"Ed! Ed, you come back here this instant!" A voice cried out after its wayward friend had abandoned him. How was it that after all of these years, Edd and his friends would somehow still find themselves in such ridiculous situations.

"Cram it, Sockhead," Another voice grumbled angrily, looking over at his fellow trapped friend. "This is lousy enough without having you give me a headache."

"I believe that would be the blood flow to your head, Eddy," Edd smirked and cocked his head back towards Eddy, who was dangling upside down from a tree with each limb tangled in one vine or another. Luckily Edd was right side up, but he instead had a few branches stabbing him in the gut.

"I'll show you blood flow to the head," Eddy grumbled before looking down the path that their friend had went seemingly days ago. "How long has he been gone, anyway?"

"Well, Eddy, judging by the sun's location compared to when we first wound up in this mess?" Edd squinted his eyes as he looked up at the sky for a moment, "I'd say around two hours."

"Oh, for crying out loud!" Eddy half-screamed, practically having the steam blow out from his ears.

"I got help, guys!" A third voice finally called from behind the two.

"Oh, that's great, Ed! As you can see, we've been less than-" Edd stopped in mid-sentence when he finally turned to see who exactly their 'help' was. "Ed... Did you bring Plank?"

"Johnny said he said that he could help!" Ed shouted back up the tree, waving the 2x4 hunk of wood with crude crayon drawings for a face and a goatee.

"When I get my hands on you, Lumpy..." Eddy groaned and writhed in his tangle of vines.

"Okay Plank, help them!" Ed shouted as he tossed Plank at Eddy, smacking him square in the head, and by some miracle, releasing him.

"Ow!" Eddy hissed and sat up, "Oh Ed...?"

"Yes Eddy?"

"Come here!" Eddy yelled and tackled Ed to the ground.

"Gentlemen, please! A little help here?" Edd called down to his two friends, before he heard a sawing noise. "What on earth?" He looked up to see Plank sitting on a branch, with a hacksaw laying next to him... As well as his vines being snapped. "Oh my... But how?"

With that last question though, he found himself on top of his two friends, Eddy of which had not seemed all too happy becoming a pillow for the young scientist. "I... Thank you, Plank?" He commented, realizing that the board was now sitting next to the three. "I suppose I'll take him back to johnny then?"

"Pfft, you do that. I've had enough of this crazy day," Eddy groaned and held his hand against his head. "Double D, next time you want to test out one of your weird tents, just do it on your own."

"Oh ha, ha, Eddy. You're the one that wanted me to make a self-constructing tent for our junior-senior camping trip," Edd crossed his arms, holding Plank in his left hand.

"I said I wanted one that put itself together, not explode us into a tree," Eddy gave Edd a wry look before shaking his head. "Seriously though, can you see it now? All of those seniors will be camping with us, I mean, it's practically a babe factory with babes for the taking!"

"Oh yes, Eddy, because I'm so sure that you'll woo all of the women," Edd smirked and rolled his eyes.

"What? Chicks dig me, Double D, my brother just always taught me not to kiss and tell," Eddy laughed a little with his signature cocky grin to match. It was true though; ever since that growth spurt back before freshman year, he really had become the talk of the school. He wasn't a jock quite like Kevin, but he certainly had the muscle that a lot of the girls found attractive. To prove that point, he even had gotten together with Nazz for a few months before he decided that he just couldn't handle how 'girly' she was.

Edd hadn't really changed all too much, still wearing his hat like if it was going to save his life one day, but he had become a little less self-conscious about the scar he was hiding under it. Even now though, the only people to have actually seen it had been Sarah, Eddy, and Ed. His hair was grown out a little now, with a bit of a shaggy style, but his hat still covered most of it usually.

