Pilot Part 2

Also, because I forgot in the first part, credit for the revised chapters also goes to my awesome beta, Betahime Tsukiko!

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The scene changes to the front of the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic.

Scott walks up to the door to flip the Open sign to Closed, peering outside when he hears the sound of howling.

Scott gathers up peroxide and cotton balls, moving them to the clinic's bathroom. He lifts up his shirt up to peer at the bandage covered bite, slowly peeling it off as he does so. Scott gazes into the mirror, shocked, looking at his unblemished side; completely bite free.

John's eyebrows rise to his hairline. "That was fast." he blinks, incredulous.

"More like impossible." Melissa mumbles. It was incredible, sure, but as a nurse, she couldn't help but be a little envious of the ability.

Jackson notes the speedy healing of the bite as well, grimacing. His had healed too, possibly even faster, but then all the black blood had started leaking out of him and well... he hadn't had time to enjoy it.

Distracted, but getting back to work, Scott pulls a bag of cat food down the hallway and through a door that says CAT CLINIC. "Hey kitties," he greets, tone friendly, but the cat's response was not favorable.

The recovering felines go nuts, hissing and growling as they pace around their cages. A few even leap at him reactively, trying to ward Scott off as if he was a threat to them.

Scott, shocked by the animal's reactions, stands there dumbfounded. The cats continue to yowl angrily, and Scott rushes out of the room.

Danny whistles. "That's a pretty extreme reaction."

Scott huffs "Tell me about it. Some of them were even sedated!"

Someone pounds on the door to the animal clinic, and Scott whirls around. Allison, soaked and worried, knocks desperately at the door.

Scott opens the door, shocked, and Allison immediately starts babbling hysterically. "I didn't see it–! I took my eyes off of the road for like, two seconds, to change a song on my iPod, and then this dog–! He just came out of nowhere!" she cries.

Chris sighs. "Allison."

Allison mutters. "I know, I know. Can't punish me for it, now, though. It happened months ago. And trust me, it scared me enough that I made sure to always pay attention to the road."

"You're just lucky it wasn't a person." Chris points out.

"I know."

"No, shh," Scott said. "It's alright, it's alright." he soothes, trying to get her to calm down. "Do you remember where it happened so I can send out animal control to find it?"

Allison shakes her head. "No! I mean, yes, I know where I hit it–! But the dog is..." she points at her car with her thumb.

"You picked it up?" Stiles asks.

"Well, I wasn't just going to leave it." Allison huffs.

"I would've." Erica says. "You never know if a dog is friendly or not, especially after you nearly kill it." Not that she could drive anyway, not with her seizures.

"Right, where is it?" Scott asks.

"In my car," Allison said.

Allison leads Scott to her car's back door opens it. The injured dog surges up immediately, barking angrily.

Scott jerks Allison back away from it as she flinches. "You okay?" he asks.

Erica shoots Allison a look that plainly says 'I told you so'.

"Shush." Allison commands, crossing her arms.

"I didn't say anything." Erica teases, lightly. "Nothing at all,"

Allison nods and Scott looks at the dog and back "She's just frightened."

"That makes two of us." Allison says, smiling in between the shaky breaths she was taking.

"Ughhhhh." Stiles groans.

"Mmm." Erica agrees, groaning into Isaac's shoulder.

"Let me see if I have any better luck." Scott says approaching the dog. The dog barks at him warningly, but Scott just stares at it intently. Unknowingly, Scott's eyes start to glow yellow.

Danny makes a face. "Um."

"Glowing eyes, huh?" John says, and nods his head. "Okay. Sure. Whatever. Eyes glow now, good to know."

Crossing her arms, Allison grumbles, "I can't believe I didn't notice that."

Shaking his head, Scott croaks. "I didn't even know I did that."

The dog whines, but lowers its head submissively, letting Scott touch her.

Back in the clinic, inside one of the examining rooms, the dog is lying on the table.

"I think her leg is broken." Scott explains, looking over at Allison. She was standing a little distance away, watching the dog. "I've seen the doctor do plenty of splints, I can do it myself and then give her a painkiller for now."

Allison nods gratefully, shivering, which Scott noticed. "Yeah, I have a shirt in my bag." he offers.

Melissa smiles at Scott proudly. "Nice."

Scott agrees. "Have to be polite."

Allison smiles and waves it off. "Oh, I don't want to trouble you." she tries to say, but stops her protests when Scott hands her one anyway.

"Here." Scott says, offering her the shirt.

Allison smiles again and takes it gratefully, walking away to put it on, while Scott refocuses on the dog and starts to pet it. Scott smiles a bit and glances over at Allison, watching as she pulls her wet shirt off.

Chris growls. "Scott."

"I am so glad you don't have your gun right now..." Scott shivers.

"Just wait..." Chris says. "I'll have it back eventually."

The dog whines again and Scott looks away. He notices the dog looking at him. "What? I didn't see anything." he says defensively.

The dog didn't look convinced. Scott finishes making the dog's splint when Allison walks back in the room, wearing Scott's shirt.

"Thanks for doing this." Allison says. "I feel really stupid."

Scott grins at her. "How come?" he asks.

Allison starts to grin back. "I don't know, cause I freaked out like a… total girl?"

Scott looks at her and shrugs, amused. "You are a girl."

With a scoff Allison replies, "I freaked out like a girly-girl and I'm not a girly-girl." she says, shaking her head.

"What kind of girl are you?" Scott asks.

"Tougher than that." Allison replies, and then looks solemn. "At least I thought I was."

Scott shakes his head, saying, "Hey, I'd be freaked out too." he admits. "In fact, yeah, I'd probably cry. And not like a man either, like, the biggest girly girl ever." he says teasingly, making Allison laugh. "It'd be pathetic."

"Aww." Isaac coos. "Look at you being all comforting."

"Shut up." Scott moans, pouting playfully.

"It worked, though." Allison says. "So I guess he's not totally hopeless."

Scott smiles.

"Yeah right," Allison says, scrunching her nose at him and smiling.

"So, it looks like she's gonna live." Scott says, watching Allison nod. "And I'm pretty sure she'd let you pet her now if you want."

"You're pretty good." Chris says, surprising Scott.

"Well, I have been helping Deaton for a long time…" Scott trails off. "I'm not great or anything, but I pay attention."

Allison looks at Scott. "I don't think so."

"Oh, come on." Scott coaxes. "You don't want her to sue; I hear this breed is very litigious."

"Wow, look at you Scotty, bringing out the big boy words." Stiles jeers, clapping Scott on the shoulder.

"You know words like that, but you nearly failed English?" Lydia asks.

"That's what happens when you get distracted." Isaac says, making Scott nod in agreement.

Allison glances at Scott and tentatively brushes a hand down the dog's side. Scott looks at Allison. "You see? She likes you."

Allison looks up from the dog, noticing Scott staring at her. "What?"

"You're beautiful." Scott whispers, looking wistful. He had wanted to say that, before, but hadn't had the courage.

Allison hears him, but chooses not to say anything. Across the room, Chris notices the sad look on her face.

Scott shakes his head. "Ah, sorry. You have an eyelash on your cheek."

Allison laughs. "Oh, from the crying?" she rubs her cheek with the shirt's sleeve.

"No, here." Scott says softly, reaching up to gently brush away the eyelash.

Allison grins at him. "Thanks." she says sweetly.

Erica brakes the moment by gagging, and Boyd rolls his eyes. "Gross." Erica moans. "My teeth are rotting, my eyes are burning." she continues.

"Don't be such a baby." Boyd chides, squeezing her hand lightly.

