"Excuse me? I believe I misunderstood you. It sounded as if you were demanding that I take custody of a child. If I did by chance hear you correctly, there is no way in hell that I would take a child into my care. I work for the government. I am-"

"The director of the new top secret agency called Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division. I am also aware that you're responsible for the training and welfare of two children. Their names are Natalia Romanova and Clint Barton. You see, Director Fury, you are quite capable of nurturing children. Or perhaps I should phrase it differently: you have others who are capable of looking after children."

"Why should I take this child?"

"You have Miss Romanova from Russia because they were training her as a spy and assassin. You found her when one of their practices went a bit... off field, we'll say. Mr. Barton was with her at the time, an accident I've heard. They are training to be well versed in their duties. The child I have will learn quickly and do as you ask."

"What would S.H.I.E.L.D. gain?"

"Knowledge, my dear boy."

"What information could you possibly have that I don't know already?"

"A world that you know nothing about. A world with wonders around every turn."

"That just makes you seem like a foolish old man."

"Director Fury, do you know that there is someone on your team who is hacking into your files to learn of this new installation you plan to put into action in a few years?"

"Who is the ha- Is that - Where'd he come from?"

"That is one of the many wonders of our world, Director Fury. Will you take him?"

"The information first."

"Agree to take the boy, and I will help you keep your operation a secret while you work out the details."

"What of his family?"

"They were unfortunately killed in a car wreck."

"Why wasn't he with them?"

"He will explain that if he wishes."

"Why isn't he speaking?"

"Because he has no desire to."

"I will learn of this world?"

"You will."

"What's the boy's name?"

"Harry Potter."

"Very well, I'll take him with me. Now, who is the one hacking into my files?"

A/N Hey everyone! I'm back with a new fic, and look, it's a cross-over with the Avengers! I wanted to let everyone know now: I wrote most of this (excluding the last chapter) while I was writing Behind the Mask - for those who haven't read it, that story was in Draco's POV and filled to the brim with angst - and my plan had been to make this as angst free as possible, but whenever I plan something it always seems to fail... lol.

I tried to make sure everything was explained, but I know I never mentioned why Dumbledore chose to put Harry in the care of S.H.I.E.L.D. so I will do so now: he wanted Harry away from the wizarding world so he wouldn't let the fame get to his head. He also wanted Harry safe, away from the attack of Death Eaters. To keep him safe - since the blood wards were disabled because of the death of Petunia - he went to America and to the secret society where Dumbledore knew Harry would learn how to protect himself. To Dumbledore, this was a perfect solution. Hope that makes sense!

And yes, this fic is finished, but I only have until chapter five edited. There is a total of thirty-two chapters. :)