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A car crash.


We're sorry for your loss.

Nothing we could do.

Dead on sight.

Hit his head too hard.




The mind of the black haired boy couldn't comprehend the words as minutes passed, hours, days…

Blurry days where he waited, waited for Magnus to come home. To walk through the door with a smile and a 'How was your day' like he always does. Or to be there in the morning next to Alec like he promised. Because he did promise. Magnus promised he will always be there in the morning. Always be there for Alec.

But then why isn't he? Why is Magnus's side of the bed vacant and cold every morning? Why isn't he there?

He's not dead. He can't be dead. Alec knows that. He can't be dead because he promised. Magnus promised!

The day was cold, wind blowing hard and cold on the people walking through the streets below. Ripping off leaves and branches from trees with its force. It definitely wasn't the kind of weather that you would want to be outside for.

It was like this for days now though. Maybe even weeks. The boy looking through the window couldn't remember.

He was a black haired boy. A boy with rustled hair and sleepy blue eyes as he watched the outside form the warmth of his bed. He hasn't been outside for days after all and doesn't plan on doing otherwise any time soon. It's not worth it anyway.

It's warm in the apartment. Safe.

It looked like the sun will peak out soon though, the sky getting just that little bit brighter. Seeing it made the boy smile for a second before he felt arms wrapping around his waist and pull him back against the body that was lying beside him. A body as bare as his own.

"Why are you awake so early Alec? Do you want to go out?" The deep and oh so familiar voice whispered, making Alec smile brighter. Hearing that voice always made him smile brighter.

"No. Why would I want that? I'm perfectly fine right here." He turned to face the other, but not before glancing at the window once more to see the sun disappear behind the clouds again. It was like it was never there in the first place. But it doesn't matter anyway.

"Good." Magnus smiled and Alec's heart skipped a beat. How he loved seeing that smile.

But it also reminded him of something. Something hazy and unfocused. He couldn't remember what though. It must have been dream.

"I dreamt it again." Alec spoke as they cuddled on the couch, listening to thunder roar and rain pour outside. The weather was so bad that the power cut out, beathing the room in darkness so they had to light up candles. It was nice actually. Just the two of them surrounded by candles and listening to the lighting storm that was going on outside. Alec found it very nice.

"The white room?" Magnus asked lazily even though he was concerned himself. Alec has been having a lot of these nightmares lately and he didn't like how scared the other was after every one of them.

"Yes. You're dead there Magnus. They say you're dead and I'm crazy. I don't like it. I don't want you to be dead." It was a broken whisper of a broken boy and Magnus couldn't help but feel the need to reassure him as he pulled the other closer and felt him burry his head onto his chest. He hated seeing his love like this.

"I can't be dead. I'm right here, see. You can feel me holding you. It was just a dream nothing more, okay? I would never leave you. Not even by death. I promised you after all didn't I?" Magnus reassured Alec to which he nodded but still felt shaken even if he was feeling a little better at the others words.

Magnus is right though. It's stupid to be shaken by a dream. It's just a dream.

"You're right." Alec spoke again after a few more minutes, tilting his head up to kiss the other to which he smiled. "I love you."

"I love you too."

"No! What are you doing? Let go of me!" A blue eyed screamed as four nurses held him down on the bed, trying to get him to drink something. But he won't. He won't drink whatever they want. He needs to find Magnus. Where is Magnus? "I need to go! Let go! I need to find Magnus! Where is Magnus? I don't belong here! Let me go!"

It took a few more minutes of struggling and the others trying to calm him down and explain that he is in a mental hospital and they are here to help not hurt him before a syringe was brought and something was shot into his blood stream. Something that made him pass out almost immediately.

But not for long after he woke up again and the yelling and screaming started once more. Because he can't see Magnus. There is no Magnus and he needs to be here because he promised he will be there every morning. He promised but these people are keeping them apart.

Why are they keeping Magnus away from him?

Days passed with shouting filling the room, weeks and bloody scratch marks appeared on the wall, months...he stopped waking up that much and after a few more ended up in a sort of a coma that the doctors couldn't understand.

And finally when a year passed Izzy and Jace stopped coming. Because their brother is gone. Left trapped in his own head. Unable to face reality.

He was gone. But never forgotten by them. Even as he never awoke again they never forgot.

Never forgot the brother that they lost to him himself.

"Do you think sometimes that this is not real? That all of this just doesn't exist?" Alec asked sleepily as he watched the wind howl outside.

"Of course not. Why do you ask that?" Magnus answered confused, not understanding where Alec got that silly idea.

"I sometimes feel like it. I feel like it after the nightmares about the white room." Came Alec's reply and Magnus sighed. He had the nightmare again.

"Don't worry about the nightmares darling. This is real. Trust me. The rain outside is real, you are real and I am real." He empathized the last part by cherishing the others cheek, making Alec lean into the touch and smile.

"You're right. It's a stupid thing to think." The other agreed, so close to falling asleep in Magnus's arms.

"It's not stupid, it's just not true." Magnus kissed his loves forehead, pulling him close. "Go to sleep now. This is all real don't worry."


"I promise."

There is a person in a hospital room long forgotten. There for years and many more.

Left forgotten and alone.

Always alone.

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