Chapter 6

The game of strip poker

"Ummm" Bacon grunted as his eyes went from the cards he'd just laid down then Jasmine.

"Show em" he smirked, his eyes glittering with amusement.

Jasmine rolled her eyes, "Are you sure?" She leaned over checking him over. He was down to his boxers and a tank top.

"I hate to do this but..." she said teasingly as she put her cards down and watched his smile fade.

"Bloody hell" Bacon shook his head angrily, "You are enjoying this aren't you?"

"Of course" Jasmine purred, "Now off with something."

Oscar the cat was sitting on the side observing, he would look from one human to another. Bacon looked over and did a double take after he stood up.

"What you lookin at?" he growled.

Jasmine snickered before grabbing hold of Oscar and pulling him to her. "He's just anxious to see what you got."

Bacon shook his head, "Fine." He yanked his tank top off and threw it at Jasmine.

She whistled while looking over his chest, "Turn around for me darlin." Her giggles weren't helping either; Bacon rolled his eyes and slowly turned his back to her.

"See anything you like sweetheart?" Feeling himself blush, yeap blush, Bacon didn't blush. But for some reason her inspection of his upper body was causing color to rise to his cheeks. "You done yet?"

"You're not any fun," she told him.

"One more hand?" Bacon asked after taking his seat again. "We both only have one thing to take off."

Jasmine raised her eyebrow, he was right. She was wearing her oversized t-shirt and that was it, her bra and panties were in a bundle right next to her. She couldn't believe that this had gone as far as it did, but Jasmine couldn't deny she didn't like seeing him shirtless. He grinned and went to shuffling the cards but didn't say anything. Jasmine let her eyes slowly rake over his chest, he had a magnificent upper body, muscle perfectly shaped. He looked like a marble sculpture in a museum, strong yet beautiful designed. Jasmine looked down as heat filled her cheeks; she knew she was turning red.

"Ready sweetheart?" Bacon interrupted her dirty thoughts.

"Yeah" she said after clearing her voice.

A sexy grin covered Bacon's face and he slowly shuffled the cards while watching her face. Bacon couldn't help but stare at her, she was trying her hardest not to let the fact that they were both almost naked bother her. Her eyes burning through to table as if she was hoping to forget where she was. He had to admit he more than enjoyed being locked up with her. She was a sassy American, which turned him on more than any other women before.

This also scared him, Bacon wasn't usually waiting for a women. They would fall for his charm and seductive smile and in no time be in his bed. Jasmine wasn't like that; she was a puzzle he needed to figure out. So now Bacon was saying silent prays to a higher power that he would win this hand and her heart.

"Good luck dear" Bacon teased while dealing the cards, "I so hope you lose!"

Jasmine rolled her eyes and focused on her cards. I really hope I lose, she thought to herself. It would be nice to see if he's got the Bacon! She couldn't help smiling as thoughts of him stark naked dance in her head. It wouldn't a let down she was sure of it, he to well built.

"Go" Bacon snickered as if he could read her mind.

A few minutes later

"You cheated didn't you!" Jasmine yelped while looking over her cards then looking over his.

"Nope, fair game darlin. You just lost!"

She growled before cutting a rather nasty look at him, "Whatever." Bacon watched as she slowly stood up. He smirked at what was about to happen.

"Turn around" She said through clinched teeth.


"Please just do it!"

Bacon nodded then turned around, he began humming while waiting. He could feel Jasmine's eyes burning into his head as if she was trying to have his head go aflame.

Jasmine bit down on her bottom lip hoping she could out of this but she knew she couldn't. So very slowly she slipped the shirt over her head, she made sure to hold the shirt tightly in her hand for fear of dropping it. She wanted to put the shirt back on as soon as possible; the thought of Bacon's hazel eyes traveling over her body was enough to bring color to her cheeks.

"You ready sweetheart?" He asked.


As Bacon turned around he didn't have much time to check her over, Jasmine pulled up the shirt almost instantly.

"Whoa" He barked, "I didn't see anythin."

"Too bad for you!" Jasmine smiled while clinching the shirt over her body. "We didn't say we'd have to parade up and down the living room."

Bacon stood up which caused Jasmine to take a step back, "Don't be an ass about this."

"I'm not being an ass, you just didn't follow up." Bacon told her. "Thats not a good personality trait."

"What?" Jasmine laughed, "What the hell would you know about personality traits, BACON you're a thug."

Bacon stood silent showing no emotion on his face, he only stepped closer to her. Jasmine's eyes grew wide as she stepped back and hit the couch causing her to stop.

"Look this is silly, let's play something else," she said while feeling her body react to his predatorily movements. He was being to quiet, which only added to her state of discomfort. His eyes moved over her making her feel very small, she began to understand all the stories that Heidi had told her about him. She understood why he was used for muscle.

"Why don't we..." Her words were cut off. Bacon stepped in front of her blocking any means of escape. He locked her between his two strong arms that now rested on the edge of the couch.

"Ummm" Jasmine cleared her throat.

"Wha?" He asked while flexing his muscles.

"I guess you never learned about personal space." She laughed a little but she wasn't feeling funny at all.


"See it's when someone is standing to close and..." Once again he stopped her.

"I don't give a fuck about your personal space Jasmine!" He said softly while wrapping one of his arms around her waist pulling her so that their bodies were touching. His hands gently traveled up and down her back making her shallow hard.

"You feel wonderful darlin" Bacon watched as color filled her cheeks, he smiled when he heard her moan softly.

As he lowered his lips to hers, Jasmine pushed at his chest almost moaning out as her hands touched his skin. "I'm gonna kiss you" was he said before crushing his lips to hers. Jasmine yanked her head free and was about to say something but Bacon's hand came around the base of her neck and pulled her back to his seeking lips.

Bacon could feel her trying to talk as he kissed her. He grinned before slipping his tongue into her mouth, he growled when she kissed him back. His mind began racing and his body was growing more demanding as their kiss deepened. Both his heads were now roaming over her back caressing sending shivers up and down her spine. Jasmine couldn't think straight, her body was screaming out for Bacon to take her right there and he'd only kissed her.

Jasmine yelped as Bacon roughly set on the edge of the couch, she pulled away from him and looked into his eyes. What she saw was raw passion. It wasn't only lust and that scared her, she turned away but Bacon reached out and cupped her chin making her look at him.

"Wha's the matter?" He asked.

She couldn't answer him, the look in his eyes. Bacon looked like a puppy dog, how the hell could she say no to that?