"Yeah," Isaac adds slyly. "Not when you two are just as nasty when you think you're alone."

Blushing lightly, Erica sticks her tongue out at her fellow pack member. "Shut the hell up."

The scene changes, back outside the clinic.

Allison starts to get in her car, but Scott stops her by speaking. "So, I was wondering..." he says, "I mean, is it really family night on Friday? Or do you think, maybe you'd like to go to that party with me?"

"I was so confused about how you knew about my excuse." Allison mutters. "I can't believe I actually considered that you might be psychic."

Jackson snickers, loudly. "Psychic? Him?"

Allison raises her head self-importantly. "I'd like to see you come up with a smart theory for why some strange boy keeps knowing things he shouldn't know." Jackson decides to stay silent, and Allison chuckles lowly. "That's what I thought."

Allison stares at him searchingly. "Family night was a total lie..." she trailed off making a slight face, watching Scott grin happily.

"So confused." Allison mutters again.

"But, you have to admit, it gave me an attractive, mysterious vibe." Scott said.

"Hmph." Allison huffs. "Yeah right."

Scott leans over to whisper conspiratorially at Stiles. "It totally did." Stiles nods at him, giving him a thumbs up.

"So is that a yes, you'll go?" Scott asks.

"Definitely yes," Allison says with a nod sliding into her car.

The scene changes again, and Scott was flopping onto his bed, a happy smile on his lips. He looks out his window, staring at the almost full moon, and closes his eyes.

"Well, that was sappy." Erica comments.

"Almost too cute," Lydia agrees.

Scott rolls over on his bed, and into a bunch of leaves. He looks up in shock, finding himself in the Beacon Hills Preserve.

"And now it just got weird." Stiles says.

"What the hell?" Jackson asks. "How did you get there?"

Melissa looks at her son questioningly. "You don't sleep walk."

Scott grimaces. "It'll be explained… eventually."

Jackson looks thoughtful. "Sleepwalking, huh? So you weren't lying."

Danny looks over at him in confusion. "What?"

Jackson waves his hand dismissively. "It's nothing, never mind." he says distractedly.

Scott gets up and walks, passing a river, and wanders around the mist shrouded forest. He looks around, hearing a noise, and sees the beast that attacked him a few nights before.

Lydia flinches, and squishes herself back into the couch like she could disappear into it. It was that thing again.

Scott starts to run, looking back to see where the animal is. He keeps running, up a hill and over a fence, before landing in a pool. He sinks down and starts to swim messily to the surface, gasping, and looking around.

A man watering his garden stares at the boy in his pool in shock. "Good morning." Scott says, smiling awkwardly.

Stiles cracks up. "Nice one!"

Scott yelps, blushing. "It was the best I could come up with on such short notice!"

Stiles continues to laugh. "'Good morning', he says, poor guy..."

Allison asks "Did you ever see him again?"

Surprised, Scott looks back at her. "Um, no."

Lydia says, "Probably for the best," and Danny nods in agreement.

"That would have lead to awkward questions." John adds, looking faintly amused.

The scene changes to Scott opening his locker, putting his backpack away.

A hand comes out and slams the locker shut and Scott whirls around to face an angry Jackson.

"Oh, joy." Stiles sighs.

"Alright little man, how 'bout you tell me where you're getting your juice?" Jackson asks.

Derek suddenly grins, amused despite himself. Now he knows why Jackson had though he was a drug dealer.

Scott blinks at Jackson, uncomprehending. "What?"

Jackson scowls. "Where. Are you. Getting. Your Juice?"

Scott flicks his eyes around, confused. "My mom does all the grocery shopping." he said dumbly.

Danny, Erica, Isaac and Boyd crack up. "Y–You know words like litigious, but you don't get that he's asking you about drugs?" Erica giggles, shoulders shaking.

"I was caught off guard!" Scott defends.

Danny just chuckles from his spot on the couch. "'My mom does all the grocery shopping', priceless."

Jackson shoots him a look. "No listen McCall," he said, gritting his teeth. "You're gonna tell me exactly what it is and who you're buying it from, because there's no way in hell you're out there kicking ass on the field like that without some sort of chemical boost."

Eyes lighting up and widening in understanding, "Oh, you mean steroids!" Scott says. He blinks and gives Jackson a searching look. "Are you on steroids?"

"That's where you go with that?" Melissa asks incredulously. "He demands to know if you're on drugs, and you ask him if he's on steroids?"

Scott shrugs helplessly. "I guess."

Jackson shoves Scott against a locker. "What the hell is going on with you McCall?" Jackson shouts.

"He's been turned into a werewolf." Erica answers, under her breath.

"What's going on with me?" Scott asks loudly, temper rising. "You really wanna know?"

Jackson lets him go and Scott continues, growing more and more angry. "Well, so would I, because I can see hear and smell things that I shouldn't be able to see, hear and smell. I do things that should be impossible. I'm sleepwalking three miles into the middle of the woods and I'm pretty much convinced that I'm totally out of my freaking mind!" Scott yells, breathing heavily and leaning against his locker with a groan.

"Whoa." Erica whistles. "Temper, temper." she chides.

"I don't know." Danny says. "I think I'd freak out if that happened to me too."

"Yeah, but Scott doesn't usually flip out like that." Erica points out.

"Too much pressure." Lydia adds.

Jackson scoffs. "You think you're funny, don't you McCall?" Jackson asks, smiling disarmingly. "I know you're hiding something. I'm gonna find out what it is, I don't care how long it takes." Jackson slams his fist on the locker beside Scott's head and slaps his shoulder, leaving Scott in the hallway.

"Didn't work out so well for you, though." Derek mutters. Jackson glares at his on-screen self. He should have just left it alone.

The scene moves to the lacrosse field.

"Scott! Scott, wait up!" Stiles yelps, his voice cracking slightly. He runs up to where Scott is, sitting on the bench.

Scott stands up as Stiles grabs his arm.

"Stiles I'm playing the first elimination man, can it wait?"

"'Can it wait?' No it can't!"

Stiles glowers, "See what happens when you don't listen?"

Scott groans. "Yeah, yeah, I know; always listen to Stiles."

John watches them, smiling in amusement.

"Look, just hold on, okay?" Stiles says, leaning down to gasp in a breath. "I overheard my dad on the phone," he continues breathlessly, grabbing Scott so he's facing him. "The fiber analysis came back from the lab in L.A., they found animal hair on the body from the woods!"

Scott bends over and picks up his lacrosse equipment. "Stiles, I gotta go." he says distractedly.

"Wait, no! Scott, you're not gonna believe what the animal was...!" Stiles watches Scott leave. "It was a wolf..." he finishes quietly.

"Wolf?" Danny repeats. "But wolves aren't in California. I thought we'd established this already."

"It'll be explained…"

Finstock blows his whistle. "Let's go, gather round." he says, waving his hands towards himself impatiently. "Bring it in. Come on, come on!" Scott runs up with the rest of the players, briefly seeing Allison smile and wave at him. Scott waves back leaving his hand in the air. "Got a question McCall?" Finstock asks, approaching him.

"Awkward." Isaac coughs.

"That's what he gets for not paying attention." Derek says.

"True." Erica adds. "There's a time and place for being lovesick."

Scott puts his hand down, bewildered. "What?"

"You raised your hand, you have a question?" Finstock repeats.

"Oh." Scott shakes his head. "No, I was just– Uh, nothin' sorry."

"Okay." Finstock smiles, looking back at the rest of the team before continuing, "You know how this goes." he says, to the nods of the team.

"Time for one of coach's weird speeches…" Isaac groans.

