Where Fate Turns
Chapter 11: Responsibility

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~Trust is gained through behavior, not words~


Moonlight had quite a prize indeed. This mere Archer in front of her... this SILLY human was the key factor to her future existence, as well as all of the other MVPs. She loathed the creature for it. She didn't want to suffer this stressing fate. She wouldn't let it happen. ' It's his fault...'

She placed a pawed hand on the boy's forehead. She wanted to know if the boy had come into contact with the others involved in Ragnarok, and to do that she simply had to peer into his memories. Better yet, he wouldn't know that his memories were being invaded. Her look of malice seethed through her hand's heat. ' You and everyone else involved... show me.'

However, as if Taichi knew what Moonlight was doing, he asked, " How do you know who I am?"

Moonlight's eyes widened. ' He does know I'm searching through his memories... no matter, not like he can do anything about it.' Moonlight grinned sadistically as cover up. " You look exactly like the Yagami being that sealed me 1,000 years ago. Exactly like him... I'll never forget that face."

Yes, this was sweet revenge. Yes, this was the key to a new dream...

" You humans never change..."

Only... she wasn't aware of Taichi's empath powers... and Taichi made it resolute not to let her know. It wouldn't matter, he was a goner, anyway...


Ironic how Yamato still felt that Taichi had angelic qualities, despite the fact that the blonde was the one wearing the Angelband, despite the fact that Taichi had attempted to sacrifice the entire human race. Yamato held onto his side, shrinking back in pain. Although Moonlight had not even touched him, he couldn't say the same for the Hydra and Mandragora that had been surrounding Taichi. In high numbers, those monsters were almost unstoppable...

The windows next to Taichi's bed (or what Yamato presumed to be Taichi's, telling from the extensive encyclopedia of headgears on the table nearby) took some time to open, but Yamato used more force from his tiring body to give Taichi some fresh air. Yamato felt like he was going to collapse at any moment now... but no, he had to keep going. He had to...

He blinked. He had just fought against Moonlight to save Taichi. He wondered if Taichi had left behind his Crossbow on purpose. Taichi hadn't put much force into knocking him out, either... he had regained consciousness within an hour.

He could remember it all... the overwhelming desire to kill Moonlight, the shock of Taichi's submission to death... it was all too much. Yamato needed to do something about it. But, he was afraid to do it... It would mean breaking out of his long-kept shell...

Yamato pulled the chair he was sitting on closer to Taichi's side. Taichi didn't seem to be asleep or unconscious, but he kept his eyes closed as if he didn't want to face anything. Yamato glanced at the pile of clothes on the floor next to him. Now he was only wearing a simple tunic, allowing his body to breathe easier.

When Yamato had tried to reason with the other Archer before his treacherous act, Yamato failed to bring up another subject that could have changed everything. He had avoided it, hoping he wouldn't have to face his own fears that came with that subject. Now, even if Taichi was safe, he had to make sure the brunette would stay. He had so many reasons to stay, he just had to realize it...

A sudden lash of pain crawled up Yamato's bow-handling arm. He grabbed it with his other hand in hopes of holding it back. The Mandragora had been weaker, but he couldn't say the same for the Hydra...

He remembered saving Taichi from a Hydra... He remembered saving Taichi from a Hydra in an earlier experience... This time, Yamato had not hesitated for a moment to take Taichi out of the torture. He reprimanded himself for it; he should have concentrated on killing the monsters first, rather than diving in to take Taichi and run. It would have been quicker, less painful... and cleaner.

Yamato eyed a particular bruise on his pulsing arm. One of the Hydra had had an extremely tight grip on it... he remembered literally pulling the Hydra out of the ground and swinging it forcefully against the other monsters in a rage.

Hawkes flew inside from the open window, landing on Yamato's shoulder and giving him some herbs he had collected.

" Thank you, Hawkes," came the short sign of gratitude before Yamato placed them inside his supply bag. He didn't feel like leaving Taichi's side to make some potions for himself. He'd heal in time, anyway. He pressed his forehead to Taichi's bed as Hawkes found a high shelf to rest on. Yamato sighed.

' This definitely has to be his bed if it smells so much like HIM.'

He could almost feel Taichi's body heat as more memories swept over him.

~" Wow, I get knocked out by a Priest/Assassin duo and I wake up in a luxurious hotel back with my wonderful master."~

Yamato frowned as he went over that particular conversation. Taichi had definitely given in to the dark...

