Pathway to a Past

By Weasy

DISCLAIMER: Joss owns them. But the situation is to weird to come from anyone but me!

DEDICATION: Um… To Serena and Ducks for getting me hooked on fan fiction.

SUMMARY: Cordelia's having visions of things that are going to happen a long way in the future, and they include Buffy and Angel.

RATING: It's not that graphic but there's strongish language toward the end so PG-13.

FEEDBACK: Definitely!! I'm not going to write a sequel to this one unless anyone tells me they want it.

TIMELINE: I wrote this to fit in at about Angel S3ep12 – Provider, but I totally ignored all A/C references because that's just mentally disturbing. I scrapped basically all of S6 Buffy, take it as starting the same way except instead of Buffy losing herself in Spike she loses herself in Riley, who comes back when Xander tells her that Buffy's dead. She's still a bit out of it, but is much more trusting of her friends, and Willow.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: As my time lines been rather selective I mostly ignored a lot of things in both seasons, particularly in Buffy. This is partly because I don't have sky and so I've only had access to the scripts, but it's also because I didn't really like the way it was headed. As well as ignoring the Spike stuff, I ignored the fact that Buffy came back different, and that Willow got addicted to magick. These are things I might bring in if I write a sequel, I have an idea for the sequel but I rather like where I've left it at the moment but if you want one tell me. Oh yeah and sorry about the B/R, B/S at the beginning! It changes…

Thoughts are in italics.

Part One

Buffy dodged the blow the vampire aimed at her and rolling as she fell picked up her crossbow, she aimed a bolt at the vampire, fired and watched it dissipate into a cloud of dust. She excepted the hand that had reached out to help her to stand up, and then pausing looked up to see who it was. She pulled her hand away when she saw it was Spike.

'Spike!' she exclaimed annoyed, 'I told you not to come.'

'I was itching for a fight, get over it.' He returned casually. Buffy eyed him suspiciously. 'I swear,' He said holding his hands up in the air.

I wish he'd stop doing this, Buffy thought, it makes Riley uncomfortable. And as always Spike could tell exactly what she was thinking.

'I don't know why it bothers you what Riley thinks. He's a total ponce.'

'Leave him alone.' Buffy was so tired of Spike's constant digs at her for going out with Riley. Although she had come to respect Spike as, well, not exactly a friend - but someone she wouldn't stake on sight, she found his way of reading her mind very disconcerting.

'You know you always loved a bit of history with your men. Commando boy's got nothing but a top-secret military centre.'

'Give it up Spike.' Buffy retorted a threatening edge coming into her voice. Spike shut up.

The feeling crept over Buffy again. The feeling that he was watching her, he wasn't though. He couldn't be. So shaking it off she left the graveyard, trying to think of a way to get rid of Spike before she got to Riley's.

Angel woke up from his restless dreams and paced around his room. He tried to walk quietly over to Connor but his light footsteps woke him up anyway and he began to cry. Gently lifting Connor and rocking him Angel whispered to him. 'Did you dream about her too?' Angel didn't know why he thought Connor would dream about Buffy, even if Connor was a physical impossibility and quite likely to have something different about him, Darla was his mother, not Buffy. And besides Darla was dead, she wasn't going to hurt anyone anymore.

But whatever Angel rationally knew he couldn't help but think that Connor had some way of getting inside his mind and to every memory he kept locked away in there.

Buffy and the gang had stopped at the Bronze after she had patrolled and the memories it instilled in Buffy weren't exactly making her comfortable. They were also she feared giving her a glazed look. But she just couldn't help it, ever since she thought she'd felt his presence last night she had been consumed by memories of him and she could see reminders of him somewhere. It was so odd, like he needed her, but couldn't ask her. It bugged her, so when everyone had gone off to dance she sent Riley off to get her a drink and began a comprehensive search of the Bronze for him, for her Angel.

She had just about decided to give up when she remembered the little area behind the stairs, raking her eyes over it she noticed a small bundle of black leather. Walking over she felt a deep sense of dread and when she picked it up and turned it in her hands her suspicions were confirmed. It was Angel's jacket. The one he had given her when he warned her about 'fork guy' she was almost carried away with the memory but reality brought her back down to earth with a bump. It was his jacket, but she had never given it back to him. It had lived in her wardrobe forever. Although she didn't wear it anymore she had dragged it out and cried over it more than once. What was it doing here? She didn't have much time to dwell on it though, as she felt a heavy hand on her shoulder and spun round to see Riley talking to her.

'Buffy? Are you okay?' He asked her again.

'Yeah, I'm… fine.' She smiled up at him. 'Better to see you.' And reached up to kiss him, still she couldn't help the sinking feeling in her heart that told her something was wrong.

Cordy sat in the office watching as Angel feed Connor. Wes was reading something at his desk and Gunn and Fred hadn't come in yet. She was bored. She was vaguely contemplating whether or not to go and give Lorne a visit when the phone rang. Pleased to have something to do she picked it up and put on her best reassuring voice. 'Angel investigations, we help the helpless.' She chanted.