Erica snickers. "They can't be that bad."

The lacrosse players in the room groan collectively.

"You have no idea!"

"...the same damn speech every year…"

"I barely understand the point he tries to make…"

"Is there every really a point besides winning, for coach?"

"If you don't make the cut, you're most likely sitting on the bench for the rest of the season. You make the cut," Finstock says enthusiastically. "You play, your parents are proud, you're girlfriend loves ya, huh!" he says, messing up a player's helmet in his excitement. "Everything else is, uh, cream cheese."

"...What?" John says, summing up the general feeling of those who hadn't heard the speech in real life.

"That…" Erica mutters. "Cream cheese?"

"That was both slightly discouraging and mildly uplifting." Allison says, with her chin in her hands and a small look of amusement on her face.

Finstock stops in front of a nervous Scott. "Now get out there, and show me what ya got! Come on!" he yells, prompting the team to yell with him.

Stiles shrugs. "Eh, he made his point."

"In a weird way," Chris adds, smirking.

The team starts to play, passing the ball along to try to get it in the goal. Scott watches, still nervous, as the ball is passed around until one player shoots it at him.

Catching the ball, Scott excitedly starts running. He pushes a player out of his way, just to get a stick forced against his chest hard enough to throw him down, courtesy of Jackson.

Melissa sucks in a breath. "Ouch."

Scott winces in agreement, rubbing his chest. "Yeah, that hurt."

Jackson lifts his helmet to stare down at Scott, whose chest was heaving painfully. Scott looks up at Jackson, just in time to see him smirk and pull his helmet down, running off to rejoin the game. Scott's face twists in anger, and he clambers to his feet.

"Bad idea," Boyd says under his breath. He is interested in seeing what Scott does in retaliation.

"Scott's gonna humiliate him for that." Isaac smirks.

"Probably," Derek agrees. Jackson certainly deserved it.

Scott and Jackson face each other in the middle of the field, waiting for the whistle blow that signals the start of the face-off; they stare each other down. Allison leans forwards, eager to see Scott play up close. It was so easy to miss stuff when you watched the game from the bleachers.

"Kick his ass!" Erica cheers, pumping a fist. Scott and Stiles turned to look at her, not sure whether to be amused or weirded out by her support. Erica lowers her fist unhappily. "What?" she asks the confused boys.

"You're cheering for me?" Scott asks. And could anyone blame him for the level of incredulity in his voice?

"I'm cheering for you to beat Jackson's sneering face in!" Erica growls.

Jackson scoffs. "He's not going to hit me."

"No, I did it for him." Stiles smirks

"Shut the hell up!" Jackson yelps.

"Wait…" Danny says slowly, lips twitching. "You did what, Stiles?"

Jackson focuses his attention on his friend, and points at him furiously. "No!" he snarls.

The whistle goes off and Scott pushes the ball away from Jackson, scooping it up before Jackson even has any time to react. Scott runs across the field, dodging players. Twisting and jumping around the other players; Scott is practically dancing as he makes his way towards the goal.

Finstock stares at him incredulously, while Stiles watches Scott intently. Scott comes upon a group of three players, all trying to block him, so he flips over them. He lands confidently and raises his stick, easily throwing it in between the goalie's legs and into the net.

"Impressive." Chris says. Especially considering this was one of Scott's first few tries at using his new abilities.

"Mmm hmm." Derek nods.

Scott stares in surprise, to the cheers of the crowd, as the whistle blows. He raises his arms in the air and pumps them, the rest of the team and the spectators cheering him on. Scott spots Allison smiling and cheering for him.

Melissa smiles at the scene, feeling pride bubble up in her chest. That's her son.

"McCall," Finstock yells, pointing at Scott. "Get over here!" Scott walks up to him, taking off his sweaty helmet. "What in God's name was that? This is a lacrosse field." he says, gesturing around the general area. "What, are you trying out for the gymnastics team?"

"Is he… yelling at you for being good?" Chris asks slowly. Sure, he knew the man was strange, but shouting at a kid for being creative… Even he could see Scott's skill, despite his distaste for how and why he had such abilities.

"Nah, he's just being enthusiastic." Scott grins.

Melissa laughs quietly. "How all you kids put up with that man, I'll never know."

"Practice," choruses the Lacrosse players.

Scott, startled, shakes his head dumbly. "No coach."

Finstock points at him agitatedly. "What the hell was that?"

"I–I don't know." Scott mutters, honestly. "I–I… Just trying to make the shot..." he points at the goal with his stick.

Finstock nods. "Yeah, yeah, well you made the shot. And guess what?" Finstock says, nodding. "You're startin' buddy." he slaps Scott's shoulder. "You made first line."

"All that shouting for that?" Derek says flatly. The coach's voice had been irritating to his ears.

Isaac nods wearily. "He's always been like that. I swear he gets even worse every year." he shudders.

"He cares more about winning than the other players." Boyd adds.

"You should see the way he yells at players for being unable to play due to injuries." Lydia says knowledgeably, "That man would be okay with his students dying, just as long as they won before they did."

Scott stares in shock, frozen as coach Finstock squeezes his shoulders and shakes him. He grins widely, eyes searching the bench for Stiles, bouncing happily on his feet.

Unlike the rest of the spectators, Stiles is sitting. Unexcited and quiet, he licks his lips, thinking hard.

"Uh oh," John mutters. "That look means nothing good. You're gonna go on another obsessive research binge, aren't you?"

Stiles splutters. "I–I am not!"

Raising a disbelieving eyebrow, John gives his son a knowing look. "Uh huh. Right." he nods. "Somehow, I don't quite believe that."

Stiles glowers at him, muttering under his breath.

"Does he do that often, then?" Derek asks.

"All the time," John, Melissa, and Scott say in unison.

"Everyone's against me!" Stiles huffs, throwing his arms in the air exasperatedly.

"We're not against you," John says slowly, rolling his eyes. "We're just not with you either."

Stiles gaps dramatically at his father, feigning hurt. "You're my father, you're supposed to be on my side!" he yelps, failing an arm.

Scott squeaks, falling off the couch when Stiles' arm bashes him in the side of the head. "Oof!"

"Oh man," Stiles looks from his arm, down to Scott, who looks back at him, hair messy and expression disgruntled. "Sorry?"

"Ouch, dude." Scott grumbles, rubbing the side of his head. He clambers back to his spot, making sure to keep his head far out of the way of his friend's lanky-armed reach.

Stiles stifles a snicker. "Back to the matter at hand," he announces, focusing back on his father. He points at John, keeping his arm steady and pointedly away from people's heads. "You– You are not being a dutiful father!"

The sheriff raises a skeptical brow."Oh really?" John asks, disinterested.

"What kind of father doesn't back up his only son?" Stiles demands.

"What kind of son breaks the law, despite his father being a police officer, and a sheriff at that?" John counters swiftly.

Stiles gapes; face twisting as the fake accusations slip away. "Uh, well…" he lets his arm drop, losing control of the conversation. "I…" he trails off.

"That's what I thought."

"Hmph!" "Are you two done playing around?" Lydia drawls, idly twisting a lock of hair around her finger.

"I'm done." John says, feeling mildly embarrassed about the whole thing.

"I'm not." Scott said, grinning playfully.

"Wha–?" Stiles starts to say, but was cut off by being unceremoniously pushed off the couch by Scott. He yelps loudly, landing in an ungraceful heap, arms flopping around like a dying squid.

Scott laughs loudly. "Ouch."

From his position on the floor, Stiles coughs, groaning into the carpet. "What do you mean 'ouch'?" he mumbles. "You're not the one who nearly broke something."

