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Chapter Ten


Slamming the door to the bathroom, Hermione glared at her reflection. Damn the man! She cursed as she ripped open the box.

Inside was a dark green dress with silky short sleeves and a scooped neck, a soft white slip and plain cotton panties. Tossing the clothes on the counter top by the sink she kicked the box scattering the tissue paper all over the floor making a satisfying mess.

A green slipper landed in the deep bathtub, surprising Hermione. After a quick inspection of the scattered tissue paper, she found the other slipper still wrapped in the paper. 

Hissing under her breath about Professor Snape, Professor Dumbledore, and men in general, Hermione threw on the clothes, jammed her feet into the slippers and reached for the small red bag.

Inside was a mauve velvet box with a magical insignia burned into the top in gold. The insignia gave her pause. Clicking the box open, Hermione's breath caught in her throat.

Inside was a single gold thread, tiny sparkling diamonds along its length. Leaning closer, Hermione's eyes drank in its beauty.

She didn't notice her name in burning letters had replaced the insignia on the lid.

The diamond and gold thread quivered, and coiled into a small circle shaped heap.

"What on earth?" Hermione lifted a hand to touch it, just as it leapt from the box and latched itself to her neck.

"AHHhh!" Hermione squealed. Her hand at her throat.

Pause racing, Hermione held her hair out of the way and looked at her neck in the mirror.

The thread had encircled her neck, not tightly, but persistently.

Anger boiling to the surface, Hermione growled. Damn it! Damn Snape!

Stomping, Hermione flung open the bathroom door and stormed out of the bathroom.

The big double doors were still open, a good thing because Hermione would have blown them up in her fury to get to Snape and give him a piece of her mind. 

Seated behind a marble desk, Professor Snape glanced up in amusement. His gaze ran over her trim form and a grin of pure manly appreciation spread across his face.    

"You had better explain-" Hermione sputtered in rage as she was interrupted.

"I will." Snape murmured, striding around his desk to stand beside Hermione.

"I know all about it," Snape said soothingly. "I know." He brushed her hair away from her shoulders.

"We realized what must have happened after you underwent and passed all Senator Throckmorton's tests." He rested his hands on her shoulders. "As hard as it was for us to believe, Senator Throckmorton assured us that other young girls have managed to get themselves hopelessly lost when left out of the supervision of their family."

"What?" Hermione hissed, "I was never lost!"

 A sharp knock on the door interrupted Professor Snape before he could reply to that.

Professor Snape swooped around her and opened the door reveling a smiling Professor Dumbledore.

"Headmaster!" Snape greeted the stately old man.


"So that's a tracking device?" Hailey poked the shimmering gold chain around Hermione's neck. "Its just so pretty!"

"What's a tacking derice?" Victoria asked as she breezed into the room, Elizabeth in tow.

"I heard you were down here, Hermione, and I got your bag for you." Elizabeth said kindly, tossing Hermione the book bag.

Hermione had missed the 1st day of class when everyone was given their school supplies. In fact, Hermione missed the whole 1st week of class. It was now Sunday and the girls were in the study hall located down a flight of stairs from within the girls' dormitory. That way they can do their homework in comfy clothes (like they owned anything other than silk dresses, Hermione sighed, what she wouldn't give for her old pairs of sweat pants).

"Tracking device!" Hermione shouted. "Like a farmer would a wayward cow!"

"Sooo, just take it off." Hermione flipped the flap of her book bag, the label, a golden Hermione Snape, glinting in the sunlight.

"RRRrrr!" Hermione thumped her head against the table.

"She can't." Hailey shot Hermione a sympathic glance. She went on to tell Victoria and Elizabeth what had happen to poor old Hermione.

"Okay, you guys know how Hermione was dead for like 3 days?"

They nodded their shiny heads.

"Well, she wasn't dead! She was just really lost in Hogwart's underwater Fathoms."

"Hermione!" Elizabeth astonished, clasped her hands on her bosom.

"You could have died!" Victoria gave Hermione a stern look.

"I know." Hermione growled.

"That's not the point." Hailey grabbed Victoria's hand before she could give Hermione a good stern poke.

"The point is, she was down there for three days and it passed-"

"In less than 2 hours.' Hermione stated.

"How is that possible?" Elizabeth started worrying her blond braid.

"Did you hit your head?" Victoria asked. "Because, one time, I slipped on a Wewong peel and hit my head-"

"Not now!" Elizabeth hissed. "We know all about the Nakey Dance, I was there remember!"

"Hermione wasn't!" Victoria glared. "And this is pertinent to the conversation!"

Elizabeth smacked the table. "No it isn't! I don't ever want to hear about it again! It was all you talked about for weeks!"

"I never felt so free!" Victoria continued, ignoring Elizabeth. Is that how you felt, Hermione? Free as you've never been before!" She stood up, raised her arms above hre head and shimmied.

"We think she suffered brain damage," Hailey stated dryly.

Victoria sat back down, a strange happy look on her face.

Hailey continued, "Anyway, Hermione didn't notice the time passing-"

"Didn't you notice the Aguaites swimming about looking for you?" Elizabeth leaned away from Victoria as if she were diseased.

"Yeah, all of the classes were cancelled so the boys could be used for the recovery of your body," Victoria had regained her senses.

"I can't believe you didn't run into one of them."

"Yeah," Victoria nodded, "those guys swim so fast they look like a flash of light."

"No, I didn't," Hermione looked thoughtful.

"They ran a battery of tests on her." Hailey went on. "When they found nothing wrong with her it was decided that she was suffering from female hysteria-" Hermione snorted. "and now she has to wear-"

"A tracking collar!" Hermione snarled.

Hailey nodded sympathetically. "So they know where she is at all times."

Elizabeth and Victoria grimaced.

'Oh, how horrible!" Elizabeth soothed back Hermione's hair. "Such rotten luck!"

"That really does bite!" Victoria murmured thoughtfully. "Hmm, but I've got an idea!"

"What?" Hailey asked.

Victoria sat very still closed her eyes and smiled.

"We should fight magic with magic!"

As her eyes snapped open her hand, which was previously hidden under the desk, whipped up wielding a very lethal looking wand.

Pointed directly at Hermione's throat.

"What? NO! Don-" Hermione screamed before the world went black.


"I was only trying to help!"

"Hopefully she'll blame only you for this."


"Well, you did blast her clean out of her slippers!"

"Umm, guys…"

"What, Hailey?"

"I didn't get to the worst part…"


"Hermione's guardian is…"


"Spit it out!"

"Professor Snape!"

"Oh no! Poor Hermione!"

"Things just aren't going too well these days for her."

"It gets worse guys…"

"How could it possibly get any worse, Hailey!"


Right Behind YOU!"