Chapter 8

"What are you doing here, My Queen?"

She had once originally thought she could escape all her works for a moment and enjoy the peacefulness the castle's library always offered. To cuddle up by the fireplace with stacks of books surrounding here was quite a Heaven for her.

Besides, Hans' brothers just arrived that day for attending his coronation as King.

Yes, not all of them showed up, only six out of twelve, but still… it was far too crowded for her.

So after dinner, she excused herself to spend her night in her favorite library before she would return to her bed chamber.

She was browsing through the tall bookshelves when she heard someone from behind her. Turning her head toward the source of the sound, her eyes met with the electric blue under the light of the fire as she gasped in surprise. "Prince Grant."

She knew him of course; he was one of Hans' older brothers, she could never forget those electric blue eyes of his.

The tenth Prince of the Southern Isles bowed, fixing his dark hair afterward. "Enjoying the company of books, I see?"

She unconsciously narrowed her eyes; she didn't know why but this Prince always radiate the aura that made her powers screamed 'Danger' every time. "Yes."

He nodded and took a book out of the shelf, flipping it back and forth as to scan if it was good enough to read. She eyed him for a moment before turning her attention back to the books, now where was that book she was reading a few days ago?

"You know, My Queen, back at the Southern Isles, I am known to be a charmer. Many women have fallen into my arms."

Now she had to fight the urge to puke. He was that kind of Prince. The kind that would sleep with women for his own pleasure and then carelessly leaving them, searching for another after he was satisfied.

"Women who have experienced my company always said that they had never found someone better than me."

"I'm not interested." She said rather bluntly and flatly.

"Excuse me?"

She looked up at him, noticing the glint of shock in his eyes. "I said I am not interested. Besides, I'm a married woman, Prince Grant."

His eyes widened even more at her straight to the point statement. "No one ever turn me down."

"Then I'm the first." She concluded, taking a book from the bookshelf in front of her. But as was going to leave the library, she felt a pair of hands grabbed her shoulders and turned her around, her back pressed harshly against the shelf.

"I said no one ever rejected me, My Queen." she could feel his hand clasped around her throat in the dark, slowly cutting away the air into her lungs. "Not even a married woman, like you."

"Let me go." she said through gritted teeth, trying to pry his hand off her throat but it was futile as his grip only tightened.

"I can see clearly in your eyes that you have never being touch by any man." The Prince whispered to her ear, sending shiver down her spine. "Not even my brother, huh? Would it be wonderful if I prepare you before my dear brother can have you in bed?"

"I'm sure I don't need you to prepare my own wife for anything."

They both turned their heads toward the source of the voice, to the doorway where Hans was already standing by, eyes narrowed as he looked at his older brother.

"Of course, as the future King wishes." The Prince said, letting go off his grip on the platinum blonde haired Queen and unpinned her from the bookshelf. He dusted himself and fixing his jacket before looking at the silent Queen. "Such a nice encounter, My Queen, we should do it again sometimes." he then walked passed his youngest brother and out from the library.

After making sure his older brother was out off distance, he turned to his wife, walking closer to her. "Elsa, are you okay?"

At first she didn't say anything, but as he was in reaching distance, she collapsed into his embrace, burying her face as she began to sob, her body shaking in fear. She had never made that kind of contact with complete stranger. At least, she knew Hans before she allowed herself to cuddle up with him, but his brother…

Wrapping his arms around her shaking figure, the Prince tried to comfort his wife by rubbing her back gently and placing his chin on top of her head. "Shush… it's okay, it's okay, I'm here for you." He shifted and scooped her up in his arms in bridal style, but she kept her face buried in the crook of his neck.

Carrying his wife back to their bed chamber, Hans made sure they didn't come across any of his brothers. His wife certainly didn't need someone to look her breaking down like this. She always maintained a regal composure, so he would try to keep it in check.

Fortunately, his brothers were busy enough somewhere else to not wonder around the halls at the west wing where their bed chamber located. He opened the door and walked inside, kicking it back close before carrying his wife toward their bed and sat her down at the edge of the bed. He knelt down in front of her, taking her gloved hands in his.

"Elsa, I would never let anyone hurt you, okay? You are my wife and so no one will lay a finger on you. I will give anything for your safety, even my life. I promise."

She nodded slowly, her eyes never breaking contact with his as she pulled him up to sit beside her. He brought his face closer to hers and once again reclaimed those full lips of hers. But when he expected her to pull away, she didn't. Instead, she allowed him to deepen the kiss, leaning back until she was lying on the bed. "Elsa…?"

She opened her eyes, looking at his emerald green eyes closely. "I was afraid…" she murmured against his lips. "But now I wanted to try, Hans. Please…"

He studied her face. She still displayed nervousness, but the determination in her icy blue eyes was clearly visible. "If this is because of G-"

She stopped him before he could say his brother's name. "No. It's not because of him. I… have been thinking about this for a while." As to prove her point, she got up and pulled the ribbons holding her corset together, tossing the material away before she shrugged her dress off her.

Sitting there on the bed completely bare with only a pair of gloves on in front of her husband brought heat up her cheeks. She did consider that it might be a bad idea after all, but she was practically halfway through it, there was no going back.

"Are you just going to enjoy the view there all night or…?"

What kind of question was that? Was she crazy? Even how hard he tried to be a gentleman, with this kind of temptation he wasn't sure he could hold his natural instinct any longer. She was determined. And he would absolutely break her heart if he refused.

So instead, he crawled closer to her and claimed those pouty lips of hers and lowered her back down onto the bed, both spending their night with their shadows dancing together reflected from the one single candle on their nightstand…