"Don't be such a baby."

Stiles grunts, moving a leg back and kicking out with stunning accuracy to slam his foot into Scott's shin.

Scott yelps, and it's more like a dog's yelp than a human's, grabbing at his leg. Advanced healing or not, that freaking hurt. "What the hell?"

"Now who's being a baby?" Stiles grins, snickering despite still being a bruised lump on the floor.

"Boys," Melissa says calmly, and Stiles scrambles back to the couch.

"Sorry." both teen's say, obligingly.

Near the back of the room, Chris sighs. "Finally," he wanted to get back to watching.

Allison didn't notice her father's irritation, too focused on Scott and Stiles' banter. She missed seeing that every day.

"Are you all done yet?" Erica asks impatiently. "I wanna keep watching!"

"Then maybe you should shut up, so it can start again." Jackson said sourly.

Danny rolls his eyes. "That means you gotta shut up too, grumpy."

"I'm not grumpy–"

"What the heck do you call your attitude, then?"

"EVERYBODY SHUT UP!" Derek roars, and everyone froze. He grunts, folding his arms across his chest.

"Can we continue watching?" he asks. "Please?"

Wide eyed, the teens nod silently.

The scene moves forwards, entering Stiles' bedroom.

John snorts loudly, looking unbearably smug.

"Called it," Scott crows, coughing into his fist when Stiles gives him an unimpressed glare.

"You don't even know what I'm doing in my room!" Stiles huffs.

Clicking away determinedly at his laptop, Stiles researches with a surprising amount of focus. He looks through various web pages on Lycanthropy and Wolfsbane, flips through old books, and prints off pages and pictures.

Both John and Scott give the now blushing Stilinski boy shit-eating grins.

"Shut the hell up." Stiles snaps, folding his arms over his chest, trying and failing to look as intimidating as Derek.

"Does he do that often?" Chris asks, looking as Stiles speculatively.

John nods. "Anytime something catches his attention."

Suddenly, Scott groans loudly. "Oh God, do you remember how bad it was before he got his laptop?"

Melissa shudders. "All those books,"

John nods in remembrance, looking pained. "I nearly got killed by a stack, once."

"That bad?" Danny asks, shooting Stiles a wary look. Sure, he knew the weird kid could be obsessive, but still…

"Worse than you can imagine." John says.

Stiles jolts in surprise at a knock on his bedroom door, arms swinging up instinctively. Caught between focusing on his research and seeing who was at his door. He snaps the lid to his laptop closed and walks to the door, opening it carefully and sighing with relief when he sees Scott smiling behind it. "Get in!" Stiles orders, "You gotta see this dude. I've been up all night, reading websites and books, all this information." he says, waving his hands erratically.

"How much Adderall have you had today?" Scott asks, amused.

"Adderall?" Isaac echoes, looking confused.

"It's an ADHD drug." Jackson answers, to the surprise of many. "It helps them focus, or something."

Lydia adds smartly, "It's a performance and cognitive enhancer."

Isaac nods, still looking lost. "Ah."

Stiles shrugs, "A lot." after Scott laughs, Stiles continues. "Doesn't matter, just listen."

Fidgeting Scott asks, "Uh, is this about the body? Did they find out who did it?" he throws his backpack onto the bed and sits on the edge.

Most of the teenagers sit up, listening intently despite themselves.

"Do they know who died yet?" Erica whispers, wincing when Derek tenses. Right, wasn't it supposed to be a relative of his?

"No." Boyd answers, keeping an eye on Derek, who was gnashing his teeth together.

"No. They're still questioning people," Stiles answers, sitting on his computer chair and holding a piece of paper. "Even Derek Hale,"

"They were questioning you?" Erica asks, surprised. "Why?"

Wincing precedes the answer. "He was related to the victim." John says. "And after his family's deaths…"

"You couldn't actually think he'd kill his own family, though." Erica says. "Right?"

John, Stiles and Scott share a look. "Right,"

"Huh, the guy in the woods that we saw the other day," Scott asks.

Stiles waves his arms dismissively. "Yes, but that's not it, okay?"

Scott looks at Stiles, chuckling slightly. "What then?"

"Wow." Boyd says. "You really weren't taking this seriously."

Scott shrugs, "I was distracted." he repeats firmly. "It's a bit of a problem."

"Yeah, I noticed." Stiles said, a touch of bitterness in his tone; he still remembered that night in the frickin' pool.

"Remember the joke from the other day?" Stiles asks earnestly, huffing out a worried laugh. "Not a joke anymore." Scott stares blankly at him, and Stiles continues. "The wolf, the bite in the woods... I started doing all this reading–" Stiles cuts himself off and jerks to his feet. "Do you even know why a wolf howls?"

"Wait… you're actually serious?" Danny asks, shooting his Stiles a confused look. "Werewolves aren't real."

Scott and Stiles share a glance. "Well, actually…" Scott trails off.

"Seriously?" Danny demands, and shoots a look at John. "Oh my god, that's what you were freaking out about? Werewolves?"

Most of the room nods at once. "Yep."

Danny looks at Jackson. "Werewolves?" he rolls his eyes at his friend.

"I was driving over to tell you, remember?" Jackson shrugs.

"Oh my god."

"Should I?" Scott asks, eyebrows rose.

"It's a signal." Stiles explains, "Okay, when a wolf's alone, it howls to signal its location to the rest of the pack. So if you heard a wolf howling, that means others could have been nearby, and maybe a whole pack of them."

"Impressive." Chris says, and looks approvingly over at Stiles. "I wish my men could be so studious."

John frowns. "Your men?" he asks, but gets ignored.

"You think so?" Stiles asks, an eyebrow raised in disbelief. "Huh." he blinks, feeling oddly proud.

"Generally they aren't too focused on researching." Chris shrugs. "They're good at shooting, not reading."

"A whole pack of wolves?" Scott asks, concerned.

"No. Werewolves," Stiles corrects. "What did you think I was talking about?" Stiles huffs, exasperated.

"Yeah, well, I was kind of in denial."

Scott stands up angrily. "Are you seriously wasting my time with this?" Scott picks up his backpack, annoyed. "You know I'm picking up Allison in an hour."

Stiles pushes on Scott's chest insistently. "I saw you on the field today Scott, what you did wasn't just amazing, alright. It was impossible." Stiles huffs.

"Not really." Lydia says. "Improbable, but with enough practice…" she trails off, looking thoughtful.

"Okay, well, my best friend couldn't do it." Stiles counters.

Lydia nods. "True." she looks over at Scott. "He was almost as bad as you are, back then."


Scott stares at Stiles. "Yeah so I made a good shot." he said, turning to leave.

Stiles grabs onto Scott's hoodie and pulls Scott's backpack on his bed. "No, you made an incredible shot; your speed, your reflexes. Y'know, people can't just suddenly do that overnight." Stiles finishes, breathing heavily.

"Unless, of course, they're bitten by a werewolf," Erica adds, lightly.

When Scott just looks down, Stiles jerks a hand up. "And then there's the vision, and the senses and don't even think I haven't noticed you don't need your inhaler anymore!"

Melissa arches an eyebrow. "I forgot about that." she says.

"Same." Allison admits. Heck, she didn't even know he needed an inhaler before.

"I think I did too." Scott says. "It was so nice to be able to forget."

"Okay! Dude, I can't think about this now." Scott snaps defensively. "We'll talk tomorrow."

"You shouldn't brush your friend off like that." Derek says. "Sometimes they're all you have."

Wincing, "I know." Scott says. "I was just really… frustrated."

