When Carol saved them, all she could think of was seeing them. And Jesus Christ, how happy she would be to have that moment. How happy she would be to feel Daryl against her; to see Rick and Maggie and Beth and Glenn, all of them.

But Daryl.

And when she saw them in the woods, and he turned around. She saw him, but she felt like she had left her body. He ran to her like he had never run before, and when he captured her, he didn't even kiss her, he just held her, and Carol wondered if there was anything more beautiful than the moment they were sharing.

He held her head, whispering to her, "Oh my God."

"I'm here." she whispered back, kissing the spot between his neck and his shoulder. "I'm back."

"Oh my God." he repeated. "It was you, it was you, I knew it."

"Oh yeah?" she grinned, as he pulled back. "Are you psychic?" her voice shook, because God, he was here and he was touching her, and his head was on her shoulder and suddenly the world was okay.

"I missed you." he whispered, his hands falling pathetically on her hips. He shook his head on her shoulder and she ran her hands through his hair.

"I missed you too, pookie." she sighed.