"My queen, we are unable to trace where the assassins came from or who they serve. After you unfreeze them, they promptly committed suicide. Our coroner could not find out the source of death, though we highly suspected self poisoning," The guard master said.

"Hmm." Elsa was not impressed, and this trip to the barracks was proving fruitless. The guard master was a middle-aged, bear-like man, had a hairy face and was full of weariness.

"From what we know, these assassins are experts. They had somehow breached our defence, went through all our guards and choke points, and all our dead showed no resistance at all, all killed with a single strike.

"My Queen, someone out there seriously want you dead," he concluded.

"Plenty of them would, considering my status and my powers. I had expected this, but to be so close..." Elsa bit her lips. Really. Other then the expected assassinations, some even asked her hand in marriage, princes and nobles that they had never even heard of. And of corse, Elsa had rejected them all with impunity.

"We had tripled the guards, and stopped all ships and transport out or in the city and completely changed the guard schedule. But the thing that worries me most was of betrayal."


"Yes. Betrayal. On the bodies, except an arsenal of weapons, a target sheet, various poisons, we found a detailed schedule of guard paths and changing time, complete with a map. I suspected that these were provided by someone inside our castle."

"Then, it could be anyone."

"Well, not every one. The guards do not have the schedule of other guards, the servant... Well unless the one that conducted the assassination had several months to gather informations about the castle. But to your point, yes, it could be anyone. Even me."

Elsa pondered on this for a while, and said, "Tell the guards to keep an eye out for any dodgy characters about, even other fellow guards."

"It was already done, your majesty."

"So, were there anymore to discuss?"

"Permission to speak freely, my Queen?"


"My queen, I might be relatively new at my post (since the last guard master perished in battle with some bandits), but I beg you to trust my judgement, you are vulnerable."

"What do you mean, vulnerable?"

"My Queen, forgive me if I cause offence, to say that you are vulnerable. I do not mean that you are weak, but what I meant is that you are not battle ready."

"Battle ready, guard master?"

"Yes, my Queen. As the guard master, I was sworn by my life to keep you safe in anyway possible with in my abilities. So, hereby I urge you to practice your magic."

Elsa opened her mouth to object, but was cut short by the guard master, "My Queen, I understand of your disapproval, especially after last summers'... Fiasco."

Elsa gestured at him to continue.

"My Queen, consider this: you were gifted with magic, and other rulers out there were getting rather ... Paranoid."

Elsa nodded, this she could understand well, particularly after the Weasel Town treatment she got last year. He actually tried to have her killed! Not that it was any surprise, considering that she was a young, secluded and brooding magical princess with a strong kingdom.

"As I was saying, this would not be the last attempt on your life. Your magic, my Queen, it was both feared by your could-be enemies and also your greatest prowess."

Elsa tsked in disapproval and said. "That's not right. I am fine in diplomatics."

"Again, forgive me to say this: My Queen, you are still far away from mastery. Truly, Kai was the backbone of all the trading, arranging and so. With out him, our stocks would have had fallen long ago. Good thing that he is very loyal, at least we think so. Magic, my Queen, was the thing about your royalness that makes enemies quell. Thats why you get more proposals than assassinations and war."

"Sometimes I think that I would prefer war..." Elsa muttered darky.

The guard master looked horror-struck, and grimaced, "This I can promise you that you would regret. Back to our topic: my Queen, please at least consider my advise."

"Very well then. What would you suggest me to do?" Elsa gave in.

The guard master looked relieved and said," My Queen, I would suggest you to practice magic more, both offensive, defensive and other ways such as ice building and refining your control over ice, trying to figure out and expand your limit. Other than that, I would also suggest you to train with normal weapons and do exercise to strengthen yourself physically. I am sure that the general or the admiral would be happy to give you lessons."

Elsa took it all in silently and considered it. She would enjoy the ice part, but the physical training... Well, just imagining it already make Elsa's underused muscles ache.

"Very well, I shall conduct daily sessions of training." Elsa said, after a while, "Is there anything else?"

The guard master smiled and said," My Queen, maybe today you should rest instead, you look terrible. And you should probably eat your lunch. It's half past twelve now."

Elsa glanced at the clock on the wall and cursed silently. During the flurry of activities in the morning, she had totally lost track of time, staying up all night and missing her breakfast, and she just realises how floaty and starving she felt and she hadn't even properly talked with Anna yet. She must be worried sick.

Elsa smiled tiredly back at the guard master and said,"That, I would be obliged."

~(Somewhat later, skipping tons of awkward conversations)~

"Really, you are going to actually train?" Anna asked, bewilded.

"Yes, Anna, I am." Elsa answered for the fifth time at lunch, sitting at the dining hall with Anna and Kristoff.

"Unbelievable." Kristoff said, and received a glare from Elsa. The perks of dining with Kristoff is that they get to speak causally, instead of talking like a peacock, having to colour and disguise your every word. The down side... Well, that would be his slightly sarcastic yet refreshing tone of speaking.

"So, Elsa, how are you going to do it?" Anna asked

"For now, I really don't know. He said to exercise both offensive and anything I can think off..." Came the reply.

"For magic, I honestly have no idea. But for wilderness survival, well, I am your man!" Kristoff said proudly. Anna shushed him.

"Any ideas?"

"I don't know," Anna said, "Why don't you start by freezing some dummies? Or trying to throw ice spikes at them?"

"That could be done, easily."

"Yes! I got an idea! Remember how useful your ice walls are? Why don't you practice trying to block incoming projectiles?" Kristoff burst out.

The two royalties looked at him in shock.

"Actually, that is a good idea!" Anna said, amazed.

"Okayyyyy... Ice walls and spikes, complete with acrobatics for beginners, bow and arrow section with the Hunter's Guild, along with basic weapons with the General." Elsa said unhappily, "Oh joy!"

"Come on, it's not so bad. At least it is practical!" Anna said cheerfully.

"Why don't you two train with me than?" Elsa shot back.

"Wait, what?" Anna said.

"How was this even connected to me?" Kristoff asked, bewilded, who was enjoying a meat pie.

"By the order of the queen," Elsa said evilly," I said that the two of you are to learn self defence!"

"Oh come on!" Anna complained.

"Nope that is that! And I am going to retreated back to my spare bedroom. You guys go enjoy your last day of happiness!" With that, Elsa left the table, went to her spare bedroom and flopped down un-queenly on the fluffy bed.