"It's the full moon." Chris explains. "It's affecting you more strongly than usual, because it's your first time."

Stiles flings himself forwards. "Tomorrow?" he yells. "What? No! The full moon's tonight, don't you get it?!"

"What are you trying to do?" Scott yells back. "I just made first line. I got a date with a girl who I can't believe wants to go out with me, and everything in my life is somehow perfect. Why are you trying to ruin it?"

"Trying to help!" Stiles shouts at the screen.

Scott looks faintly amused. "I know that."

Derek rolls his eyes and huffs, "No point in yelling at the screen." he says. "He can't hear you."

"It makes me feel better." Stiles says decisively. "So I'll do it if I want too."

Stiles looks at one of the pages he printed off. "I'm trying to help." he says defensively, placing a hand on his hip. "You're cursed Scott. You know and it's not just that the moon will cause you to physically change, it also just so happens to be when your bloodlust will be at its peak."

"Bloodlust?" John asks. "That sounds safe." he says, voice dripping with sarcasm. "Not threatening at all."

Stiles rolls his eyes. "We were fine."

"Bloodlust?" Scott repeats blankly, disbelieving.

John sighs, "Ah, good, I'm not the only one shocked by this stuff." he says, and Stiles looks at him.

"Yeah, your urge to kill," Scott sighs heavily. "I'm already feeling an urge to kill, Stiles."

Jackson snorts. "Yeah, that feeling comes up a lot around him."

John nods sagely. "Yes. It's a problem."

"All of you can go to hell."

Stiles turns and starts rummaging through his piles of papers. "You gotta hear this." he picks up a book and flips it open to a page. "'The change can be caused by anger or anything that races your pulse', alright?" he recites, and turns back to Scott. "I haven't seen anyone raise your pulse like Allison does, you gotta cancel this date." Stiles places his book back on his desk and walks to his bed, digging through Scott's backpack. "You gotta call her right now," Stiles says, finding Scott's cell.

Boyd winces. "That ain't gonna end well."

Isaac nods agreeably. "Nope,"

"What are you doing?" Scott asks, exasperated. "I'm canceling the date–!" Stiles starts to say, but Scott's enraged yell cuts him off.

Chris narrows his eyes.

"No, give it to me!" Scott grabs Stiles and slams him hard against the wall; while his friend is helpless to do anything but cringe. Scott brings his fist back to punch Stiles, breathing angrily, He takes one look at his friend's terrified face and yells, punching Stiles' computer chair hard enough to knock it to the ground.

Looking resigned, Chris turns to Stiles. "How many times has Scott almost hurt you?"

Chewing on his lip, Stiles wilts under the weight of his father's stare. "A few times." he admits.

John's eyes widen. "A few times, as in, more than just this once?" he asks dangerously.

Scott looks scared, but Stiles lest his face set in concentrated determination. "It wasn't his fault." he says firmly. "Half of that was me provoking him, and we both were going through this pretty much blind."

John sighs deeply. "I know that, but that doesn't make it okay."

Stiles shrugs. "I'm not holding it against him." he notices Scott's grateful look and fist bumps him. "Besides, it's a pretty boring year if I can't say I almost died at least once a month."

Taking gasping breaths, Scott looks from the chair back to Stiles. His face is twisted with a combination of shock and fear. Stiles licks his lips nervously, looking away from Scott. Scott looks horribly upset, shooting Stiles frequent apologetic glances.

"I'm sorry." Scott says, starting to back away. "I–I gotta go get ready for that party." Scott grabs his cellphone and backpack, looking back at Stiles once more. "I'm sorry." Scott says again, and leaves.

"You just left him?" Melissa demands. "Scott!"

"I know, I know." Scott nods shamefully. "I was in denial."

Stiles waves off his misery. "It's fine, I forgave you literally seconds after it happened."

Stiles makes a face as Scott leaves, screwing up his mouth as he thumps his head back against his wall. He peels himself away from where he had been pushed and walks over to the fallen computer chair, setting back upright.

He pauses when he sees the back, claw marks gouged in the fabric.

The scene moves to Scott's bathroom.

Scott comes out of the shower, wrapped in a towel, fixing his hair in the mirror. He walks out, and is startled to see Melissa standing right by the doorway. "Mom!" he yelps, backing up in surprise.

"That was terrifying," Scott groans, "Especially after the last few days."

Melissa lifts her shoulders in resignation. "Well it's not like I knew that," she says.

"I know, I was just saying."

Melissa smiles at her son. "Is this a party, or a date?" she asks, looking at Scott with a mixture of curiosity and excitement.

Scott fiddles with the towel wrapped around his waist. "Maybe both?" he says, unsure.

'"Maybe both?"' Allison echoes, looking amused. "It was definitely a date." Scott flushes happily.

"Oh." Melissa nods, excited. "And her name is?" she asks.

"Allison." Scott answers, and Melissa nods.

"Allison." Melissa repeats, approvingly. "Nice." she hands Scott the car keys.

"I had such high hopes." Melissa sighs.

Scott turns to her. "What? I thought you liked Allison?"

Melissa laughs. "I do. But I also remember where this conversation is heading." Thinking back, Scott's face warms.

"Oh." Scott looks down at the key's, eyes lighting up. "Thank you." he said, taking them gratefully with both hands clapped together like in prayer.

Melissa gives him a look. "We don't need to have a talk, do we?"

Allison's eyes widen. "Oh no." She'd had a 'talk' with her mom before the party too, and hoped they wouldn't show any embarrassing conversations.

"It's not what you think!" Scott blurts out.

Seeming to deflate, Allison mutters. "Oh." Did that mean only her mom had decided to mortify her only child that night?

Scott shoots her a patronizing look. "Mom, I'm not having the safe sex talk with you."

Melissa's eyes widen and she leans against the doorway, laughing in disbelief. "Oh my God, no, I meant about keeping the tank full!" she huffs, and rips the keys out of Scott's hands. "Give me those back."

Scott groans. "I'm so dumb sometimes." he says, while Stiles and Erica laugh uproariously at him.

"Are you serious?" Scott whines.

Melissa nods and scoffs. "You bet your ass I am serious. I am not gonna end up on some reality television show, with a pregnant sixteen year old. Come on!"

The scene changes.

Scott drives up the Argent's driveway in his mom's car, tapping his fingers nervously on the steering wheel. Allison opens the door and steps out of her house, smiling nervously at Scott, who grins back.

"Aww, you two are so cute." Lydia coos.

Scott blushes, looking away from the screen. He could still remember that warm, gooey feeling he'd gotten in his stomach when he saw her come out of the house. "Shut up." he mumbles, but feels pleased.

The scene moves to the party, people dancing around a pool with loud music.

Scott and Allison walk into the party, watching all the dancing people. Scott looks around and notices Derek skulking in the shadows by a fire pit, the smile sliding off his face.

Stiles coughs loudly. "Creeper-wolf!" and receives a smack on the arm, courtesy of Melissa.

A dog starts to bark and growl angrily. Turning to look at it, Derek stares it down into submission. After it quiets, he turns back to Scott, still with that unnerving look on his face.

"'Kay, seriously," Erica says, shooting Derek and unimpressed look. "You're being creepier than usual."

Derek scowls. "I was making sure he wasn't going to hurt anyone."

Erica raises an eyebrow. "That's a nice thought, but you need to work on not looking like a murderer while you do it."

Shooting her a truly ugly look, wishing he could wolf out and throw her at a wall or something, Derek growls. "I wasn't trying to be nice!" he hisses. "I just didn't want hunters sniffing around town."

Boyd, Isaac and Erica shot him disbelieve looks. "Uh huh," Isaac says, humoring him.

