Little Dragon

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Chapter 45: The First Summer

Groaning Minerva rubbed at the aching muscle in her neck. The children had all been safely escorted home, the school swept through for any remaining people or pets, even the school owls had taken roost in the Forbidden Forest for the time being as the goblins went through every nook and cranny to see what needed to be done.

There were only six weeks until the next school year began, with the use of the Time-Turner, Minerva could stretch those six weeks into twelve. She already had it worked out in theory. She was to split her time between the Head's office and her own private chambers. The plan was for her to spend the day in the Head's office and the school itself, this would let her work with the others to bring Hogwarts back to her former glory. At the end of the day, she would enter either her old chamber or the Head's private chambers which were attached to the office through a doorway that was tucked into a corner of the room. Once in the chambers, she would use the time turner to turn back time and then sleep. While the day re-progressed, she would read through the Charters, rules, and notes on what she would need to know in order to properly run the school. She would also use this time to converse with the Three Pillars to get their own insights and knowledge. Then the cycle would continue again.

This would continue for the remainder of the summer. Hopefully, that would be enough time to get the main issues resolved.

With yet another steadying breath Minerva continued to sort through the multitude of paperwork that rested in large stacks beside her. Just how was it that Albus had managed to either shift his responsibilities onto her or ignore them entirely? It was truly astounding to her!

Student applications, scholarship requests, scholarship and orphan stipend grants, extracurricular club requests, elimination of 'unnecessary educational classes', employment contracts...

Just how much had Albus ruined Hogwarts?

Grabbing yet another parchment Minerva's attention was pulled toward the dates emblazoned at the top and the fresh look of the ink and parchment that was surrounded by pieces so much older than it was.

What was this?

Looking closer at the contract in her hand McGonagall could not help the bought of anger that surged through her.

This was no mere employment contract, no this was essentially granting immense power to someone with no experience or knowledge of teaching students!

'Complete authority over course load and everything included therein', 'permission to assign mandatory private tutor sessions with a student as deemed necessary', 'Permissions to use harmful and/or detainment spells as the applicant feels necessary without fear of punishment or reprimand.'!? 'guarantee of employment for the entirety of the 1991-1992 school year,'

What had Albus done!?

Sirius bounced on the balls of his feet as he watched the light blue Ford Anglia pull into the drive leading to the Weasley family home. Yes, he had just seen his pup this morning but that was different! Now his pup was home and he couldn't wait to show him everything that they had done.

Grinning he bolted forward as the car came to a stop, waiting impatiently for the doors to open and the occupants to get out, vaguely he took notice of Remus walking towards the boot of the car while shaking his head fondly.

"Welcome home!" He cried in excitement as he pulled a giggling Harry into his arms, swinging him around before burying his nose into the Raven locks and inhaling his pups scent, reveling in the fact that he no longer smelled of pain and his time in the Hospital Wing.

"Hey, Siri," his pup grinned hugging him back tightly before looking dreamily at the Burrow. With a wistful sigh, he leaned his weight onto Sirius once more, fingers clutching at his shirt tightly. "It's really nice having a home that I look forward to coming back to... Sometimes I worry that I'll wake up and all of this was just a dream."

Sirius closed his eyes against the stab of pain that speared his heart at that. How he wished he hadn't gone after that damn rat! Harry would have never gone through all of the pain and suffering that he had.

"I know what you mean Pup," he murmured pulling Harry closer to him. "When your Grandparents first took me in I felt the same way."

"Does it ever go away?" Harry hummed, nuzzling into Sirius' chest.

"It fades eventually. It never really leaves, not completely. But eventually, you'll be able to ignore it."

Dinner that night was lively and full of dozens of conversations all happening at once. The noise level alone seemed to be equal to that of the entirety of the Great Hall, yet Harry wouldn't have it any other way.

Fred and George were discussing pranks and potions with Sirius and Remus while Molly supervised, Bill and Charlie having yet another discussion on how it was unlikely that the Goblins would ever cease in their usage of dragons, Arthur and Percy were discussing some of the Ministries newest regulations that had been published, Ginny was engaging Ron with tales of Luna Lovegood from down the way as well as some of the mischief that the gnomes had been getting into since winter ended.

Harry grinned as Hedwig landed on the back of his chair, nuzzling into his hair and beginning to preen him.

"Oh, that reminds me-" Fred started, sitting up quickly and leaning back to be able to see Molly and Arthur better, George leaning forward over the table to do the same.

"What exactly is it-" George continued, wagging a fork that had several speared peas on it for emphasis.

"That is being built-" Fred picked up once more.

"Across the way?" They finished together.

All attention turned towards Arthur and Molly now as they waited for the answer. Ginny bouncing in her seat at the thrill of having information that no one else had.

"Well, that is actually going to be my and Remus' new home," Sirius said with a small, nervous smile before turning to look at Harry.

"I can't stand to stay at Grimmauld any longer than I have to, and I want to be closer to my family. Now, I know that this is your home Harry, I won't deny that. But you will also always have a place with me, even if it's only for the night. Is that... Is that okay?"

"I think it's perfect!" Harry grinned, "I love you both and I want to get to know you a lot more too! You can never have too much family."

With a deep and steadying breath, Minerva reigned in her anger at that demented old fool and focused on the instructions that she had been given.

"I, Minerva McGonagall, Protector and Headmistress of Hogwarts, call upon Myrtle Warren and Helena Ravenclaw. Present yourself before me."

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