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Two good things came out from the events with Umbitch. First of all they now had a competent Defence Professor. As a matter of fact Harry took Madam Longbottom aside before she returned to the ministry and recommended Professor Lupin for the post if they had no other candidates. He pointed out that he was the best teacher they ever had and his werewolf status shouldn't interfere with how beneficial he would be to the education of the wizarding youth. The fact that Remus being here would lessen his workload for the Club was left unsaid but it did help.

Thankfully Madam Longbottom and the board trusted him more than Dumbledore and Remus was now back to teaching, something he loved and enjoyed doing.

The second good thing was that finally Neville and Luna were dating. The boy hadn't allowed the little blonde out of his sight for a week after the incident and just before she was about to blow up at him for being too overprotective, he asked her out on a date making her anger vanish immediately. They had been dating for three weeks now and there was no way to wipe the smile from Neville's face.

Augusta had been surprised by the news, but as long as her nephew was happy then she was too. The young girl was peculiar and walking with her head in the clouds but in no way rude or unpleasant, so she had nothing to complain about.

Harry, Fred and George were waiting for Severus in his sitting room. It was now the fourth month's mark in his pregnancy and they could try and see the sex of the baby. Until now he only did basic check ups to see if him and his child were healthy, he had never seen an image of his baby and he was excited when Severus proposed to try this time.

"Are you ready gentlemen?" Severus asked as he walked back into the room.

"Nearly" Harry smiled sheepishly "I asked Sirius to come too. I want him there when I see our baby"

"Understandable" the man nodded "I will just proceed with the basic check up while we wait for the mutt to arrive"

"Thank you"

Severus waved his wand and a parchment appeared in front of him "Mmm. Everything seems to be well, I would prefer if you gained a little more weight before the next month and I'll give you some prenatal vitamins I made especially for you."

Harry blinked "I eat all the time really. I'm worse than those two combined by now" he said pointing to his grinning mates "How come I'm not as big as a whale by now?"

"Magical pregnancies are different from muggles ones. The baby needs more nutrients and so does the mother, most of what you eat is consumed daily to keep you healthy and replacing the magic you use and feed to the baby. Even more so in your case since you're a creature"

"I see.." he said tilting his head to the side.

"I'm here!" Sirius came bellowing out of the fireplace "I'm here" He breathed deeply bend over with his hands on his knees.

"Yes, we can see that Black." Severus drawled

"Oh, shut up" he huffed

"We waited for you Siri" Harry smiled motioning for him to come nearer

"Great. I'm on time" he grinned

"No, you're not." Snape sneered "I'm giving you a watch for your birthday in the hope that you can learn to be more punctual"

"Aww. Love you too Sevvy"

"Ehm.. guys.. can you leave the pissing contest for later? I want to see my baby" Harry asked with a bit of a whine in the end. The twins were actually so excited and nervous that they hadn't been able to say a word yet and most likely wouldn't until they were finished.

"Of course. Lay down on the couch and raise your shirt" Severus instructed

Chanting softly a glow rose from the tip of his wand to encompass his rounded abdomen. Slowly a moving image of a baby formed showing them the inside of his womb.

"Here it is"

"That.. that's my baby?" Harry asked with tears in his eyes. He raised an hand to softly caress the image with a finger.

Fred wiped away the tears with his thumb and kissed his mate softly, while George wiped away his own tears and kissed the dark haired head of his love.

"What is it?" He asked "A boy or a girl?"

Severus coughed awkwardly. The moment was starting to become too touching for him too, the sight of the three parents to be in such a loving embrace as they saw their baby for the first time would move even the coldest of bastards. Sirius too was sniffing from behind the parents, he didn't even try to contain the tears, it was a battle lost before it even started

Turning back to the expectant eyes of the raven haired boy he took a better look at the image "It seems, Mr Potter, that you will be the mother of.." yes he was stalling but it was worth it seeing the cute way the boy scrunched his nose and pouted at him "a boy"

The answering smile was almost blinding for his brightness, thank Merlin the twins soon proceed to kiss him senseless saving his sight from being damaged beyond repair.

He took a magical photograph of the baby and canceled the spell. Giving Harry his vitamins he excused himself, needing to get ready for his next class.

The twins were now whispering something that Sirius could assume being extremely sweet to his godson and trying valiantly to keep themselves from crying, Harry was doing enough of it for all three of them.

