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A.N.: You could say this probably happens between the end of S6 and the beginning of S7 with mentions of S2's "Woman in the Sand".

Little Black Dress

The closet was almost empty of its contents. Clothes scattered around the bedroom as she pared around the room with dress after dress, but never choosing one.

I had decided to lay down on the bed, already dressed, tuxedo jacket at my feet, bow undone. I just stood there. Gazing at the sight before me and never more appreciative of a fundraiser at the Jeffersonian as now.

The allure of the curves dancing in front of me lulled me into an almost hypnotic state, when something black made its way to her hands.

The laziness I was feeling forgotten. The senses suddenly sharpened while she put it on.

The silkiness of the material looked like I remembered. Hugging her every curve, her back bare.

My feet moved on its own and suddenly I stood behind her. This time, I didn't have to keep my distance. My front was flush against her back, trapping her movements just as she was about to put the straps of the dress up.

She stood frozen. Looking at us in the mirror. Just like before.

She gave me this little smile I now knew so well.

Putting my arms around her from behind, my face fell to her neck. So, I gave her a lazy kiss and murmured, "This dress will never leave this room."

A.N.: This was just a little something that came to me.

This is going to be a collection of one-shots focusing on objects that passed through Booth and Brennan's lives. They can be short, long, ficlets, drabbles…the muse holds the key.

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