causing him physical pain.

Finally drawing up to those large burnished bronze doors, Harry noticed two Goblins.

They were slightly shorter than he was and were wearing scarlet and gold uniforms. Their faces were clever and both had pointed beards and long hands and feet. All in all they were slightly intimidating.

As he and Hagrid reached the top of the steps the goblins bowed them through the doors, Harry pausing to bow back before scampering after Hagrid, completely missing the looks of shock on the goblins faces.

Hagrid paused before the next set of doors, silver this time, and motioned towards the engraving on the wall above them.

'Enter stranger, but take heed

Of what awaits the sin of greed,

For those who take, but do not earn,

Must pay most dearly in their turn.

So if you seek beneath our floors

A treasure that was never yours,

Thief, you have been warned, beware

Of finding more than treasure there.'

"Like I said, Yeh'd be mad ter try an' rob it," Hagrid said with a soft smile as he looked down at Harry.

The process of Harry awkwardly bowing to two more goblins was repeated before finally they reached the main hall of Gringotts.

Harry looked around in amazement at what seemed like hundreds of goblins sitting on high stools behind a long counter spanning most of the floor.

The goblins were scribbling in large ledgers, weighing coins in brass scales, looking through magnified eye glasses at precious stones and a million other tasks.

There were hundreds of doors spread throughout the hall with hundreds more goblins showing people through them.

Harry thought that he could feel spend all day just watching the scene before him and still find more surprises with each step that he took.

With a wry chuckle Hagrid put his large hand on Harry's back and gently guided him towards one of the tellers.

Harry's head continued to swivel as he took in the sights around him when his eyes were drawn to a patch of bright red hair.

"Charlie! Bill! Wa' are you doin' 'ere? I though' you were both workin''?" Hagrid called out and changed their direction to head towards two, rather handsome, men with flaming red hair.

Bill and Charlie looked up at the large groundskeeper with huge smiles on their faces before they noticed the small child that Hagrid was steering towards them.

The child looked to be around nine years of age and looked far too skinny to be healthy. All that could be seen of the child were his hair, too large glasses, and ten like clothes.

His hair was long and an inky black that shone blue where the lights touched it, his glasses were far too large for one with such a small face and seemed to consist of little more than its round wire rims and the duct tape that held them together.

His clothes were the worst of all, however. They looked as though twenty of the boy could fit in them with still room to spare. His shirt, which obviously used to be a short sleeved shirt at one point, hung down past his knees with only the tips of his fingers peeking out past the sleeves. Under the shirt a mound of pant legs peeked out, bunched up as though he had tried to cuff them only for that to prove useless, they themselves covering a pair of worn out shoes that kept folding under his feet as he walked.

The boy was walking slowly and carefully, as though he were aware of how truly fragile he looked and afraid that one wrong move would cause him to shatter.

It was a heartbreaking sight for the two brothers...

"Hello Hagrid," They called out together, they would get their answers soon enough.

"Charlie and I decided that we would surprise the family for the last few weeks of summer, I still had a bit of paperwork to do but once it's filed we're off to the Burrow," Bill continued answering Hagrids question as he gestured to the paperwork in his hands.

"Ah, tha's nice. I be' Molly'll love tha'!" Hagrid boomed in obvious pleasure at the plan as a large grin overtook his face.

"That's what we were hoping for at least!" Charlie said with a small laugh as he found his eyes yet again drawn to the small boy currently hiding behind Hagrid. Charlie didn't quite know why, he was just... He felt drawn to this child for some reason.

"Oh!" Hagrid said with a start as he turned to gently guide Harry out from behind himself, obviously having seen Charlies glance. "This is Harry, I'm takin' him to get his supplies fer school," Hagrid said proudly as he gently nudged Harry forward. "Harry these are Bill and Charlie Weasley, they're both good friends o' mine."

"It's nice to meet you," Harry said in a small gentle voice as he held out his arm so that the two brothers could now see a small dainty hand.

Bill was the first to respond as he gently took the offered hand into his own calloused grasp. His tanned skin and large palm dwarfing Harry's own, making it seem as though he were the most priceless treasure that Bill could have found. Being careful not to fracture this delicate creature Bill let go of the small hand and took a small step back to watch as his brother too took Harry's hand.

