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Chapter 1

Percy POV

Percy Jackson knelt before the gods in the throne room of Olympus. Her body hurt all over from the numerous wounds she received battling Gaea and the giants. Yet, she barely felt the pain as one thought played through her mind again and again.

Anthony Chase, the boy she loved - the boy she had jumped into Tartarus for - was cheating on her with Lavinia Valdez.

She paid no attention to Zeus as he spoke of their victory. However, the king of the gods caught her attention when he announced that he would bestow gifts upon the Seven of the prophecy.

"I have discussed this with the rest of the Olympians and we have decided to grant all seven of you immortality, should you agree. You would become gods," stated Zeus.

Percy glanced at the rest of the Seven. They were each looking at their significant other, making sure that he or she would accept immortality. The sixteen year old girl glanced at Anthony, trying to mask the longing and heartbreak in her gaze. He gazed back at her, pretending that he was still in love with her. The boy had yet to break up with her - he was still cheating on her. Anthony nodded his head, signaling that he would accept immortality. Percy looked away without replying in kind. She caught sight of Anthony furrowing his brow in confusion from the corner of her eye.

Percy looked down, remembering how, a few days ago, she had caught Anthony and Lavinia making out down in the engine room. She had slipped away to her bedroom without them noticing her. She had decided to pretend that nothing was wrong - she couldn't rip the Seven apart with the impending war against Gaea, and her children.

Zeus's voice snapped her out of her thoughts. "One at a time, you shall approach your parent and tell them if you accept immortality. If you do, it shall be given, and you will become a god. Your domains will be announced in a few moments by the Fates. If you don't accept our offer, you may ask for anything of your choice." His tone made it clear that he thought it would be foolish to refuse godhood.

Piper stood first, clutching her arm, which was bleeding. "I accept immortality."

Aphrodite placed her hand on her daughter's head, and whispered something under her breath, and Piper glowed for a moment, and then stood tall, completely healed.

The same process was repeated for Jason, Hazel, Frank, and Lavinia. There was no longer any need for Pluto to ignore Hazel as she was immortal. Frank lost his curse, as well, because he could no longer die. There was a moment's pause as Anthony looked at Percy, as though expecting her to go next. The girl gave a slight shake of her head. Shrugging, Anthony moved towards Athena.

Once the rest of the Seven had gained immortality, Percy stood up, gasping as pain hit her in waves. Gritting her teeth, she stepped up to Poseidon. Picking her words carefully, she said, "Instead of immortality, I request that Lord Hades and Lady Hestia be given positions in the council. They are the eldest children of Kronos and deserve as much respect as the rest of you."

Zeus openly groaned as Percy once again rejected immortality. He nodded wearily. "It shall be done." The sky god waved his hand, and two thrones sprang up from the ground. Hestia and Hades took their seats at the council. Hestia smiled at Percy, while Hades simply nodded in gratitude.

Athena spoke up, glancing at Anthony, and then Percy, "I believe, that despite Persephone Jackson's refusal of our gift in favor of giving Hestia and Hades their thrones, she should still be given immortality, if she desires it. After all, she is the one that killed Gaea in the end." It was obvious to Percy that she didn't want her son's heart to be broken when Percy died as she would if she remained mortal.

'If only she knew,' thought Percy, bitterly.

The rest of the Olympians nodded in assent, even Ares and Dionysus, which surprised Percy. Percy wanted to refuse. She really didn't want to live forever, but one glance into Zeus's eyes told her that the god would be extremely upset if she refused again. Who knew what the king of the gods would do if angered. She bit her lip. She couldn't just leave her mother with Gabe. Suddenly, an idea struck her, and her sea-green eyes brightened. She looked straight at Zeus. "I will accept on one condition."

"Percy!" warned Poseidon. "Do not test my brother's patience."

Percy turned her head to look at the sea god. "I am sorry, father. But if I am to become a goddess, I must do this first."

"Very well, girl. What is it you want?" asked Hera, cutting in.

"I want permission to kill a mortal," stated Percy looking Zeus in the eye.

A few of the demigods present in the throne room opened their mouths in shock to question her motives, but then snapped them shut again as they realized they were about to interrupt Zeus.

The god raised an eyebrow in surprise, but nodded. "Permission given."

Poseidon then placed his hand on his daughter's head and gave her immortality. Percy's wounds closed up and were replaced by scars or smooth, tanned skin. The girl felt stronger than ever before, and would most likely have smiled, were it not for the fact that Anthony was cheating on her.

Suddenly, in a bright flash of light, the Fates appeared. "We are here to announce the domains of the seven new gods and goddesses in our midst. Piper McLean, you are the minor goddess of love and charmspeak. Jason Grace, you are now the minor god of lightning and flight. Hazel Levesque, from this day forth you shall be known as the minor goddess of riches and precious stones. Frank Zhang, you shall be the minor god of archery and shape shifting. Lavinia Valdez, you will be the minor goddess of fire and forges. Anthony Chase, you are the minor god of architecture and battle strategy. And finally, Persephone Jackson, you are now the major goddess of heroes, the tides and swordsmanship. Because of how powerful you are, you shall be the fifteenth Olympian."

Everyone gasped in shock as they heard the last statement. Percy's mouth dropped open in surprise - she most certainly wasn't expecting this.

The Fates spoke again. "Olympians, to ensure that you have a good bond with the newest member of your council, we will make it so that all fourteen of you shall feel all the emotions Persephone does as her life flashes before her. You will know what her life was like, while allowing her to maintain her privacy."

Percy gasped in fear and backed away a few feet. "That really isn't a good idea. Lachesis," she said pointing toward the middle Fate - the one that decided what would happen to one during their lifetime. "Please. You know this is a terrible idea."

"I am sorry, Persephone," said Lachesis. "It must be done. However, none besides the Olympians must be present."

Grumbling, the rest of the gods - old and new - flashed out. The demigods from Camp Jupiter and Camp Half-Blood who had been flashed to Olympus once Gaea was defeated also left, walking towards the elevators that would take them down to New York.

"Please," begged Percy. "Don't do this."

"Percy," said Poseidon, not understanding her reasons for asking the Fates to reconsider their idea. "Don't worry. Nothing bad will happen."

Percy just glared at the floor. "Go ahead, then. Do what you must."

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