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Selina was the first to wake. She groaned still obviously half asleep. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes, and looked around. 'Wait, where- oh, never mind.' Bruce was still asleep. Selina smirked, and laid back own as Bruce's eyes started to open to reveal deep ocean blue eyes. Selina smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Morning."

Bruce placed his hands at her waist and leaned in pressing his forehead against hers. "Good Morning," he replied.

"So, what's for breakfast?" Selina asked

"Well, when guests are over, Alfred usually makes French toast and eggs." Bruce tells her

She kissed his nose, "if your free tonight, wanna go out for dinner?"

Bruce's smirked widened, "Alright."

"What time is good for you?" she asks her hand moving to the back of his head and running her fingers in his soft hair.

"Eight is open." Bruce tells her

She smirked and sat up, "then I'll be here."

Later in that day, Selina just couldn't stop thinking of Bruce! She thought it was just because every girl swoons over him, but the way he looked at her. It was almost eight and he couldn't find anything to occupy himself with to destruct himself from the thoughts of her... Selina Kyle.

Eight finally came! And Bruce found Selina right on time! Selina had on casual jeans, and a red zip up hoodie over a black tank top. She carried a few belongings, but not too many.

"Hey, it's eight." Selina said smiling.

"So it is. Care to come in?" Bruce asked

"I'd be delighted!" Selina said

They ate dinner, and talked about random stuff. (AN: Who knew the cat and the bat would fall in love? I DID!)

"So, what were your parents like?" She asks

Bruce stiffened. "They were... amazing. They cared so much about me, like there was nothing in the world to stop me from them staying with me. But I was-"

Selina kissed his cheek. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have asked." She said apologetically

Bruce smiled at how she never forced him to do anything! She must have understood. "What were yours like?" He asked

She sighed. "My mother was the best! She always was there when I needed her. Dad...dad was mad. Dad kille her! Nearly killed me..." Selina said quietly

Bruce frowned. "Hey, hey." He said, "look, I'm here for you." He told her honestly. She smiled, and he brushed away a single tear that had rolled onto her rosey cheeks.

They sat down and drank tea, then watched a movie.

Alfred found him and Selina sound asleep on the couch, and smiled as he cover them in a blanket. "You truly do love her, sir." He whispered and headed off to bed.

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