Morning Time in Arendelle

Rated: K

Working on some paperwork early in the morning, Elsa stretches and lets out a sigh. She's been working near nonstop since dawn and has finally decided to take a much-needed break.

Without warning, a loud "thump" resonates from somewhere above her head.

Looking up at the ceiling of her office, the blonde queen lets a gentle smile steal across her face and chuckles lightly at the various curses she can hear from the floor above.

After a moment, her small smile grew larger and into something positively wicked, and without a second thought Elsa was up out of her chair and making a mad dash for the nearest set of stairs. Reaching them she slides to a halt and examines what she has to work with, mischief evident in her face.

Minutes pass and the young queen has finally decided her course of action when she finally hears the sound of a door opening and the "tunk-tunk-tunk-ssssssss" of a certain someone running down the halls and sliding down the freshly washed floors in her stockings.

Grin enlarging, Elsa moves off a ways to the side of the stairs, out of sight of anyone coming down them; crouching with her hands up and magic at the ready.

As soon as she hears the telltale sign of someone jumping onto the bannister and sliding down it with a childlike "Wheeee!", the young sorceress throws out her magic and positively cackles when she hears the previous whee turn into a squeal as Anna slides right off the end of the bannister-

-And directly into the rather large-and very cold-pile of snow Elsa had planted right at the bottom of the stairs.

The pile of conjured snow was deep enough to cover the redhead all the way to the top of her head, and when she finally freed herself with a gasp, the princess turned to her sister, who was rolling on the floor nearby with glee, and yelled,


A/N: Don't ask me what inspired this, I have no idea.