"You okay?" Allison asks, grabbing Scott's attention and making him look away from Derek.

"What?" Scott asks distractedly. "Yeah, I'm fine." Scott looks back to where Derek had been standing to find the man gone. Scott looks up to the roof, just in time to see a dark figure darting away on the roof.

"That…" Lydia was actually gaping at the screen. "I didn't know you could do that."

"Impressive." John comments. "That's useful."

"Also fun." Scott contributes, helpfully.

Allison reaches back, softly touching the tips of her fingers on Scott's hand, smiling coyly. Scott grins and takes her hand in his, the both of them walking into the party.

"And so, the party begins." Stiles narrates dramatically.

Scott rolls his eyes. "Shut up." he said fondly.

"I was just trying to establish the setting."

"More like establish how annoying you are."

The scene moves forwards, the party still going.

Teenagers were writhing, some more drunk than others, in an informal dance circle. Scott had his hands on Allison's shoulders, dancing with her. Scott grins at Allison, and moves a hand to push hair away from Allison's neck. Allison smiles at him softly and slips her arms around Scott's neck in response.

Scott looks up from Allison's face briefly, happening to see Lydia and Jackson making out. Lydia looks back at Scott in interest, staring at him suggestively as Jackson kisses her neck.

Quite a few people in the room look distinctly uncomfortable. Allison narrows her eyes, firmly telling herself that she wasn't feeling jealous. "What exactly was that?"

Lydia shrugs, "He became interesting," flipping a lock of curly hair over her shoulder. "I wanted to keep my eyes on him." On the same couch as Lydia, Jackson tries not to hiss angrily.

Scott focuses back on Allison, staring into her eyes. He grips his hands on Allison's jacket, heart pounding. Scott makes a pained noise, clenching his eyes.

Danny blinks. "That's worrying."

Jackson leans forwards. "It's starting."

"Are you okay?" Allison asks worriedly.

"I'll be right back." Scott groans, heart still pounding. Allison watches as Scott hurries away, getting swallowed in the crowd of dancing teens.

"Don't just leave her there!" Chris admonishes.

"Sorry, but I was kind of panicking." Scott glares. "Excuse me for being worried, especially after what happened with Stiles, that I might lash out and hurt her."

Allison clicks her fingers to grab her father's attention. "Hey, I was fine." she says, appreciating his worry, but finding it unneeded. "Scott even apologized to me for it."

Chris' hardened face softens a bit, at the edges. "I know you were fine." he says. "But you're still my baby girl. I worry."

"You don't have to." Allison said, but her eyes were warm and grateful.

"Yeah," Chris smiles. "I do."

Scott still has his eyes clenched together, moving through the crowd. He opens them to look around dizzily, seeing blurry, indistinct shapes instead of people.

"How bad was it?" Melissa asks, eyes focused on the screen. She asked, not out of worry, but with a nurse's determination to find out what was wrong with her patient.

"Bad." Scott admits. "But it's not like that anymore."

John says, "That's a relief." before Melissa could. Scott might not be his son, but he was family. John still got that sick worry in his stomach whenever something happened to him.

"Yo, Scott, you good?" Stiles asks, placing a hand on Scott's shoulder worriedly.

Lydia makes a face. "When did you get there?"

Stiles raises an eyebrow. "You really think I wouldn't sneak into a party to make sure my best friend was okay?"

John guffaws, trailing off into short snickers. "As if he'd miss a chance to sneak anywhere. He'd have done it without the worry, too."

Stiles tilts his head, then nods shamelessly. "True." he admits. "But I honestly was worried."

Scott puts a hand on his head, trying to navigate out of the crowd. "Are you okay?" a girl asks with concern. Scott ignores her.

"Wow, you must have looked really bad…" Danny mutters.

"For people to notice at a party where they're all drunk, too, definitely." Lydia agrees, quietly.

Scott slowly staggers out of the house, groaning and clenching his eyes. He finds his mother's car, by falling on it, and pushes his way inside, breathing heavily.

Allison runs out of the house and away from the party, spotting Scott and running to him. She slows to a stop, watching unhappily as Scott drives off before she can stop him.

"Did you just abandon her at a party?" Chris demands, glaring at Scott fiercely. "With a bunch of people she doesn't know?"

Scott winces. "Ah…"

"To be fair," Allison begins. "He was more than a little distracted. Knowing what I do know, I don't blame him."

"Plus," Stiles adds. "She did get home alright."

Chris nods, and then furrows his eyebrows together. "Wait. How did you get home?"

Allison becomes tight-lipped. "You'll find out."

"Allison." Allison whips her head around to face the speaker, Derek. "I'm a friend of Scott's." he said, and Allison looks back at where Scott drove off. She turns back to see Derek standing directly in front of her. "My name is Derek."

"...that was incredibly creepy." Stiles says idly. "You came off like such a perv, Jesus Derek."

"Shut up." Derek rolls his eyes. He'd known how creepy he'd come off, but he needed to get something of Allison's.

Chris takes a deep breath. "You got a ride from Derek?" he asks, not sure if he should be incredulous or pissed.

"He didn't do anything." Allison says, somewhat reluctantly. She still kind of hated him, after all. "And I didn't know what he was." Chris sighs, but nods in acceptance.

The scene moves, to the McCall house.

Scott barrels into his room, stumbling and closing the door. He locks it and slides down to the ground, leaning against the door. He stares at the moon, chest heaving. Reaching up to grab at the doorknob, Scott pulls himself up and retreats into his bathroom. Scott turns the shower on and sits down in the bathtub, letting the water run down his body, letting it calm him.

Suddenly, Scott squeezes his eyes shut, grabbing at his head and running his hands through his messy hair.

Jackson grimaces. "That looks… really painful."

Isaac moans. "It is. It's hot, and itchy, and painful. You want to crawl right out of your skin."

Scott nods. "It felt like I was going crazy."

He looks down at his hands, horrified, as his fingernails grow longer, turning into claws. Scott climbs out of the tub and wipes steam from the mirror, opening his mouth to see his teeth lengthening into sharp points; his eyes turn a glowing yellow, instead of their usual brown.

Someone pounds on his door and Scott shuts his eyes. "Go away." He says weakly.

"Scott, it's me!" Stiles says through the door, and Scott walks over and opens it slightly, but makes sure to block Stiles from entering. Stiles grunts. "Let me in Scott, I can help!"

"No!" Scott gasps, breathing hard. "Listen, you gotta find Allison."

Allison rolls her eyes, feeling almost fond. "Always about me, huh?"

Scott shrugs, "Yeah, well…" giving a self-deprecating smile. "One-track mind."

"Heh, yeah." Allison says, looking down.

"She's fine, alright. I saw her get a ride from the party, she's– She's totally fine, alright?" Stiles reassures.

"No I think I know who it is!" Scott says desperately.

"Who– Just let me in! Would you just let me talk?" Stiles says quickly.

"It's Derek. Derek Hale's the werewolf. He's the one that bit me; he's the one that killed the girl in the woods." Scott said, leaning his head against the door.

"What?" Danny asks, looking at Derek sharply. "You didn't?" he says warily, not even needing to finish the sentence for Derek to get what he was asking.

"No." Derek says quickly. "I didn't kill my own sister."

Danny gulps, looking stricken. "Your sister?" Derek nods once, keeping silent on the matter.

Stiles looks down, thinking hard, then focuses back on yelling at his friend through the door. "Scott, Derek's the one that drove Allison from the party." Stiles says.