'Great. I'm helpless now am I?' The voice returned, it was Buffy.

'Nope.' Cordy replied, she wasn't planning on getting Buffy mad at her. She might not survive. 'So what do you need help with?'

'Nothing really.' Buffy said, but her voice sounded slightly distracted. 'I just wanted to make sure Angel was okay.'

'He's fine.' Cordy was now very suspicious, she was not being told something. 'Do you want to talk to him?'

'I, I don't think I'd be able to handle that just now.' There was a heavy pause. 'But can you look into something for me?'

'Sure. But don't you have people to do that for you.' She said pointedly.

'I don't want to get them worried. Please Cordy.' Buffy's voice sounded desperate. 'I just want to find out if there's some sort of telekinetic bad guy around. One that would know about me and Angel.'

'All right.' Cordy gave in. 'But I can't give any guarantees. I'll just ask the rest of the gang to help. There's nothing else we really have to do.'

'But not Angel. You can't tell Angel.'

'Okay that's ridiculous. You have to tell him.'

'No he'll just come to help. And I don't know if I can have him around at the moment. Don't tell him.' There was the faint sound of a door closing down the line and someone calling to Buffy. 'I have to go. Promise you'll look and promise you won't tell Angel.'

'I'll try.' Cordy said, refusing to promise not to tell Angel. She hung off, and found herself confronted with the expectant faces off Wes and Angel.

'Well,' Angel prompted. 'Who was it?'

'No one who's going to give us any cash.' Cordy replied, the brush off didn't work so she tried another tack. 'They just wanted to know about telekinesis.'

'We still have the stuff, left over from when we were helping Carlos.' Wes pointed out. 'You could send them that. But there's nothing really to say, It's just people moving things around with their mind.'

'But it could be dangerous if they can't control it.' Angel said trying to guilt Cordy into telling him who had been on the phone.

'Only if they don't know they have it. And this person's clearly worked it out.' Wes told him not noticing he was spoiling Angel's plan.

Angel shrugged and turned back to Connor. It didn't matter that much to him, so long as Connor was safe.

'Who was that on the phone?' Riley asked Buffy as he towelled his hair dry. She was lying on his bed fiddling with the cable of the phone and had barely heard the question.

'Oh. It was just Cordy. You know catching up on old times.' She told him, she wasn't exactly lying, she told herself. She just didn't want to go into all the details. Especially if he knew that Cordy worked for Angel.

'Anything interesting happen to her?' Riley asked.

'No not really.' She knew he wanted her to expand but she was becoming increasingly uncomfortable. 'Come on, you can't really want to talk about my high school, well enemies, actually.' Buffy frowned, her nose wrinkling slightly.

'Nope I'd much rather kiss you.' He said grinning. But the thought didn't seem quite right to Buffy and she jumped off the bed before Riley got any ideas.

'I'd better go. I want to talk some stuff over with Giles.' She headed out the door actually intending to go to Giles' house.

Instead two hours later Buffy found herself still wandering round Angel's old mansion on Crawford Street. The memories came thick and fast and each one of them brought it's own pain. She remembered how guarded they'd had to be once he'd come back from hell. Trying to be friends instead of lovers. It had been hard but they'd survived, and then he'd left. The memory still stirred bitter anger in her. A moment later her phone rang. She pulled it out ready to turn it off but hen noticed it was Angel Investigations calling her. She picked it up hoping for news off the search from Cordy. 'I've got some stuff,' Cordy told her. 'I emailed it to you.'

'Thanks.' Buffy said uncertain how she felt at the news. 'You realise I'm going to have to ask Willow how that thing works now, don't you?'

'Yep that was the idea.' She replied cheerfully. 'Aargh!'

'Cordy!' Buffy shouted. She could hear people shouting in the background and something crashed against the floor. Then someone picked up the phone. 'Is she okay?' Buffy asked unthinking.

'Buffy?' The surprised voice came back. 'Are you okay? Why do you need to know stuff about telekinesis?' Angel demanded suspicious.

'Hello? I asked if Cordy was okay?' Buffy snapped back hating her tone, but hating Angel's too.

'She's fine.' He told her. Someone was talking to him but Buffy couldn't hear what they were saying. Not wanting to continue the conversation she hung up and turned off her phone when he tried to ring her back. Suddenly angry she grabbed the silver candlestick at her side and threw it at the wall it impacted with a crash. Buffy sank to the floor crying into her hands.

Angel slammed the phone down, irritated. He shouldn't have got mad at her, but she just drove him crazy sometimes, never telling him anything. But he needed to talk to her, Cordy's vision had had Buffy in it, but she had refused to tell him anything until he talked with Buffy. Who wouldn't talk to him.

'Does that mean we're going to Sunnydale?' Cordelia asked gently.

'Yes I suppose it does.' Angel said. He walked across to his room and brought Connor back with him.

'Um,' Wesley interrupted Angel's brooding thoughts. 'What exactly were you planning on telling her about Connor?' They all looked at him expectantly.

'The truth I suppose.' He said resolved to never lie to Buffy. It would make things so much harder later.