"Hello, Emrys."

Merlin's head jerks around, and he has enough time to register the form of the last High Priestess, before being flung to the side with a wave of her hand.

With Merlin dealt with, albeit temporarily, Morgana Pendragon saunters over to the mortally wounded form of her half-brother; King Arthur Pendragon. She kneels next to his still form and starts speaking, sarcasm dripping from her voice.

"What a joy it is to see you Arthur. Look at you. Not so high and mighty now. You may have won the battle, but you've lost the war. You're going to die by Mordred's hand." A thought that Morgana clearly relishes. "Oh, but don't worry dear brother, I won't let you die here alone. I will stay and watch over you, 'til the wolves gorge on your carcass and bathe in your blood."

The metallic ringing sound of a sword being drawn diverts her attention away from the dying man, to see Merlin standing behind her, wielding Arthur's sword.

"No." he says, the conviction and power in his voice almost surprising her. "The time for all this bloodshed is over. I blame myself for what you have become. This has to end."

Angered by his defiance, Morgana stands to face him.

"I am a High Priestess." her eyes flick down to the blade in Merlin's hand. "No mortal blade can kill me."

Saying nothing, Merlin lunges forward and plunges Excalibur deep into Morgana's gut. Morgana gasps at the unexpected pain, doubling over as the blade burned within her as if it were fire made solid.

Fighting the pain, Morgana looks up into the emotionless mask of Merlin's face.

"This is no mortal blade." he tells her. "Like yours, it was forged in a dragon's breath.".

With a sickeningly fleshy noise, he pulls the sword from her now-dying body and watches dispassionately as she collapses next to a tree root. His eyes rove up her wounded form, and come to rest looking into her eyes. They flash gold, and in an instant, Morgana uses the last of her strength to connect his mind to hers.

Author's Note:

Apologies to those following me; I deleted the first incarnation of this story for two reasons: I felt that the first version was somewhat rushed and needed both more and longer flashes, and I felt that putting this story into a chaptered format would suit it more.

This was somewhat inspired by a particular episode of Stargate: SG1, and once the idea came to me it it wouldn't leave me alone. It has been one of those stories that you desperately want down on paper, but often the words would not come or you just cannot get them to say exactly what you want. Which is frustrating, to say the least.

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