Scott growls lowly and slams the door shut, mindless of Stiles' attempts to force it back open. Scott jumps out of his window, landing easily on the ground and letting an arm splash into a puddle for balance. He completely ignores the water that splashes all over himself.

"Whoa." Melissa's eyes widen.

"That's…" John lets out an amazed breath. "Wow."

Even Lydia seems impressed with Scott's wolfy self.

Scott growls, opening his mouth wide as spit drips from his mouth; his canines have sharpened into fangs and his ears lengthen; gazing at the moon Scott lifts his head and roars into the night.

"You know, for your first change, you have remarkable control over yourself." Chris comments.

"Did I?" Scott says, shocked. He'd tried to kill Derek, after all. That wasn't quite in control.

"For Erica's and Boyd's first full moon, they both tried to rip Derek apart." Isaac points out.

"Oh." Scott mutters. So apparently murderous urges were normal for a first time werewolf then.

The scene changes to the Beacon Hills Preserve.

Scott leaps onto a car, searching it with yellow eyes. Not finding what he's looking for, he tears back off into the woods.

The scene moves back to Allison's house.

Stiles drives up and scrambles out of his jeep, running to the front door.

He rings the doorbell impatiently, slapping at the door, anxious. "Come on, come on, come on!"

The scene changes back to the Beacon Hills Preserve.

Scott leaps over fallen trees, running through the forest. He bends down to run on all fours, his vision shot through with red.

He stops suddenly, observing his surroundings with a low growl. Scott's face has morphed into something beastly, with ridges on his forehead and long, hairy sideburns.

Melissa looks faintly green. Now that she was watching the transformation when she wasn't nearly out of her mind in panic, it was really kind of creepy.

John looks fascinated. "Did that hurt?"

Scott hums thoughtfully. "No, it was just a bit uncomfortable because I wasn't used to it…" he tilts his head. "And I was really angry, which always makes wolfing out easier."

Lydia repeats, amused "'Wolfing out'?"

The scene switches back to Allison's house.

Victoria opens the door and Stiles opens his mouth, a little shocked. "Hi, Mrs. Argent." he greets a confused and mildly suspicious Victoria, who blinks at him expectantly. "Um, you have no idea who I am. I'm a friend of your daughters, uh." he blinks and tries to sort his thoughts nervously. "Look, this is kinda crazy, uh, bu– Really crazy, actually. You know what? Crazy doesn't even begin to describe..."

Despite himself, John couldn't help the curling at the edge of his lips. "You're rambling, son."

Stiles waves a hand at the screen. "I was anxious about all off…" he gestures furiously at the screen. "That!"

Victoria tries to speak, cut off by Stiles' rambling, but settles for opening the door so Stiles could see inside. "Allison, it's for you." Victoria calls.

Allison smiles minutely. "My mom thought you were mentally challenged because of that."

Stiles protests, "I was worried!" firmly ignoring Isaac's coughed, 'He is!' like the awesome guy he was.

"You rang the doorbell like fifty times, and tried to pound the door off its hinges." Allison retorts.

"I. Was. Worried!" Stiles repeats, "And if you didn't notice, I kind of thought you were going to get killed."

Allison walks out of her room on the upper landing, staring down at Stiles who stares back in shock.

The scene changes to Beacon Hills Preserve.

Scott runs through the forest, stopping and crouching down with a growl at the sight of Allison's jacket hanging from a tree.

John raises an eyebrow. "Clever."

Scott mutters sullenly, "It was mean."

Scott turns his head, vision still hazy, when he hears the sound of movement through the forest. "Where is she?" Scott growls, his voice low and distorted. He turns his head as he hears another noise.

"She's safe." Derek's disembodied voice says from the darkness. "From you,"

Scott turns his head to the other side, searching for Derek. He looks around, trying to see through the red haze invading his vision, sees a shape come forward, and then suddenly Derek's grabbing him and throwing them both down to the ground.

Boyd winces. "Ouch."

Scott mutters, "Ouch is right," rubbing at his chest, "That freaking hurt, wolf healing or not."

Melissa chews on her bottom lip, eyes fixed on the screen.

Scott lands with a grunt. Derek lands on top of him, and they roll around, both trying to push the other off; neither one of them succeeding in gaining the upper hand against the other.

"This looks really strange, since they're not actually wolves." Danny says mildly. "If they were more animal-shaped it'd be scary, but it sort of just looks awkward."

"You should see him when he runs." Stiles snickers.

Scott starts blushing. "Shut up, I can't help it!"

Finally, Derek overpowers Scott and drags him up against a tree. He glares fiercely at the teen.

"What did you do with her?" Scott bursts out.

"Shh, quiet." Derek says, keeping a hand on Scott's chest. Derek looks away, searching the surroundings, seeming to be listening for something. "Too late." Derek says, as he grits his teeth and looks back down at Scott. "They're already here. Run." he instructs, dashing off into the trees.

Melissa looks alarmed, eyes flicking from the Scott sitting by her and the once on screen. "Wait, who's coming?"

Scott says, "You'll see." making a face at the memory.

Scott does a double take, gaping, and then scrambles to his feet. He runs forwards, nearly getting hit by an arrow. Instead, the weapon hits a tree and blows up with a bright flash, right by his face. Scott throws up a hand as his vision goes blurry.

John's eyebrows nearly hit his hairline. "Whoa."

Derek grimaces. "Werewolf eyes are really sensitive to light." he explains. "We're lucky they aren't trying to permanently blind anyone."

Scott gulps. "They can do that?" Shrugging, Derek gives Chris a sideways look.

"Some hunters do." Chris says quickly. "We don't."

There was the piercing whistle of an arrow flying through the air, and Scott screams loudly. An arrow rips through his arm and lodges itself in the tree behind him, pinning Scott's limb. He whimpers in pain, gripping at his arm and searching for the attacker.

A few people in the room gasped, looking worried.

Scott grasps at the arm, remembering the pain. "Argh, that sucked." he grumbles.

"I didn't know you got attacked by hunters that quickly." Boyd said.

"Unfortunately, I did."

Despite the instinctual bloodlust overtaking his vision, he makes out the shapes of three men, one of which was carrying a loaded crossbow. Chris Argent takes aim, while Scott freezes in shock, staring back helplessly. Chris lowers his weapon, and Derek rolls out of his hiding place. He lands on all fours, glaring at the hunters.

Chris turns his head to direct one of the other hunters. "Take him." he says, keeping his eyes on Scott.

"You were going to kill him?" Allison yells, twisting around in her chair to face her father accusingly.

"No, I was going to capture him to bring out the murdering alpha." Chris counters.


Defensive, Chris bites out, "I wasn't about to kill some unknown werewolf."

Derek grabs one of the men, picking him up and flinging him out of the way. Chris and the other hunter stare in surprise, frozen, until Derek grabs the other one and throws him into a tree. Chris turns, gun in hand, looking for the attacker.

Running up to Scott, Derek rips the arrow out of the tree, and consequently his arm. Scott has a moment to scream, before Derek is dragging him off.

Melissa's face tightens, pissed off beyond belief at the proceedings.

"That's a little rough, don't you think?" Danny questions, looking sick at the idea of having a freaking arrow ripped out of your arm.

Isaac, Erica, and Boyd look at each other and laugh. "You have no idea." Erica chuckles.

Chris stares at the place the werewolves had been, a bloodstain on the wood being the only evidence that Scott had been there.

Allison couldn't help the hiss that escapes her mouth. She couldn't believe her dad would recklessly fire at an unknown like that. There was no proof that the werewolf he shot was the rabid one.

Chris grimaces at his past actions. Even he could admit, at least to himself, that he'd screwed up on that hunt.

