This fanfiction is inspired by the video "The Young Victoria (Frozen X Helsa)" in YouTube.

Full summary: The King and Queen courted their eighteen years old daughter to a Prince from a far away kingdom before they left for their sailing trip. Now at the age of twenty-one, Elsa was crowned to be the new Queen and had to fulfill the marriage her parents has arranged for her. How does she cope with being the new young Queen and a wife to someone she barely knew?

Chapter 1

"Do you ever feel like a chess piece yourself in a game being played against your will?"
"Do you?"
~Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, Young Victoria (2009)

"Her royal highness, Queen Elsa of Arendelle."

Even when she was practically raised and taught to the fact that she would be the Queen of Arendelle one day her entire life, it all still sounded strange and new to her; especially when she has just reach the age of twenty-one.

That one faithful day three years prior, her parents has told her of a Prince from far away kingdom two years older than her. He was said to be a handsome and polite gentleman and that his kingdom was one of the closest trade partners Arendelle had. And that she was to be marrying him.

The thought of marrying someone she barely knew, especially with her having 'unique' powers, frightened her. But her parents has arranged everything; she would be married at the age of twenty-one, the mature age of a woman to be married. And though they reassured her that everything would be alright, she knew it won't.

They had left on a sailing trip across the sea to a neighboring kingdom, leaving her with her fifteen years old sister, promising that they would come back in two weeks… but they never did. A harsh storm has made their ship wrecked in the middle of the sea and all the crew has died, including the King and Queen, leaving their two daughters orphaned.

But even with their parents' death, Elsa couldn't find the courage to open her door and to recoil with her sister, leaving the poor sisters to grief alone and separated from each other.

Three years passed and Elsa was crowned to be the new Queen of Arendelle at the age of twenty-one, the very same age she would be married to this Prince Hans…

She tried to recoil with her sister at the party, and though it was a little awkward for both of them, they succeeded to exchange a few words with each other before a short old man came approaching them, introducing himself as the Duke from Weselton, one of Arendelle's closest trade partners.

Though Elsa hated it to have her sister felt ignored after thirteen years of her self-isolation, she knew she had to dismiss her and talk to this Duke instead. So she asked, politely, for her sister to leave her and the old man alone to talk. Anna reluctantly nodded and walked away, sighing as she mumbled something about getting some chocolate fondue.

"I hear that you will be married tomorrow, Your Majesty."

And of course he wanted to talk about that. How she supposed to discuss about her upcoming marriage when even she had no idea of her future husband's face? "Yes, to Prince Hans of the Southern Isles."

"How are you feeling about marrying someone you barely met just the day after your coronation, Your Majesty?"

Why did he have to pry on something she really didn't want to talk about at the time? It made her frustrated. She could feel the coldness on her fingertips inside her teal colored gloves, making her had to take a deep breath to calm herself. It was no time to lose the control she had been practicing on the past thirteen years.

"I prefer not to talk about It." she answered, keeping a cool demeanor plastered on her face. Her Father always taught her that she had to have a good look on her face no matter what she felt inside.

"Is it because you are going to marry someone when you have no idea what he looks like?" he asked again with a very knowing look on his face.

"I said I do not want to talk about it." Elsa repeated through gritted teeth, her hands clutched into fists at her sides. "Now please excuse me, I need some time to myself. Enjoy the party." She turned and walked away, leaving her spot by her throne and chose the balcony instead, at least no one will bother her there.

Closing the door leading to the balcony, the new Queen sighed tiredly as she leaned her weight against the railings, her elbows supporting her up. She couldn't understand why her parents would control her around like a chess piece, it was tiring. And the fact that Anna never received such a control from their parents didn't help either. The younger one always got off from almost everything. She has no responsibilities ahead of her, no duties as Queen, and she would most likely married out of love and not because she was being courted to ensure the safety with another kingdom.

Taking off the crown nested on her platinum blonde hair, Elsa held it in one hand as she inspected the golden crown. It amazed her how such a small thing could bring many duties to her, the kingdom of Arendelle on her shoulders. Even when she didn't want to marry someone she barely knew, she was quite thankful that she wouldn't have to have all of the duties weighing down on her shoulders.

All she could do was to hope that the Prince she would call husband soon was a man she could rely on with Arendelle and herself…


"When can I see him, Prince Hans?"

The night of the ball has gone rather smoothly, much to her relief. No slipping up that lead to the revelation of her ice powers, no fight between her and her sister, and though the talk with the Duke of Weselton didn't really work very well, she could consider that the night was a good one.

Now as she sat on her vanity, facing the mirror and has one of the loyal maids undoing the regal twisted bun of her platinum hair in her bedchamber, she couldn't help but wonder about her marriage that would take place tomorrow.

The maid, Gerda, paused for a moment, looking up from the Queen's platinum blonde hair to her face on the mirror before continuing to carefully undo the bun. "At the altar, Your Majesty."

Of course they didn't let her see her future husband until they would be married at the altar. Doubts began to flood in the Queen's mind and she had to be careful on not to freeze the room. What if the Prince didn't find her beautiful or what if she didn't find him attractive? What if he was a fat lazy and snobby Prince who wanted to do nothing with his duties as future King?

"Do not worry, My Queen." Gerda said after noticing the doubting expression on her Queen's face. "Prince Hans is a fine man. He is the Admiral Westerguard, so I've heard."

Elsa raised one delicate eyebrow. Admiral? Well at least he would have a rather athletic build if he was an Admiral. But that only relieved her slightly. "I don't know if I want to marry him, Gerda…" she admitted, "What if he doesn't like me? What if I'm not enough for him?"

The maid sighed as she brushed the Queen's long hair that reached her lower back gently. "But you know you can't refuse, My Queen. You will be married tomorrow, you should be happy."

"But how could I be happy when I marry someone I never met before? It all feel strange and not right, Gerda."

"You'll see him at the altar and I'm sure you two will finally love each other, just like what your parents did all those years ago. Now get some sleep, Your Majesty, it's a big day today and you won't want to be late for your wedding."