Ed had changed probably the least, at least physically. He grew a little taller, so his trademark green coat fit him a little better now, which he still wore practically every day. His bathing habits improved, to which Edd almost became religious because it had to take nothing less than an act of divine intervention to create that miracle. Lastly though, Ed had started wearing glasses; while Ed was notoriously thick as a brick wall covered by another two brick walls, a lot of his trouble in school apparently was attributed to his need for glasses and his dyslexia. Not that his work ethic changed all too much.

"Well guys, I think I best be off. I have a lot of packing and organizing to do for the trip," Edd smiled and waved farewell to his friends.

"And labeling each bag and everything in them," Eddy snickered a little with Ed and waved for him to follow, "Come on, Lumpy, let's go grab a bite to eat."

"Right behind you, Eddy!" Ed replied and followed his friend back towards his van. Out of all of the Eds, Ed was the only one that actually hadn't gotten his own car. Eddy's dad gave him one for his birthday, where he owned a car dealership, while Edd instead had gotten his through 'hard work' and 'dedication', as he put it.

"Let's get you back to Johnny, Plank," Edd couldn't help but laugh a little at himself for talking to an inanimate object, but it had always been a humorous retreat from reality for him. Even after all of these years, Johnny still was good friends with Plank, although he didn't carry him around everywhere like he had used to.

Edd was in a rather good mood, though. Like most of the juniors and seniors at Peach Creek High, he was counting down the days until the camping trip; while it wasn't an officially sanctioned event at the school, they knew good and well about it. After all, every year after tests were over with, the seniors would go; it was actually a new addition to allow the juniors in on it this go around. Mostly because of that huge prank that both grades pulled on the school staff a while back, it kind of earned respect for the junior class.

To think though, merely years ago if you asked Edd to go camping, he would tell you a list of all of the germs and infections you could receive, but after about two dozen sessions of therapy, he was far less neurotic. Sure, he still compulsively cleaned his hands and organized his room, but the labels and required sterilization were a thing of the past... usually.

"Nothing really has changed after all this time," Edd quietly murmured to himself as he watched the houses and streets pass by his car. It was true though, the cul-de-sac, and Peach Creek in general was almost exactly the same. Sure, Kevin moved a little up the street with his family, but they were still within walking distance. "Maybe I should look into out of state college," He looked over at Plank, as if expecting a response from the inanimate piece of lumber.

Sure, he didn't want to have to leave Eddy or Ed, but there was really nothing in Peach Creek, Lemon Springs, or even Strawberry Falls. Sure, there were malls and jobs, but the trio of towns was a hardly known community. If you went to any of the neighboring cities and told them where you were from, they would probably ask 'where?'. They had a community college in Strawberry Falls, but Edd wanted more... You can't get a doctorate from somewhere like that.

"Are you excited for the camping trip, Plank?" Edd smiled and looked over at the board in his passenger's seat for a moment before laughing a little to himself. Honestly? He wasn't as ecstatic about it as Eddy was, but Edd really hadn't dated anyone for a while, nor did he really have the interest. His plans were to go to college out of state, so a relationship would just tie him to Peach Creek more than what he already was.

"Yeah, I figured," Edd carried on a one-sided conversation with Plank, albeit just for a personal joke. Despite the fact that there was most certainly going to be alcohol on the camping trip, he honestly was just looking forward to spending time with his friends. Between work and school, he had been notoriously busy around the clock. Not that he neglected Ed and Eddy, but he really had noticed how less he had seen of them in the past couple years.

"Kevin, you really fucked your car up this time," Marie's voice echoed throughout the shop from her comfy little spot underneath the school jock's busted cobalt. "Your alignment is off, and your brake line is almost snapped in half."

"Yeah, yeah, you know the drill. Just tell me how much," Kevin rolled his eyes, slicking his hair back again and putting his hat back on.

"Honestly? I'd say about $200, maybe two-fifty," Marie gave him the usual estimate. Despite being the star football quarterback of Peach Creek High, Kevin was notorious for his late night drag races that he would have with some of the other jocks around school. He apparently made some money from it though; that or his father paid for these repairs, which was unlikely.