As Harry's skin softly brushed across Charlie's own before settling into a small pressure against his palm Charlie could feel his magic soar.

The moment their skin had touched Harry's face had shot up and his magnificent eyes locked with Charlie's own mesmerizing him in a way that no veela could have ever hoped to do.

Harry must have been the most beautiful person Charlie had ever seen.

He had large innocent emerald green eyes surrounded by a veritable forest of inky black lashes, his lips were a full plump pink and just begged to be kissed. His features were delicate and his complexion was a flawless creamy white that looked especially delectable with the pink flush that was slowly spreading across his cheeks.

Now with his head held up Charlie could see that his hair was adorably messy with the way that it stood up every which way and curled to frame his perfect face and his sleek pale neck as he looked up at him. Harry was short, probably no more than four foot tall and he was of course far too skinny.

Charlie wanted nothing more at that moment than to take the boy home to his mother so that she could mother and feed him.

For, as gorgeous as Harry was now, Charlie had no doubt that when he got some meat on his bones...

Well, that would be the day that Veela would weep.

Bill watched as Harry took his brothers hand with the same small and hesitant smile that he had given Bill only for it to disappear in a look of shock the moment their skin touched.

Bill watched in awe as their magic reacted, bubbling up until it finally burst out and wrapped around the two.

This was an amazingly rare occurrence! It hardly ever happened and it had certainly never happened with one so young! Usually the bond wouldn't form until the younger of the two became 17, there were records of it happening at 15 before but certainly never to an 11 year old! And for it to happen with complete strangers... This bond must be extremely powerful.

From the corner of his eye Bill noticed a goblin approaching and, after a quick conversation, Bill called the others' attention to him.

"Charlie, Harry, you two come with me. Hagrid I'm sorry but we need to borrow Harry for a bit. Something seems to be off with his accounts. How about you go on to the leaky and we'll meet you there for lunch?" Bill asked as he began to usher the other two toward the door the goblin was currently holding open, not really giving Hagrid a chance to reply.

"Ah, alrigh' I'll meet you at noon then?" Hagrid asked, confusion obvious in his voice but willing to trust the Gringotts employee.

"Um, excuse me sir?" Harry asked tentatively as he looked in confusion at the goblin.

"I know that this is confusing for you right now mister Potter, but worry not. All will be answered soon," the goblin said looking Harry straight in the eye.

Bill was shocked to his core. Harry Potter, THE Harry Potter, had just been bound to his brother and looked as though he had never had a decent meal in his life!

"You're Harry Potter!?" Charlie managed to choke out, his eyes bugging much like mine must have been as we stared at the small figure before us.

This couldn't possibly be true! They had all been told that Harry Potter, The-Boy-Who-Lived, had been taken in by his relatives where he was loved and happy and obviously they had been lied to!

"What's wrong?" Harry asked, eyes wide and questioning as he cocked his head to the side. "I'm just Harry. You're making it seem as though I'm special, but I'm not."

Before either of the two Weasleys could reply the goblin that was accompanying them responded instead.

"You are very special mister Potter, do not believe otherwise. We will explain more in depth momentarily, however, the Director wishes to speak to you now," With that said he gestured for them to follow him through yet another set of doors but Harry something that he wanted to know before they continued on.

"Sir, what is your name?" Harry asked with honest curiosity shining in his eyes.

After a brief look of shock that flashed across his face a warm smile, one far softer and more gentle than any Bill had ever seen, spread across his face.

"You honor me with your interest mister Potter," the goblin said as he bent at the waist in a bow, "My name is Griphook."

"The honor is all mine mister Griphook," Harry said with a bow of his own, "And please, my name is Harry, just Harry."

"Well Harry, I can see great things in your future. I hope that this will not be the last of our interactions."

"Me too, it's nice to have another friend," Harry said with a smile containing so much warmth that Griphook could feel his heart melt just that tiny bit more for this odd human.

Yes, this boy would surely continue on to accomplish great deeds. Griphook was sure of it.