"Harry.. pup?" he asked tentatively

"I'm fine Siri.. just.. just happy.." the boy hiccuped looking up at him

"I'm happy for you too, pup. All three of you" he said smiling "now, be sure to listen to Severus and keep out of trouble. You have my grandson in there after all" he grinned stroking his baby bump before lowering himself and caress the boy's hair leaving a kiss on his forehead.

Albus decided to have lunch in the great hall. No matter how much he tried to get involved in the Wizengamot meetings or made himself available for advice, they wouldn't let him speak up and didn't trust him anymore. They would come to regret their behavior soon. How long did they think they would last without him there to guide them?

He hadn't eaten with the students since the Christmas holidays and there were only a few of them present then, so probably today it would go better than the welcoming feast. Not that it mattered, he was being restrained inside his school too. He couldn't make decisions, he couldn't speak to his students, assign detentions or points, he couldn't even welcome them back from the holidays! His own professors were turned into watch dogs against him, the only one he still trusted was Severus and Minerva still had too much affection for him to really work against the headmaster.

Sitting himself he looked over the students lazily and did a double take. He trained his eyes on the Potter boy and cursed.

Thanks to his charmed glasses he not only could see under invisibility cloaks but he could see auras too. Harry Potter just happened to have two auras; one was his, the other one was positioned on his abdomen. How could that have happened?! How could the boy go and get himself knocked up?!

Albus could bet the spawn was of the Weasley twins, the three of them had hardly been seen separated since the school year started and everyone knew just how fertile those redheads were. He could not afford his weapon to be with child, he needed Harry malleable and following him, not running after a snot nosed brat.

Of course he planned for Harry to have children, so there could he heirs once he had no more need for the boy and he would be killed off. But they would be made with a female, preferably the Weasley girl who was already under his orders.

He would need to take care of his nuisance as soon as possible, he thought as he rose abruptly from the table and left the great hall without touching his lunch. He had much to do.

"Sorry we're late" Fred and George chorused as they plopped down on the bench on either side of Harry, Lee going to sit in front of them.

"Owl orders are coming like crazy" George grinned happily

"We have to stock up again after the Christmas rush" Fred said with his mouth half full of streak.

"Swallow before you speak Fred" Harry chastised him "If you need any help.."

"No way" they interrupted him

"You're already overworked as you are"

"There's no way we're letting you work even more to help us"

"Not in your condition especially"

"Lee and the girls can help us"

"Don't you worry about anything love" they finished kissing him soundly on both cheeks

"O-kay" he said slowly, sometimes they were able to make even him dizzy "Just tell me if you change idea"

"If you need a hand me and Tracey can help" Blaise offered

"Me too" Added Terry

"Thanks guys"

Harry smiled at his friends and mates reaching over and drinking form his goblet before making a disgusted face.

"What's wrong love?"

"Pumpking juice" he answered shuddering "I seem to hate it now that I'm pregnant"

"Here, that's orange juice" Padma handed over the jug concernedly

Just as he was about to fill his new goblet with it a sharp pain stabbed him in the chest making him drop the jug and hug himself.

"Harry!" he could hear his friends shouting but the dizzy feeling in his head didn't let him concentrate. Suddenly he bend over and started throwing up violently.

He could hear Severus muttering incantations beside him and Fred saying that there was something in the goblet since the necklace heated up. Why hadn't he felt it?

He was starting to lose consciousness and was able to feel George, or was it Fred?, taking him into his arms and carry him away from the hall.

"What's wrong with my pup?" Sirius demanded "What happened Snape?"

"Calm down, the boys are agitated enough as it is without you adding into it" the potion master said "someone spiked his drink with an herb known to cause miscarriages"

"What..? But.."

"I would assume it was Dumbledore since it is illegal to purchase and not many people know of its existence in this times. No one other than his friends knew of the pregnancy and he has those damned glasses"

"It had been some time since he saw Harry.." Sirius mused "the baby would now have an aura of his own"


They were now in the infirmary, it was lucky that Poppy was away for a few days so Severus could safely treat Harry and the baby without suspicions and added threats to their lives.

"Harry's status as a kitsune worked to our advantage. The creature rejects any potions and anything perceived as a threat, the herb didn't have the time to damage the fetus. Had Harry been a normal wizard it would have been too late to do anything by the time he drank. Male carriers are especially vulnerable"

"Merlin" Sirius breathed slumping against a wall

"I already informed the twins about it all. Fred would have been able to answer any additional questions his brother had. Harry awakened for a moment just enough to assure him that the baby is ok" Severus said rubbing his face. He was really growing too attached to the boy. Scratch that, he was already attached to him and to the gingers too! There was no going back by now.

