Daryl sat on the ground, crossbow right beside him where he dropped it, exhausted. He had been running for awhile after the car that had taken Beth. "Beth" he screamed as the tears started to fall down his cheeks. He couldn't believe she was gone. Just about an hour ago they had been sitting across the table from each other and now he was running to save her. He wanted to get his hands on the son of a bitch that took her. But he could not get his legs to move anymore, and the trail he was following had stopped. He had no way of knowing which way to go. He had lost too many people and losing Beth was the last straw. He has lost and alone, and ready to give up. "What kinda whiny pussy are you? I didn't raise you to give up" he heard an all to familiar voice in front of him. He looked up to see Merle standing there, smiling down "you are not really here and you didn't raise me anyway" Daryl grunted at the figure. "Now boy, is that anyway to talk to your big brother Merle?" He asked "just go! There is no point" Daryl stated. "Stop being a whiny girl! You get your sorry ass up and get moving. You go find that Greene girl" Apparition Merle stated as he kicked Daryl's boot. "You are better than this Little Brother, now get your ass up and find her. The answer is right under your nose". "Why don't you just leave me alone" Daryl screamed angrily as he rose and lunged for the apparition as it disappeared. As Daryl fell back to the ground he saw something out of the corner of his eye. He sighed as he stood up and walked over, leaning over and smiling just a little "more tracks. A little ray of light shined in the darkness. How did I miss those" he sighed as he turned back around, picked up his crossbow and started following the tracks. "I'm coming Beth, just hang on" he said to himself as he walked.