Fusion Vs Fusion

2 years after the battle with Beerus and 3 years since Luffy came to Goku's universe and the battle with Con isnt done with his revenge

Con said "Namek tell me where the 4 star ball is".The Namekian said "i dont know what your talking about what dragonballs,"Con replied "Dont tell me that shit Namek i got the same crap from another one of you kind and when i blasted a child namek then he confessed,"The Namekian said "It its in the village house,"Con replied "was that so hard."He blasted The Namek and got the dragonball and put them all in place he said "Nana no Tama wo Soroeshi Mono yo Sa Aikotoba wo le."In Namekian dragon came, Porunga said "what is your wish''Con replied "so you speak my language huh i wish my father broly was alive,"Porunga said "it was done what is your 2nd and 3rd wish,"Con replied "to bring the one called luffy to this universe earth and take me and my dad to earth,"Porunga said "your wish has been granted farewell" he was teleported to earth with his father next to said "who are you, i see ive met you your my son,why and how am i here,"Con says "i wished you here to help me defeat Kakorot,"Broly replied "DID YOU SAY KAKOROT!"With a green aura around him."Father calm" said replied "K kakorot ok ill do your plan,"Con said "we are gonna have to do the fusion dance at super saiyan 3,"Broly replied "fine if it will let me beat Kakorot."Broly and Con transformed and con explained the fusion dance to and Con said "FU SION HA."They fused into a legendary super saiyan to Goku and said "Goku did you wish me here again"Goku replied "No but i sense an energy its Con and BROLY!"Luffy said "who is Broly and Con's back!Goku said "hes Con's father''Luffy said "we need to fuse"Luffy and Goku both said "FU SION HA." They fused into Luku and used his instant transmission to go to Bron and they said "well if it isnt Kakorot and Luffy,"Luku said "ITS GOKU AND LUFFY WHY CANT YOU ASSHOLES GET THERE IS NO KAKOROT,"Bron said "lets just fight I WILL KILL YOU KAKOROT!" They went off punches punched Luku square in the face and sent him flying Luku said "Gear 2 + Super Saiyan 3!"Luku rushes Bron and hits him in the stomach blood comes out of Bron's throws a double eraser cannon and Luku tried to dodge but it followed him and hit him and put his vest on fire Luku said "AHHH IM ON FIRE IM ON FIRE wait im 100% rubber why am i scared heh heh,KAAA MEEE HAAA MEEE,HAAAAAAAAA!"it hits Bron but no effect Bron said "that all you got HA HA YOULL NEVER BEAT ME AT THIS RATE!,"Luku said "IM SICK OF THIS SHIT TIME TO GET SERIOUS SUPER SAIYAN GOD!"Bron replied "COME AT ME IF YOU WANT TO DIE"Luku said "GUM GUM PISTOL"then he ran over to Bron and kicked him then punched him in the chest and blasted him in the seemed to be Luku pointed his palm at Bron and blasted the back of his neck. Bron said "why am i getting beat DIE!"Bron charged his blast and shot at Luku it hit him but Luku was said "3 SWORD STYLE."It was Zoro he sliced Bron three times in the turned around and Luku blasted him in the said "Zoro keep him busy,PEOPLE OF THE UNIVERSE GIVE ME YOUR ENERGY!"Luku is charging a spirit is swing his sword left and right at said "I dont have much time left,Zoro its ready!"And he sucked the spirt bomb Luku bit into his thumb and blue into it and said "Gigantic Dragon FIST HAAAAA!" Bron said "NO NO NOOOO!" Then they went right through Bron and Luffy and Goku defused with the dead body of Broly and his son Con .

And so the world will be at peace again