Scott and Derek sprint through the woods, only stopping when Scott starts heaving when he breaths. Scott leans over near a tree, collapsing and trying to regain his breath. He looks up at Derek, "Who are they?" he gasps out.

"Hunters," Derek answers, "The kind who've been hunting us for centuries."

"Wait." says Lydia slowly. "You actually have werewolf hunters?"

Derek growls. "Unfortunately."

"And their last name is Argent?" Lydia clarifies.

"Yes." Derek answers, and shoots the redhead a confused look when she snickers.

"Ironic." Lydia said.

"Us?" Scott yelps, getting to his feet. "You mean you! You did this to me!"

Derek stares at Scott, slowly walking towards the teen. "Is it really so bad, Scott? That you can see better, hear more clearly, move faster than any human can ever hope?" Derek asks.

"It's pretty cool." Isaac says.

"But it's not something I wanted," Scott says seriously. "I was fine with how I was before."

Scott says nothing, gasping angrily. "You've been given something most people would kill for." Derek insists. "The bite is a gift."

"A gift?" Lydia asks. "Because you seem to give it out a lot." she said, glaring pointedly at Isaac, Boyd and Erica.

"I needed them." Derek defends.

"Really?" Chris asks. "You needed teenagers?"

Derek growls. "I wouldn't expect you to understand."

"I wouldn't want too!"

Scott sneers at Derek. "I don't want it." he bites out.

"You will." Derek assures. "And you're gonna need me if you wanna learn how to control it." he leans forwards and places a hand on Scott's shoulder. "So you and me Scott, we're brothers now." he finishes, turning and walking away; leaving Scott to slide down the tree to the ground, alone.

Stiles shoots Derek a look. "'Brothers', really?" he asks, eyebrow raised.

"Shut up." Derek sighs.

"It means something big, doesn't it?" Jackson asks. The expression on his face was odd, both sad and serious. "Something that a normal person can't understand,"

Derek nods, face tight. "You can't live without Pack, it's a bond that's stronger than you could imagine."

Scott looks at the screen face considering. How much did it hurt Derek, when he refused to be part of his Pack? Derek had been alone for so long, how much did it suck to have some teenager reject something that was probably perfectly normal and comforting to him?

The scene changes, it's morning in the forest now.

Scott walks along the road, dejectedly holding the arm that had been shot with the arrow. Stiles drives up to Scott in his jeep, letting him in.

"Nice friend." Boyd says.

"Especially after Stiles was proven right about everything." Isaac nods.

As they drive away, Stiles looks over at an exhausted Scott. "You know what actually worries me the most?" Scott asks.

Stiles licks his bottom lip, frustrated. "If you say Allison, I'm gonna punch you in the head." he threatens, looking back at Scott.

"I should've done it." Stiles hisses under his breath.

"She probably hates me now." Scott whines, leaning against the jeep's door.

Stiles groans disgustedly and sighs. "I doubt that, but you might wanna come up with a pretty amazing apology." Stiles offers. "Or, you know, you could just, tell her the truth and revel in the awesomeness that you're a frickin' werewolf." Scott lifts his head up to give Stiles a look.

"Okay, bad idea," Stiles concedes. He looks back at Scott, who is still sitting miserably against the door and slaps him gently on the shoulder. "Hey, we'll get through this." he says reassuringly. "Come on. If I have to, I'll chain you up myself on full moon nights, and feed you live mice."

"Can't believe you actually did that." Scott mutters sullenly.

Stiles says nothing, grinning proudly and giving himself a mental pat on the back.

Scott turns to look at Stiles. "I had a boa once, I could do it." he insists, and Scott snorts, shaking his head. Stiles grins for a second, victorious in his attempt to lighten his friends mood.

"You killed that boa." John says, lips twitching.

"It was an accident!" Stiles defends, ignoring Scott's outraged look.

Scott makes a squeaky noise of protest. "Dude, I trusted you!"

"How could you not trust me?" Stiles asks, faking affront. "Would I ever do something that would hurt you?"


Stiles puts a hand to his chest, like Scott's words physically hurt him. "I would not!"

"What do you call hitting me with lacrosse balls? Or getting me beat up?" Scott glares.

"Wait." Melissa said, holding up a hand with a disturbed look. "Stiles did what?"

Stiles gulps. "It was fine, it was nothing." he plasters a fake grin on his face. "Everything's fine."

The scene switches to Beacon Hills High School.

Scott sits on a bench anxiously, still in his lacrosse pads.

"So what happened?" Allison asks, walking past Scott determinedly, who gets up as soon as he spots her. "You left me stranded at the party."

"Awkward." Erica whispers.

"Ouch, McCall." Jackson smirks.

Scott smiles, with more than a little bit of smug satisfaction. "It all worked out."

Allison snorts. "For a while, anyway." she says, making Scott frown.

"Yeah. I–I know, I know. I'm really sorry, I am." Scott says earnestly. "But, you're gonna have to trust that I had a really good reason."

"Well, it was a good reason." Danny offers.

Lydia nods. "Not that he could tell her that."

Danny agrees. "That does make things complicated."

"Did you get sick?" Allison asks.

"Definitely had an attack of something..." Scott said vaguely.

Allison stops and shakes her head. "Am I gonna get an explanation?"

"You wouldn't have believed me if I tired." Scott sighs.

"You're right, I wouldn't have." Allison says. "Not without proof; which would have been impossible at school while it was so crowded."

"Can you just find it in your heart to trust me on this one?" Scott tries.

Allison sighs deeply. "Am I gonna regret this?" she asks seriously.

"Probably," Scott says, making Allison laugh. "So, is that a yes on a second chance?"

"Definitely yes," Allison says, repeating her words from earlier.

"You two are so disgustingly cute." Erica moans, putting her head in her hands.

"You're lucky you didn't have to see it on a day by day basis," Stiles mutters.

"We weren't that bad." Scott defends. Stiles gave him a long look. "Were we?"

Isaac says, "You were." nodding his head sagely. "You really, really were."

A red minivan honks its horn twice, making Allison and Scott swivel their heads in its direction. "That's my dad, I'd better go." Allison says, walking away.

"Isn't that the van you nearly killed Scott with?" Lydia asks, amused despite herself.

Allison cringes at the memory. "Yeah, it's my dad's."

Chris snorts, "I can't believe you almost crashed my van into someone," he says, and shakes his head.

"He just came out of nowhere!" Allison hisses.

Scott turns to leave in the opposite direction, then stops and seems to sniff the air, whirling around urgently. Scott stares at Chris Argent, flashing back to the night before, when the man shot a crossbow at him.

Horrified, Scott waves a hand at Allison, watching blankly as Chris gets back in his car and drives away.

"That must have been horrifying." Boyd comments musingly.

Scott nods. "I thought I was doomed."

Snickering, Stiles says "Yeah, he freaked out like a total baby later,"

"Shut up, I did not!" Scott howls, hitting Stiles' arm hard.

Said boy grasps his arm, making a pained face. "Dude!"

"You deserved that."

The screen fades to black. The words TO BE CONTINUED in bright white letters lit up the dark screen, ending the episode.

Stiles is the first one to break the silence that has descended upon the room. "So… that was interesting."

John says, "We are going to have a long talk eventually." looking thunderously angry. "A long, long talk."

Stiles nods, "Okie-dokie, dad," and tries not to look worried.

"Are we all good to watch more?" Melissa ventures.

"I'm good," several people reply, "Me too."

Melissa nods decisively, "Okay." and sits back, shifting to get more comfortable.

The screen clicks, and a new scene begins:



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