" You ass," Yamato muttered into Taichi's bedsheets.

Conversations one by one trailed through his mind. Their first encounter...

" Making me take you in as an apprentice..."

Recovering in Bibilan...

" Making me see your weak side..."

And then... another conversation where Yamato confessed the truth about his past... " Making me tell you who I am..."

The defeated look on the brunette's eyes as Yamato tried to approach him about his fate.

" Making me want to be by your side, no matter what happens... how dare you..."

Just as he had done in Bibilan, Yamato reached out and took Taichi's hand in his own, blindly groping the sheets before he found it. He held until it almost hurt, afraid of losing him... Taichi had no reaction to the contact, which only told Yamato that he was still in a daze...

Or not. Taichi's hand twitched. It was a reaction that would only happen if he was aware... Yamato could not give any time for Taichi to go back.

" Taichi..."

" Why..."

Yamato waited. He wanted to hear from Taichi, too.

" Why did you do this?" he said weakly, his Kittyband wilting, " It's not because you don't know like last time..."

Yamato cleared his throat. " You're right. It's just..."

He lifted his body from the bed and caught Taichi's gaze. There was still a hint of rebellion in those chocolate eyes, the confused hate that Yamato must have given Taichi as well in the past.

Yamato cringed lightly. He was never good with words, especially for such situations.

So, he argued, because that was something he could do.

" I think you should explain your side more, first."

" I already told you," Taichi said angrily, more energy coming within him. " It's what I feel is right."

" It's not what you feel. I know it."

" You aren't me, Yamato. You just don't want to admit that this is my decision."

" No..." Yamato almost rolled his eyes. " You're the one in denial. Taichi... I would never think of you in such a way unless I could put all of my trust into it. You would want me to do so, wouldn't you?"

" ...Yes..."

" Then may I ask for the same trust in return?"

Taichi was still. He had never thought Yamato could be like this... this open... it sent fear through him. And fear made him do strange things...

" I..." he reflected, " You wouldn't use me to help you sleep if you didn't trust me, would you? That's all I'm good for... how would you treat me if I DIDN'T have empath skills?"

Yamato paused. He would have to swallow some pride if he wanted to get this over with... he could do this. " ... Actually, I haven't been using your empathy. I've been going to sleep without it."

" What?" Taichi gave him a sincerely confused look, " Since when?"

" Um... Since you kis-" Yamato stopped himself. He had almost said that taboo... " For quite a few days now... before we met Mrs. Gates."

" Then... all those times, why didn't you tell me?" Taichi asked. His forehead kneaded in his concern.

Yamato didn't answer. Taichi peered closer to the blonde, expecting an answer, but when he realized he wasn't going to get any, he thought. He thought about the significance for himself... something didn't connect yet. Why would Yamato... he pondered. His initial idea... that couldn't be it, could it? Yamato doesn't... NO one does, no one SHOULD... especially after what he did.

' No one would want me.'

But... but Yamato, he...

The blonde looked off to the side, almost avoiding Taichi's gaze. ' No... there must be some other incentive. There must be...'

" You're getting off the subject, Taichi," Yamato said, slightly irritated, " I asked about you first. It's only proper you answer before I do. I'm not the one who should be talking."

After all, it was Taichi's fault that everyone was suffering so much...

" ...Sorry."

Now it was Yamato's turn to give him a look of confusion.

" You're a really kind person, Yama," Taichi said solemnly, " You do what's best for everyone and you help out when you are able... even if you don't do things with the brightest attitude."

Yamato turned pink at these observations. He hadn't really thought of himself that way, so it was really awkward to hear it coming from someone else...

" I think... I took your kindness for granted, Yamato," Taichi continued. The brunette looked at the hand enveloping his and smiled sadly, " I don't deserve it... That's also why... that's why I did this."

" So you ran away? You didn't want to face me so you RAN?"

" I don't see YOU doing much better! Why don't you ever tell me why you do certain things?"

" Well, at least I don't think about destroying the entire human race."

Taichi hid a wince. " That's beside the point... this is just about us. It was wrong of me to not consider other people... but this is just about you and me. No one else..."

" ..."

" Deep down inside, there's something you're afraid of..."

Yamato looked even more hurt. " You, too. You're afraid of something, too."

" ...I know."

Silence. Yamato cursed under his breath. He was back to square one. ' Damn it, just get over yourself, Yamato!' But he couldn't... he couldn't...