"I'm going to send an official complaint to the board of governors. I will not have my son and grandson threatened inside the school, by Dumbledore no less.." Sirius growled pacing the office

"You have no proof it was him, just a suspect." Severus pointed out "not enough to get him even a slap on the hand"

"Damn it all!" he screamed throwing a chair against the wall.

"Calm down. He will try again, we will doubly careful now that he knows and we'll catch him red handed" Severus said "He'll have what he deserves"

"Ok.. ok, I'm calm now. Still homicidal, but calm." Sirius said calmly "I'll use that Slytherin mind my parents worked so hard to instill inside my head and plan a fool proof way to land him for life in that god forsaken prison he left me to rot into for twelve years!" he finished screaming

"I look forward to plotting with a Slytherin you, Black" Severus drawled, an evil glint in his onyx eyes.

When Harry woke he was frantic about what happened and the safety of his baby. Fred an George were quick to reassure him that their baby boy was safe and nothing harmful happened before explaining what happened and their suspicions.

"I'm going to KILL HIM!" he growled and only the quick reflexes of his mates kept him on the bed when he tried to lunge out of it.

"Calm down, love. The stress isn't good for the baby and you just were under a lot of it" George soothed him

"We will make him pay, I promise, but you and the baby come first. Sirius and Severus are already plotting ways to kill him and hide the body I bet. Just look at their faces" Fred said pointing behind his shoulders to the window of the little office.

"We will need to be even more careful now that he knows" Harry whispered hugging his middle and stroking the baby bump.

"Yes, that's true. But don't worry too much, we won't let anything happen to you. Either of you" George promised.

The office door opened and the two men walked out wearing matching scowls.

"Hey pup. How are you feeling?" Sirius asked

"Fine..sort of." He sighed

"Me and Severus talked" the man started sitting in the chair next to the bed "We think that we need to work a step ahead of Dumbledore. The best way would be to make sure that the public knows what happened here"

"Know.. my pregnancy?" he asked disbelieving. Were they crazy?

"Yes. The pregnancy and the fact that someone *cough* Dumbledore *cough* tried to have you miscarry" Sirius said

"A few anonymous tips to the right reporter and you will have the public eating out of the palm of your hand and Dumbledore even less trusted. People loves pregnant celebrities and kids, if anything were to happen to you, even a mere threat, Dumbledore will be the first person they point their fingers against" Severus drawled.

"It does have its sense" Harry admitted "I'm not sure I like everyone knowing though"

"Just think about it. But the earlier we know what to do and the best we can act" Sirius said patting his hand.

"Ok. Just give me a few hours"


Harry James Potter, Lord of the Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Potter, Defeater of Voldemort and Saviour of the Wizarding world, is the victim of an atroucious act committed at Hogwarts.

It was just last night, during dinner in the great hall of the castle, that he suddenly felt sharp pains in his chest and suffered from a violent nausea. The resident potion master, Severus Snape, treated him immediately in lieu of the missing nurse.

What resulted from his visit was unexpected and horrifying.

Someone had spiked Harry's goblet with a rare, almost unknown herb infamous for causing miscarriages. Yes, my dear readers. Our saviour is currently in a relationship with twins Fred and George Weasley and happily expecting their first child.

Harry's luck seems to be still working wonders and he was somehow able to resist the effects of the malicious herb, aided by the efforts of Potion Master Snape, and both he and his child are safe and healthy. What I wonder is, how could something like that happen? Children are sacred to our world and for someone to try and kill the unborn wizard or witch that Harry Potter is carrying, it is absolutely unforgiving!

Some point their fingers to the children of the deceased death eaters, claiming they were trying to get revenge against the savior. Possible but unlikely. The herb used is highly illegal and difficult to come by, something a student wouldn't be able to do. Also the news of the pregnancy had been kept restricted to a very close circle of family and friends.

Others point their fingers against Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts. The man had been involved in a highly discussed trial against the boy who lived during the summer, for charges ranging from child abuse, theft and endangering of his students, he had been deemed guilty and stripped of many of his titles. Could he harbor a resentment towards the boy?

The witnesses to the spectacle he pulled claiming he was the one to defeat Voldemort first, that Harry was a dark lord second and that he should have said boy's guardianship.. well those people would say 'yes, he has reasons to hurt Harry Potter'.

What is the truth about this horrible event though? We can only wait and hope that the authorities find whomever is responsible for this attempted murder, murder of an unborn child, and serve justice. In the meantime our thoughts go to Harry Potter and his family, wishing for them to be safe and sound.

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