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A.N.: This came to me when I remembered a conversation between our lovable Mr. Vincent Nigel-Murray and Dr. Temperance Brennan in "The Truth in the Myth". This will be a bit different than the other one-shots; maybe because it's sprinkled with a tad bit of humor if you squint.

The Ribbon in the Iguana

Normally you'd hear the constant noise of people moving around, with a high voice screaming King of the Lab or a voice shouting Bones while trying to drag away an anthropologist, who would probably be in the middle of inspecting ancient remains.

This Friday night footsteps stumbled across the Jeffersonian lab.

Unlike the previous nights or days, when usually these footsteps had walked across the room towards Limbo or the Platform in a steady rythmn, their owner now tripped on himself.

Each step was followed by a quiet mumbling of a fact about walking, increasing the flow to the brain and thinking skills.

This was the night that Vincent Nigel-Murray had decided to visit his mentor's office, even if a bit tipsy from the beers he'd shared with a blonde he met at the costume party.

Her traditional Bavarian costume had made him nervous, but there hadn't been any shyness, in any bone of his body, when he decided to relieve her of the satiny ribbons of her bodice.

Although a few hours spent in her company would probably be a better way to end the night, the same ribbons had given him a strange bout of inspiration. Its green and brown colours reminded him of a reptile currently alone in its habitat and probably feeling rather lonely.

Approaching the dark office, he saw a low light near the cage that held his friend. Late nights, when he was supposed to be finishing the work given to him by Dr. Brennan, he had frequently wandered into this very same office.

So it was only fare to keep the unfortunate iguana company while he recited some of his favourite facts of the day. These one-sided conversations would often be complemented by the gaze of Sir Ed, like he had named it in secret.

One time he had even dared to pet him. So, even through the haze of alcohol, Mr. Vincent Nigel-Murray remembered, as he was opening the habitat, to put his hand inside first (so to avoid sudden movements), just before grabbing Sir Ed from bellow its belly.

Deciding to extend his company a while longer, he put his previous bout of inspiration to good use. Besides ending Sir Ed's lonely stay amidst scientific journals, he really needed a hat. A Tyrolean hat if he wanted to match his blonde friend.

"Did you know, my friend, one of the reasons the Tyrolean hat is so well known is due to Edward VIII? After his abdication he would frequently stay in Austria."

But since none was available, improvisation was in order.