Then, Taichi sat up and did the unthinkable. Taking his hand out of Yamato's and putting them on Yamato's shoulders instead, he said firmly, " Would you rather have me use empathy?"

" What's the use?" Yamato gritted his teeth. He didn't want Taichi to enter such a situation through such means... " No. No more cheating. No more hiding. Taichi..." He just wanted to give in...

Taichi stayed proudly still, his mind open and focused.

" No more running," Yamato uttered. He was set. All that was left... was...

The gap between their lips became non-existant as Yamato closed in. Taichi actually jerked back at first, but soon he wrapped his arms closer around Yamato and brought him onto the bed with him. Silky feelings coarsed through his insides as their contact slowly turned Yamato's body into putty, starting from his lips and spreading like wildfire. Yamato's Angelband almost seemed to flap as his legs tumbled onto the sheets. Taichi layed back onto his pillow as he continued to explore Yamato's mouth. They kissed over and over again, one setting off the want for another. They were hungry for each other, and every touch released a beautiful feeling...

Yamato knew these feelings weren't just from empathy. Hell, no... He could feel Taichi's thumbs rubbing against his back affectionately as Taichi continued to place soft patterings of kisses on him.

" Mm... Taichi..."

Slowly, with ease, Yamato fell to Taichi's side, allowing the brunette to continue kissing him. The more experienced Archer clutched Taichi's side to get closer, to feel that comforting body heat surrounding him. He felt more wanted than he had ever felt before. He allowed Taichi access to his outstretched neck and let out a sigh... Oh bliss, oh bliss...

" Yama," Taichi said somewhat hoarsely against the crook of Yamato's shoulder-blade, " How long have you..."

" Since forever," the blonde cut him short. His breathing was labored, his chest pounding with Taichi's, " Since forever..."

Taichi hugged him tighter and nodded. " I'm sorry for what I did," he repeated.

" I'm sorry, too..." Tears almost came out of Yamato's eyes. This happiness... was real... And now he could say what he had wanted to say. " It's all right, Taichi. It'll be fine..."

Taichi seemed to wallow in these simple words of comfort, settling into their position until he put nothing but weight on his bed.

" You know," Yamato started conversationally, " I've never felt love before. Not in my family, not in my travels... You're lucky, Taichi."

It was a while before Taichi spoke again. " You saying that you're not lucky now?"

Yamato smiled and almost laughed. " I'm not just fortunate... I'm ecstatic!"

Taichi blinked, and before he could stop Yamato, he was all over him again... He just smiled lightly...

" Okay, I get your point..." Taichi as he let Yamato stroke his back. " But now we have to deal with the MVPs if you want me to stay so much."

" Of course," Yamato said softly, sensing a slight awkwardness in his words. He breathed against Taichi for a moment. " We should go after Moonlight first. She's caused us so much trouble..."

" It led to us being here, like this, however..."

" Don't tell me that you think what she does is good."

" Naw..." Taichi ran a hand across Yamato's chest teasingly. " Everything YOU do is."

Blushing was an understatement to describe Yamato. " I..."

" Seriously...I'm still here. Isn't that enough proof?" Taichi gave the blonde an almost desperate glance. Yamato still didn't seem to be accepting such compliments...

" ..."

Taichi placed another kiss up against Yamato's forehead, then his lips. Yamato stared up at him in wonder, no more as a mere apprentice. He was so much more... " We better sleep, Yamato. A lot happened today."

" Yeah."

They gathered in each other's arms, unwilling to let go and desiring each other's new-found love.

" And Yamato...?"

" Huh?"

" ...Thank you."

Yamato let out a deep breath. " ...You too."


Dark, intrepid air. Shadows seeping through every wall and corner. It was a giant shrine, layer and layer of concrete, forming multiple hallways. Yamato went through the area in subconscious fury, the heat of the previous events still high on his mind. The word " Why..." kept running through him.

His grip on Taichi's Crossbow tightened. He knew the power of this weapon, and he knew what he had to do. Stupid Taichi... even if he hadn't properly used the bow, he had still used it against his deal. Save Midgard...

" Stupid, stupid," the new word rang. Soon, Yamato wasn't sure if he was saying that to Taichi... or himself. He ran and he ran, and although he never seemed to run out of energy, he never seemed to have a place to stop. An endless hallway...

Finally, he came to a clearing and gaped at what he saw.

Dozens of Hydra and Mandragora, covering a giant pit, a pit so large and deep that Yamato felt like he was looking down into Ant Hell. Each monster had a mind of its own, wriggling continuously, vines and tentacles reaching out. They swarmed, some almost on top of each other. In the center, a mass of them had someone in their grasp.

