"A man of honor."

Those words stuck in his head all throughout the winter. It stuck with him because Carol thought Rick, Rick fuckin' Grimes wasn't a man of honor. She thought Daryl was the one who should lead them, or the very least, take Carol and what, run off into the apocalyptic sunset?

"Fat chance." he mumbled, not intending to say it out loud. He looked around and to his lack of surprise, Carol had heard him. "Sorry, was just thinkin' out loud."

"About what?" she smiled in that sweet way of his that he hated, because it always got under his skin.

"Nothin' important." but before she even answered he knew that she would not let it go. She never let him get away with things like that, not anymore, not after everything that they had been through.

"You did good on dinner tonight." she told him, motioning to the array of woodland creatures Daryl had managed to track down that evening. "If you keep going like this, we might have to get out of the state, you'll wipe out all the animals."

Daryl humphed and took a bite out of his fire ready meat. It all tasted the same to him now, no matter what he ate. Food was food, and so long as it gave him enough energy to keep going, that was good enough for him.

"Ain't enough," he mumbled. "Not with Lori havin' tiny Shane in her."

"Daryl!" Carol hissed, but she didn't scold him too much. "Well either way, you know she appreciates it. We all do. Hide your face behind your crossbow all you'd like, people love you here."

He snorted. "Shut up."

Carol smiled and shook her head, licking her fingers. It looked all too appealing to Daryl who hadn't counted on getting a hard on in the zombie apocalypse...but that was until Carol. She made him feel too much, physically and emotionally. That often resulted in him either clamming up or being a complete jackass...usually the latter.

She stood up, Daryl forcing himself not to look at her as she walked over to him. She kissed the top of his head, like she had done once before when he was injured back at the farm. He flinched, just as he had then, listening to her soft voice say those kind words,

"I know I'm right about you Daryl Dixion. You are a good man."