"My Queen! It's time for waking up!"

Elsa sleepily opened one eye, her brain fuzzily trying to remember what and where is she right now.

Oh right, she is the Queen. She was in her bedroom and... Never mind. Elsa rolled off her bed, sliding off the covers and ran her fingers through her now messy hair, looking in the mirror. God.

She looked terrible. There are prominent bags under her eyes, her hair was fit for a bird's nest, all stuck up and crazy. Her sleeping gown was frayed and crumpled like waste paper. Elsa went to the closet and changed her self into a more formal, can-be-seen by public queen gown. There, a lot better! Then she used her magic to straighten out her hair, untying the complex knots that build up in it.

Elsa then went to her bathroom, where a sink full of cold water awaits her (since she could make ice, unlimited cold water was then provided to every noble in the castle).

She dunk her face in un-ceremoniously and washed it vigorously, clearing her mind. Brrrr that was freezing!

Now, once she deemed herself presentable, she went to the door and opened it, revealing a grumpy faced steward, Kai. He said dully (he was one of the few people that was allowed to not speak formally to the Queen, since he was close to family already) , "My Queen, it appears that you had overslept."

"Kai, what do you mean?"

"My Queen, you had slept form yesterday's afternoon straight to today's morning." Kai said monotonously.

It took a while for Elsa to comprehend what he meant. Then the meaning hit her like a sledgehammer, and she rushed to the window, and sure enough, the sun was rising. She must be really exhausted yesterday! "Oh no! Kai, the meetings, the signings-"

"No worry, my Queen, I already took care of them. Now if you will, it is time for breakfast."

Evidentially he heard her stomach rumbling.

"Good!" said Elsa, brightened by the prospect of breakfast.

Then Kai beat her to the bottom again," After that, you would have several courts to attend. And most of all, your 'training' starts today."

Oh damn.

~(Somewhat later, after lunch)~

Elsa was somewhat pleased to see the castle completely crawling with guards, all on full alert, checking everyone's badges or identity. And breakfast was exquisite, as today's course was pancakes with chocolate toppings, dipped in honey. If it wasn't for the prospect of actually exercising, she might had truly stuffed herself.

Anna and Kristoff both seemed to share Elsa's view, but they both glared daggers at Elsa because 'By her majesty's order these two are to be enlisted for my royal "Exercising"'. So at least Elsa won't be alone.

The court was boring (as usual), and got three cases, concerning a rampaging cow, a thief and some other divorce. Elsa skimmed through most of it, allowing Kai to handle the brunt of the boredom, but somehow he seemed to enjoy it, with his great speeches, fancy word play and all that. Elsa would never understand the man.

Then, not before long, Elsa's dreaded moment came. Exercise!

The ball room was cleared out, the tables, chairs moved to one side. A make shift wall was set on the back of the hall, to prevent collateral damages to the hall. Before the wall, was a row of straw dummies, complete with painted bull's-eyes. In front of the targets, were lines that were labeled 'ten-meters', 'fifteen-meters', 'twenty-meters' and so on. Seriously, the general is truly devoted in this, isn't he?

Standing in the hall, was a gruffed-looking ranger, the general himself, and a monk in robes.

Elsa, Anna and Kristoff strode forward. Elsa gave a letter to the three instructors, who read it silently, and gave Elsa an 'are you serious?' look. Basically, the letter said that, while training, the Queen was relieved of her title, until the training was finished. Things like that we're not handled out lightly.

Elsa nodded gravely, though she understand the nessisity of her knowing how to defend her self, she still despised this session.

"Well, then!" The General said somewhat cheerfully, "Let's get started. So here's the deal. Each of you will follow one of us in training. Sir Kristoff, you shall train with me. Anna, you shall go with the ranger. And lastly, Elsa, you would go with the monk."

Now, they each followed their respective instructors to their corner of the hall.

Kristoff looked unhappy about being paired with a huge, hulking knight, and said," Why am I even here? Weren't it just Elsa that needed this treatment? "

"Nope. Other than just building your muscle, Elsa also want me to carry this message to you: Knowing how to fight does good in winning over Anna."


"No more of that. I understand that living in the wild had gave you basic survival talents and good muscles, but you still need weapons training. What is your preferred weapon of choice?"


The ranger was a decidedly weird looking man, his clothes ragged and was coloured in different shades of molted green, completed with a cloak of the same colours. At his belt, hung an array of pouches, knifes and several unknown tools, and a great long bow was hung over his back. His hair was messy, untrimmed. Rugged side-burns lined his face, and several scars could be seen.