" Taichi!"

Yamato gaped in horror as he witnessed Taichi as their captive... doing things...

Without second thought, he jumped into the pit, smashing a Mandragora on the landing. Immediately, the other monsters started grabbing onto him, pulling, pushing.... constraining him and taking him...

He screamed, screamed from the pain... screamed from failure, screamed... There was still so much he had to do, had to say to Taichi...

" No! Taichi!"

The brunette responded this time, slowly moving his gaze upward to give one last forlorn look before giving himself completely to...


Suddenly, Yamato backed and found himself clattering against a wooden bedpost. His back bounded slightly from the impact, then almost bumped into Taichi, who was sitting up in front of him.

" Hey, hey, Yama..." he said, hands on the blonde's shoulders in a reassuring grip.

Yamato lunged forward and locked Taichi in an embrace.

" Yama... uh..."

The poor boy was shaking. Taichi turned soft eyes to him.

" Just... a nightmare..." Yamato muttered, burying his face in Taichi's neck.

" Would it help to talk about it?" Taichi said, still speaking as if he were talking to a shy child.

" No," he replied, taking deep breaths to calm his heartbeat, " Just reliving bad memories."

" Memories," Taichi repeated, " Moonlight went through my memories. I'm not sure what she saw, but she looked happy about something."

" She shows a lot of emotion for someone not human..."

" No... she is. She was just raised by the Nine Tail."

" And now she controls them... hmm..." Yamato mused.

Taichi's expression changed. Yamato mused closer as the puzzled look became more distinct.

" How do you suppose I go about sealing these guys?"

Yamato brainstormed through his battling knowledge. " Beats me."

Taichi smiled sarcastically, turning around to settle his back against Yamato. " Great. Just great. It's not like I can go around town asking people, too."

" Mmm..." Yamato hummed. Somewhat sneakily, he wrapped his arms around the brunette and rested his head on Taichi's shoulder. " I'm sure we'll find out when we need to."

Taichi shuffled out of his hold, much to the other Archer's disappointment, then stepped off the bed and stretched a little. Yamato scooted forward as he watched Taichi swing his arms around. Just as he thought Taichi was going to walk off, the brunette pivoted on his toes, surprising Yamato as he leapt. He leapt... on top of the blonde. Yamato made a faint " oof" sound before falling back onto the bed. He stared up into Taichi's gaze immersed, wonderfully immersed...

They gave each other smug glances as Yamato brought his arms around Taichi's neck. It was quite a comfortable position with neither of them wanting to move out into the world. For the moment, they were just two normal people living as they had always desired... Taichi with a sternly mature face...Yamato opening himself to new things...

But... time continued endlessly. A loud rumbling vibrated through the room violently, disturbing the two boys. A strange wailing sound followed.

" What is..." Yamato turned his head to the window and saw the trees shaking as well.

Taichi pushed off his hands to get up, growling inhumanly at the interuption. His Kittyband flattened so that the ears folded against his hair. " She's outside. She's in the village!"

By the time Yamato got off the bed, Taichi had already put on his Archer outfit and was set to go. " Taichi..."

" She has got to go..." his voice seemed hostile, " I'm not going to let her get us. Especially not as we are now."

Yamato barely had time to get his own supplies before Taichi flung his door open. His eyes fluttered at Taichi's spontaneous motivation... and he felt the heat crawling through the veins in his cheeks.

The renewed brunette walked out into the brimming daylight and did his best not to react to what he saw. Monsters of unimaginable proportions, monsters of all sorts were covering the entire village. Some recognizable, some not, and some...

Moonlight seemed tiny compared to some of the others surrounding her. Among them... Baphomet...

Battlers from all sides of the area responded to the cries of the outsiders, bringing out their shields, their swords, their maces, their axes... A Swordsman slashing an Elder Willow, an Acolyte casting Angelus for her party, a Hunter setting up traps that stopped monsters in their tracks, a Rogue picking on the tougher monsters for their rare items... In the corner where Taichi's mother used to work in the weapon shop, the boys spotted a familiar face... a female Rogue with bright hair...

Taichi charged an arrow on a Minotaur heading his way, pushing the giant, horned beast into a Golem nearby. He was about to dive in with more attacks, when Yamato pulled him by the arm. " We have to talk to her... we can't just wing this."