"It is my pleasure to call you friend, young Harry. And may this friendship last," Griphook said before leading Harry toward the large doors that lead to the Director's personal office.

"This is the hallway that leads to the Director of the banks personal office Harry," Griphook informed Harry as they made their way down the slightly imposing hallway. "The Director wants to speak with you about what just occurred on the main floor, what that involves, and he would also like to check into your accounts. Now, don't worry yourself, you are not in trouble. Far from it actually," Griphook explained as they drew to a stop before two imposing doors that towered over even Bill who was the tallest of their group.

Bill Weasley was feeling as though his whole world was being turned upside down and crashing down around his very feet. Everything he had been told since he was 11 was being disproven and torn to pieces right before his eyes.

Harry Potter, Boy-Who-Was-Obviously-NOT-Taken-Care-Of, had bonded to his brother, gotten a meeting with the Director of Gringotts himself, gotten a goblin to give a nice smile, and even became friends with said goblin!

How was this even possible!?

The massive doors, which had been slowly opening as they drew nearer, now stood as an imposing entryway before them. Bill nervously began to make himself as presentable as possible and noticed that Charlie was doing the same.

"Director Ragnok," Griphook said as he entered the large room and bowing deeply, "This is Harry Potter, Charlie Weasley and Bill Weasley."

"Thank you Griphook," The elderly goblin replied, his eyes passing over them before finally settling on Harry and becoming more gentle. "I must say mister Potter it is quite delightful to meet you."

"It is a pleasure to meet you as well mister Director Ragnok sir," Harry replied bowing to the aged goblin as Griphook had.

With a hearty laugh Ragnok stood and moved around the large desk to guide Harry towards one of three chairs positioned before it while motioning to a still stunned Bill and Charlie to follow. Once they reached the chairs Ragnok pulled Harry's out himself before speaking again.

"We've been waiting for far too long for you to arrive mister Potter. Unfortunately until now there have been wards in place that have hidden you, even from us. We have much that we have to discuss and achieve including informing you of what exactly occurred in the main atrium."

"W-why is it that you all seem to think that I'm so important?" Harry asked shyly as he ducked his head in an attempt to hide behind his fringe. "I'm just Harry."

"Mister Potter, you are a very special young man. Your story alone says this, not to mention your actions today," Ragnok said looking directly into Harry's eyes.

"My story?" Harry asked looking adorably confused what with how his head was cocked to the side and his eyebrows were scrunched together.

"Mister Potter, how were you told your parents died?" Ragnok asked carefully. Obviously something was wrong here and Ragnok had caught onto it.

"Well..." Harry began obviously confused on what that had to do with this. "My aunt always told me that they died in a car crash but when Hagrid showed up last night she said that they had gotten themselves blown up. But... I remember a bright green light and a really mean laugh," Harry said trailing off as the others in the room felt a shiver course down their spines. He could remember... Harry Potter could remember the night of his parents deaths.

"Harry," Ragnok began carefully as he reached over the desk and took one of Harrys hands in his own, "Your aunt lied to you... On both counts. Your parents were murdered by a man who called himself Lord Voldemort. They had been members of an organization that opposed him and his followers. They trusted the wrong man with their whereabouts and he betrayed them and they paid the price for that betrayal. You are the only one to survive an attack by him."

"Why did Voldemort attack them?"

"There was a prophecy, I do not know its contents, only that it resides inside the Ministry. Somehow, Voldemort was informed of this prophecy and went after you. Since that Halloween night our world has hailed you as a hero."

"N-no! I-I'm not a hero!" Harry said jerking back in his seat so violently Ragnok lost his grip on his small hand. "I'm Harry, just Harry! I'm nothing but a freak! I'm not a hero!"

"What do you mean you're a freak Harry?" Charlie asked leaning forward to take Harry's small face in his large hands and gently tilting it so that those beautiful eyes were looking into his own.

"That's what they call me at home... I used to think it was my name until just before I started primary school," Harry said with a sniffle, unable to lie when he was looking straight into those concerned blue eyes.

"Harry," Ragnok asked looking at Harry concern shining in his eyes, "Have your relatives ever hurt you? Kept something that you needed from you like food and water? Forced you to do something you were too young to do?"