"That's it? Well, I'll be back here in a couple hours then, Kanker. Just make sure she's fixed and looks nice and shiny again," He said before leaving the shop, half-slamming the door behind him.

"God, fucking asshole," Marie grumbled and rolled herself out from underneath the car. Kevin always promised her to secrecy, because he wanted everyone to think he was some kind of expert mechanic. The truth was that he always came to Mike's Repair Shop after every race. He almost always trashed his car, or at the very least, his tires were ruined.

"Was that Kevin kid back in here again? For such a common customer, he always has some of the worst damage. Wasn't his carburetor busted the last time?" Mike called from his office with an aggravated sigh. "Go on your lunch break real quick, I have a feeling that his car's going to take the usual couple hours to fix. Besides, I know you could use a smoke after talking to that asshole, I know I always do."

"Thanks, Mike, I'll be back here in a few then," Marie nodded and went into the bathroom to wash up. Her blue hair was stained black with soot as per usual, but she honestly loved her job. Ever since she was a kid, she loved working on cars, so when Mike offered her the part-time job, she gladly accepted. Sadly, where she was still only seventeen, she wasn't allowed to do all of the work that she wanted, but it still was a nice paycheck; especially where Mike was wanting to make her an assistant manager after she graduated.

After washing up, she made her way outside and popped her usual menthol cigarette into her mouth and took a nice, long drag off of it. Despite how amazing her job was, there were always those customers that just made her want to scream. She wasn't really that hungry, but she figured she could just smoke another cigarette or two before having to head back.

"Huh, Peach Creek really doesn't change, does it?" She quietly whispered to herself as she looked out at the surrounding shops. It was like a town trapped in time, ignoring the passing years that the outside world finds itself withering to. Honestly, Marie wasn't really sure if she even wanted the manager job; Lee and May always told her that she should head off to college, considering she was always praised for being the 'smart' one. "By the way, you said you had me covered for this weekend, right?" Marie called into the shop to Mike.

"Huh? Oh yeah, the camping trip; don't worry, I got Tim to cover it. You have fun on that camping trip; I remember back when I went on that back in the day..." He began to ramble off on his old 'glory days', to which Marie took as an invitation to stop listening. While Mike was a good guy and a great boss, he did have a tendency to go off on tangents that nobody really followed him on.

"Still though... A camping trip, I mean, there's going to be a lot of guys there," Marie shrugged, looking up at the clouds that lazily crawled across the sky above. Life had changed a little over the years for her and her sisters, but honestly things turned not at all like she expected when she was younger. The infamous Kanker sisters were inseparable, and yet, now they were more distant and hung out with their own crowds. Lee spent time with a pretty shady crowd, and May actually joined the softball team as their ace in the hole. This left Marie as the only real 'social outcast' out of all her siblings; she sat with a few of the goth crowd at lunch, but never really became friends with any of them.

Lee actually grew her hair out a little, but kept those curls of hers in her eyes as always. She did start wearing more dresses, but she always spent her time out partying with her friends now. May had actually cut her hair down to a chin length bob cut to keep it out of the way during practice, which her infamous Kanker strength had proven valuable to the team on several occasions. Marie was once again left in the dust on her own appearance; keeping her short hair that covered one eye at all times, although she had taken up dying it different colors more often. Her outfits were more or less the same, being a good balance of practicality and style. Although, most of her shirts that weren't initially black were dyed due to her job.

"Tomorrow after school..." She reminded herself just how close that trip really was. In a way, she didn't really want to go, but her sisters were dragging her out there. According to them, it was going to be a good opportunity to finally get a boyfriend, or at least some friends that didn't look like 'vampire movie rejects'.

She took another puff of her cigarette and extinguished it on the pavement below before checking her watch and deciding that it was about time for her to start cleaning up Kevin's usual mess. With that, she started heading back into the store with a smug smirk on her face; as if she was actually a little more excited about the trip than even she realized.

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