She was Back Stabbing a giant grandfather Clock at the moment. Suddenly, she winced in pain as the mouth of the Clock opened wide, its white beard flaring, then slammed itself against her. Growling, she moved swiftly and brought out... a marker. Her eyes gleamed as she set her mastery over the beast.

After the Clock fell, face covered in decorative designs, she happily picked up the key inside its base. " Good times, eh, boys? I haven't seen a monster invasion this random in a while."

Yamato nodded slowly. " You know why we're here?"

" Of course. Mrs. Gates asked me to follow you, but I got bored and went MVP-hunting in the forest. Then this event happens... I'm so glad I'm here! This is rare stuff galore!"

A blue Poring (Marin) toddled past her. In the blink of an eye, she slashed it into jelly. Nothing remained. " 'Che."

Yamato itched his cheek. Reminded him of someone...

" We have to get rid of these MVPs quickly!" Taichi said excitedly, watching a Knight desperately trying to Counter the Baphomet's attack while dozens of range attackers had their go on the goat. Baphomet Juniors hassled any of the blade-weilding attacks approaching.

" Patience, kiddo," the woman said, " You don't even know who I am."

" You're one of the sisters, like Menchi and the rest... what else is there to know? You... you must know how to seal them! You guys talked about it," Taichi said factly.

" Well, I guess names don't mean much to ya. Yomiko."

" Huh?"

" My. Name. Is. Yomiko," she said, slow on purpose.

" Yomiko!" Taichi nearly threw up his arms. " How do I seal them?"

" Just get an MVP item for the one you want to seal."

Taichi gaped, an exaggerated overbite showing his disgust.

" And I do that... how?"

" Most Valuable Player," she noted, " Contribute the most to killing one, and you might get the prize object it leaves behind. You'll KNOW when you see an MVP item. Believe me."

" Um..." Taichi looked to Yamato for clarification. Yamato understood, but he was a bit awestruck... wasn't there anything else?

" It's not as easy as it sounds, as you have all those other guys competing against you for the MVP. And I doubt they care about sealing the MVPs, because that means that they won't be able to fight them anymore for MVP items. The people have seen the value of these monsters. They don't realize the true terror of what may happen... they don't think that this leads to Ragnarok..."

" Ragnarok..."

A sudden crack in a not so distant space caught their attention. Out of a scattering of various undead monsters, a yellow creature appeared...

" There she is," Taichi said dangerously, already loading an arrow. But, before he could attack...

A Knight popped out of seemingly nowhere and started slashing at the beast. Withing a second, a dozen other battlers started beating up on her.

" Don't stand there!" Yomiko barked, " Go! Go! Go!"

To continue her point, she dashed forward and made a clean attack on Moonlight before proceeding to the undead monsters surrounding them.

Surprisingly, Taichi still hesitated, staring at the Assassins, Knights, Hunters and other classmen going at his prey. There were so many 2nd classmen, people who were meant to be stronger than him...

Yamato sent an arrow from their short distance from Moonlight, then sent Taichi a furtive glance. Oh, how those crystal blue eyes could seep into you...

The ancient buildings in the grassy-green area retained their nobility as the fighting ensued. This was for everything he lived for, Taichi decided.

" I have your back covered, Taichi. Concentrate on the MVP," Yamato said as he Charge-Arrowed an approaching undead monster.

" Aah..."

Around the area, various battlers fought for their lives, their desires, their hopes... Random parties and guilds gathered to fight specific mobs as several other MVPs appeared.

" Osi!" Yomiko cried in the background, " He's so much fun! Let me at him!"

Just then, the Monk guild intercepted the dark mummy known as Osiris. While several of the members occupied the MVP with their knuckle-weaponry, two on the side called up strange spirit balls to surround them.

" Time to do a little exorcising," one of the spirit-callers said with a smirk.

" Don't hold back, Gennai," the other commented with a similar expression. The spirit balls around them began to swirl faster.

" You too, Suzaku," the first added, throwing his comrade a quick glance. His short pony-tail flung behind him as he turned to execute his move. " EXTREME FIST!"

A giant white light blinded a majority of the battle area, leaving most people still for a fleeting moment.

Another arrow made its way into Moonlight's body. She was getting really sick of those... In fact, she was sick of a lot of things. She was sick of not knowing what her servants were thinking, sick of failing, sick of losing control of her situation... where had it gone wrong for her?