Harry tried to look away, his face glowing red with shame. He remained silent, refusing to answer and trying his hardest not to meet Charlies concerned gaze.

He would not tell these people what his relatives had done to him, he wouldn't be able to stand if they rejected him too. Especially Charlie.

Harry didn't know why, all he knew was that he felt drawn to the red head and didn't want him to think that Harry was weak. As though he were reading Harry's mind Charlie spoke.

"Harry, no matter what you tell us we will not think that you're weak. If anything, you will be that much stronger in our eyes. You can tell us, and I swear to you that I will make it so that you never have to go there again. But first you need to tell us, we need to know."

Harry knew that he could trust Charlie, he could see it in his eyes but it was still hard. These people were strangers and it had been drilled into him to keep silent...

Taking a deep breath Harry nodded, a simple gesture, but one that sent waves of horror and dread washing through the other three men in the room.

"Mister Potter," Ragnok began gently, "Would you be adverse to a scan? It would tell us of all past and present injuries as well as any potions and magic that is effecting you as well."

At Harry's small nod Ragnok gave a gentle smile and began to pull the required material out of his desk drawers as he explained the procedure to Harry.

"Each of these three bowls will be filled with a mixture of these potions and then they will be activated with three drops of blood in each bowl. If they glow gold that means that the test has come out as positive and I will put one of these quills into that bowl. The quill will absorb the potion and then write out what the potion has found. If the potion does not change then that means that you are unaffected with what that potion is screening for. If you do not like the idea of giving your blood to activate the potion then I will need to call a healer from St. Mungo's to perform a scan though those scans do not show everything."

"No, I'll do it," Harry said before Ragnok could continue again. Biting down on his bottom lip Harry placed his small hands onto the tabletop where the others finally noticed the small, almost invisible, scars and burn marks that littered his pale skin.

"Very well Harry," Ragnok said with a reassuring smile as he began to combine the potions in the three bowls. Once this was done he grasped one of Harry's small hands in his own and used a pointed dagger to create a small incision in his middle finger before allowing three drops of blood to fall into each of the bowls before healing the small cut and then they watched as the bowls began to glow before settling into three separate shades of gold.

Ragnok then proceeded to place the quills into the now golden mixture where they absorbed the potion and he placed them on three separate scrolls of parchment where the scratching of the quills became a constant sound in the background as Ragnok turned to face them again.

"Now while that is being recorded I believe it would be best to tell you what exactly happened today in the main atrium. Would that suit you?" He asked looking at Harry and Charlie.

"Yes sir," They both replied curiosity shining in their eyes.

"Very well, this morning on Gringotts main atrium floor, you both entered into what is known as a soul bond. This bond in and of itself is extremely rare, however, for it to have formed in one so young is extraordinary."

"Sir," Harry chimed in nervously, "What exactly is a soul bond? Is it bad?"

"No," Charlie said automatically looking back into Harry's mesmerizing eyes. "It just means that we were made for each other... That we were, to put it simply, meant to be. It's the strongest bond that two people can hold and for it to have formed with us only shaking hands is extraordinary," There was such honesty and pure hearted passion in his voice that Harry could do little more than nod in response.

"Now, mister Weasley," Ragnok continued as he pulled out a small stack of parchment from his desk drawer and set them in front of Charlie. "The only legal options that we have in regards to mister Potter would at the moment either be to send him back to his relatives until the first of September, which we all know is unacceptable, or for you to take responsibility. By signing these forms you are stating that you accept Harry as your soul mate and are willing to be his guardian until such a time as the bond is completed. The choice is yours," Ragnok said placing a quill atop the parchment and and then leaning back in his chair again.

As Charlie lifted the self inking quill so that he could sign the forms he was shocked to find them suddenly disappear from in front of them as Harry jumped up and out of his seat only to move a few paces away.

"No!" Harry cried out his voice a desperate plea. "You don't have to take me in! It's fine. I'm fine. I don't want to be a burden." As he continued to speak his voice steadily got lower until it was merely a whisper.