And also he wore a permanent scowl on his face.

"Anna," he acknowledged her.

"Unknown man with a bow." She acknowledged him. He did not smile.

"I am your instructor, and should be entitled with respect at all times," he paused for a moment.


"As my 'pupil', I expect you to be ready, mentally and physically for the training."

Anna nodded.

"The aim of my course is to teach you survival skills, competent with bows and knifes, agility most of all, independence."

Great! Agility, independence! Her strongest suit! Not!

"So, um, what are we doing?"

The ranger raised an eyebrow, and said,"We, are going to the wild."


From the corner of her eye, Elsa saw the ranger dragging Anna off out of the hall. For a moment, she pitied her, knowing that this party-lover's life is going to turn into an absolute nightmare of wildness survival. Elsa then turned her attention back to her instructor, who was actually a paladin of the Cross, not exactly a monk. He was talking that how he would provide her physical exercises, meditations, targets and things.

"So, are we clear?" the paladin asked.


"Good. Now, as you can see, the General had kindly help me set up some targets along the wall," He waved his arm to empathize his point," Let me see how you would deal with one of them. Go to the ten-meter line and proceed please."

Obediently, Elsa went to the line, and fired an icy river of freezing wind at the target. The target was covered entirely in ice within moments.

"Hmm, impressive. I see that the General did not lie about your prowess.", the paladin mused, "Now if you may, please unfreeze it."

Elsa did so.

"Your majesty-"

"Please, call me Elsa," She interrupted, "remember, I am no queen while in training."

'Very well then, Elsa. May I ask, do you always seek to petrify or otherwise leave your opponent unharmed?"

"Of cause! All lives are precious! I have no right to take theirs-"

"Elsa, then, if you are to actually wound or kill your opponent, what would you do?"

Elsa pondered on this for a few moments. Then she blasted the recently thawed dummy with a sharp icicle, impaling it, as an answer.

The paladin whistled. That, was certainly deadly. He asked Elsa," So, you are capable of violence. May I ask, do your magic have... limits?"

"What do you mean by, limits?"

"I mean that if you use your magic for too long, would you get tired? Unable to focus or unable to use magic?"

That was a tricky question.

After a few minutes (really, minutes!) of thinking, Elsa finally said, "Well, yes. That was like after I do something enormous, like making a complete ice castle, or summoning a giant blizzard. Other than that, no."

The paladin muttered,"Interesting... An unusually large mana pool with shocking regeneration at such a young age..."

"Excuse me? What do you mean?" Elsa asked, curious.

"Elsa, you should know that you are not the only one with magic in this entire world."

"Wait, you are saying there are more people with with magic powers out there?" Elsa asked, amazed.

"Of cause! Why do you think I am here? How do I know what sessions to give you? I had been doing this for quite some time too."

"Okayyy... And also, what is mana?"

"Mana is the magical charge you have to create and control magic. It is like, a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger and larger it gets. But like muscle, it needs rest to regenerate. You, your mana pool was the largest I have ever personally saw in my life. And your regeneration, its absolutely amazing. "

Hearing this, Elsa felt quite giddy. She was unique! Powerful!

"But, Elsa, you still got a lot to work on. You see, to use magic, you need to exert your will over it, and that is why I am going to show you how to focus. Also, other than that, you need creativity to make and use more complex magic. Tell me, what was the most complex thing you ever made?"

Elsa considered this question (again) for a while. That Ice Palace was great and amazing, very detailed. But the most astonishing, would be...

"I, umm... I made a living snowman."

"You what?"

"A living, talking snowman."

"By the gods, you actually made life?"

"Two, actually." Elsa said quietly.

"Two living snowman." the paladin breath out, shocked. Then he turned his eyes on Elsa, "You truly are limitless, are you?"

"Is that good or not?" Elsa asked, concerned.

"Good? Bad? I can't say. But you got a lot of potential. Do you realize just how crazily gifted you are?"


"Elsa, over the centuries, countless witches and wizards had sought to bring life, or to say, Necromastery."


"Yes! To revive the dead! And no one, no one, in history had ever truly made something alive that can actually think sentiently! But you! Elsa, managed it on the first try without even realizing it."

"Hold on, I do not revive the dead!"

"Necromastery is more that! More than just that! It concerns the spiritual world, souls and things living or dead."

"So, what is your point?"

"You turned out to be a lot stronger than I thought. I think that my methods are not going to be affective on you. I do not wish to say this to you but, if you are really looking for magical tutors, you need to talk to my leader."