She forced her injuries to fade away, sucking out more of her life power. Every hit made her weaker... even if she could respawn, it still took her time to reach the town. Fending off the boisterous Knight swinging his heavy sword on her, she glanced around. She looked towards anyone who could help.

Screams of pain attracted her attention behind her, followed by slashing noises. Of course. Baphomet... he always got a lot of attention. And of course, she didn't want to ask him directly. She didn't want to sink to such measures admittedly. This was just something she had to do to survive. The scent of the Yagami boy was nearby, but there were too many people around for her to find him.

" Hah! On the run, are you, Moonlight?" the Knight jeered as he watched the fox-lady turn her heels away.

" I have better targets than your weak kind."

The Knight commanded his PecoPeco to chase after her. " No one gets away from Dynas with such low insults!" the Knight bellowed in fury.

A pink Assassin by his side followed. " I still have to get revenge for the insults to my attire," the pink Assassin added, " Come face Rhodo! Don't be a coward!"

Taichi ran ahead to make sure Moonlight didn't fall out of his sight. Unfortunately, he didn't make sure YAMATO had him in sight...

' I need to get close enough to get the MVP item before anyone else does... but I can't let her see me... and there might not even be an item. And... GAH! Too many things against me... but she has to go... and now...' he thought, ' At least the other MVPs don't know who I am... or do they?'

" Moonlight..." he found himself saying in thought. Was there something more than the haughty MVP tendencies under that fox skin? She acted too human sometimes...

They say she was just raised by Nine Tail... but what of her powers? Without noticing, he almost stepped past the last combatant before the clearing where Moonlight had moved to. Dynas and Rhodo were taking her on while everyone else waited for an opportunity. A hand pulled him back.

" Taichi!" the voice accompanying the hand hissed, " Pay heed..."

Taichi found himself staring at an out of breath Yamato, still handsome in his Angelband and Archer outfit. Yamato's gloves had a good grip on him. With hundreds of battles happening around them, it was amazing that he could focus on Yamato, or Yamato could focus on Taichi at all.

It was as if they were in a time drift where everything around them passed by in fast-motion. There was hardly a more comforting feeling than that PRESENCE. And within that presence, he could reflect in an instant. Reflect through everything that had happened since he had met Yamato... reflection meld into revelation.

~" No, you aren't." Yamato refusing to let him go to Prontera with him...

" Hey, this is mine, you idiot!" Yamato's reaction as Taichi went after his Angelband...

" Taichi, stop dwindling..."

" What the hell do you think you're doing?"

" I don't really sleep... I just try..."

" Cute..."

" I would... I do..."~

Taichi felt relieved all of a sudden.

" I will, Yama," Taichi said, resting his hand around Yamato's waist. the touch extinguished the blonde's chastising disposition.

Ahead, Moonlight swung her bell-stick, sending Dynas and Rhodo out of sight... literally. Others took her place, but one by one, they were taken out of sight...

Yamato's mind clicked. He hadn't intentionally meant to react so much to Taichi's action, but it couldn't be helped. Taichi had that beautiful effect on him, after all... He leaned forward and rested his head on Taichi's shoulder. He could still feel that time drift around them... no one was watching, nor did he care.

Taichi softened as well, taking his bow arm around Yamato.

Yamato found it somewhat awkward that he seemed to be the weaker of the two at the moment, even though he was the mentor...

' Fate... I was born as a natural Hunter, Taichi with this duty.'

An overwhelming feeling of acceptance swarmed him.

" Go, Taichi," he said softly, yet firmly.

" Yes, master!" Taichi replied with sudden fire. He flashed Yamato a mischevious smile before turning and running out.

The irony was too amusing. Yamato couldn't help but smile back. For once, he was able to put his full trust in someone without regretting it. Taichi had the ability to change... change himself, change Yamato...

" Moonlight, this is where it ends!" Taichi shouted as he moved past the clearing and launched an arrow in her direction.


Dynas - Knight
Weapon: Katzbalger
Head 1: Bone Helm
Head 3: Iron Cain
Robe: Mocking Manteau (Whisper)
Armor: Full Plate (Orc Lord)
Shoes: Boots (Eddga)
Accessory: Ring x2

Rhodo - Assassin
Weapon: Critical Jamadhar (Solder Skeleton)
Head 1: Angel Helm
Head 3: Assassin Mask
Robe: Mocking Manteau (Whisper)
Armor: Ninja Suit (Ghostring)
Shoes: Boots (Matyr)
Accessory: Brooch x2 (Yoyo)

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