Getting out of his chair Charlie slowly made his way to Harrys now shaking form before kneeling down and taking his face into his hands yet again.

"Harry, look at me," Charlie said firmly. When those emerald orbs looked at him he continued. "You are not a burden! What your relatives have said and done to you are all lies and they are horrible people. I would love to be your guardian, to take you in and take care of you. I look forward to getting to know you and for you to meet my family. I already know that my mother will absolutely adore you, and I hope that with time you will come to care for me as I am sure that I will for you.

"A soul bond forming doesn't make you a burden to me. All that it does is let me know that I could spend the rest of my life searching the world and would never find someone as perfect for me as you. This bond will also legally let me help you. Will you let me help you Harry?" Charlie asked as he rubbed one of his thumbs over Harry's cheek.

"I wont be a burden?" Harry asked as he sniffed and brought one hand to rub at the back of his eyes.

"Never," Charlie said with such conviction that they could tell the case was already settled.

"Okay," Harry very nearly whispered as he nodded his head.

Charlie grinned and, after grabbing the papers, brought Harry back to the desk and helped him to sit down.

"If I sign these papers," Charlie began as he sat back in his seat, "Will anyone be able to contest my guardianship of Harry?"

"By the time the ministry even notices these papers," Ragnok said with a malicious grin and a twinkle in his eye all to similar to their twin brothers', "It will be too late."

With a grin Charlie signed the papers as the last of the three quills finally stopped scratching and fell useless to the side.

Ragnok quickly grabbed the parchment and began to scan through what they read, an angry scowl spreading across his face with each word written.

"Sir?" Harry asked in concern as Ragnok began to growl.

"What did the potions say, Director Ragnok?" Bill asked hesitantly upon seeing the goblins reaction.

Ragnok sighed as he lifted his hand to rub tiredly at the bridge of his nose. Gathering the three pieces of parchment he turned them around so that the others could read them.

"As you can see by this paper," He began as he pointed towards the longest piece of parchment, "The physical attacks that mister Potter has suffered from far outweigh anything I had expected to find. I suggest either a trip to St. Mungos or to contact Poppy Pomfrey. However this," He said pointing a long finger to an entry near the top of the page which caused Bill to blanch, "Will need to be treated here. Mister Weasley," He continued as he looked directly at Bill, "As you now have a personal interest in this, I do hope that you do not mind being re-assigned? Of course you will be rewarded for your cooperation."

"It would be my honor sir. This does affect two of my younger brothers after all," Bill replied immediately as he glanced at Harry and Charlie.

"That is what I wanted to hear. For the time being however your leave has been revoked," As Bill went to object Ragnok held up his hand and gave Bill a decidedly mischievous look as he continued. "Your new assignment will be to educate, guard and get a young mister Harry Potter acquainted to the magical world as well as his new family until the time that he attends Hogwarts."

Bills eyes grew to the size of saucers as his body froze in shock. He was, in essence, getting paid to so what he would have been doing anyway. The goblins must really like Harry!

"Now," Ragnok said getting directly back on track, "back to the topic at hand. The physical ailments that you suffer from mister Potter will have to be treated by a healer, however what is listed on these papers will be treated here. For most the procedure would cost around 150 galleons, however we are willing to waive the fees."

Thats it, the goblins doing something for free and passing up 150 galleons? Bill was convinced, Harry had some sort of superpower. There was no other explanation.

"Sir," Harry began, obviously curious. "Why would the charges be dropped? After all, 150 galleons is a lot of money."

"The reason that Gringotts is willing to drop the charges is because, through your actions so far today, you have gained the Nations respect, "Ragnok said, his voice showing how impressed he was with the young wizard.

"How did I do that?" Harry asked, his confusion only growing.

"Harry, just minutes ago you showed the Nation more respect than any have before you. You bowed back to multiple goblins, including myself, but you also befriended one. None before you have done that."

"Two," Harry said with a slight bit of hesitation in his voice.

"Two?" Ragnok asked a look of confusion spreading over his own face.

"I'm your friend too, if you want," Harry said looking down with a deep blush coloring his face.

"And that, mister Potter, is why you have earned the Nations respect."

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