At the secret MIB headquarters in New York Agent J and Agent K were walking through a corridor on their way to their boss' office.

"I bet you twenty bucks the reason why Z wants to see us has something to do with the Hynerians leaving", Agent J said.

"The Hynerians are returning home. They don't have any reason to stay on here on Earth now that the political situation on Hyneria is stable again. Dominar Bishan was overthrown by his cousin Rygel three and a half years ago and all of his supporters have been removed by now", Agent K responded.

"I've heard that this Bishan guy was quite the tyrant." Agent J said.

"That's true. In fact, after he stole the throne from Dominar Rygel a hundred some odd years ago he executed millions of his own people", K explained and entered Agent Z's office, with J following him. "Many more fled into exile, and a few hundred ended up on Earth somewhere around 40 years ago."

K and J entered Z's office and Z offered them chairs to sit down before he himself sat down behind his desk.

"Gentlemen, the reason why I have asked you to come to this meeting is that I have heard some rumors from the Hynerians. Rumors that a human from Earth has helped Dominar Rygel regain his throne on Hyneria about three or four years ago", Chief Zed said to his agents.

"And who could that be?" Agent J asked.

"A rogue Agent?" Agent K suggested.

"No, all our current and former agents are accounted for. No, the man I am talking about is John Crichton", Zed answered.

"The missing astronaut?" J asked.

"One of our contacts detected a wormhole the moment he disappeared. We are now relatively certain that the other end of that wormhole lead to a densely populated part of the Galaxy somewhere near the Hynerian Empire." Z answered.

"The rumors have finally been confirmed. Fact is, Crichton is a loose cannon. He might have made powerful enemies. Enemies who may go after Earth, if they find out Earth's location. We have also found out that he joined a mysterious group of humans not from Earth who are survivors of a genocide and is in fact in command of one of their fleets. We need to send someone to talk to him, to reign him in, to watch out after him".

"Why don't you just send his daddy out there to watch him?" Agent J blurted out.

"That in fact is the most brilliant thing you've said all day, Agent J.", Z replied.

"Boss, I was just kidding", J responded.

"Yeah, but I am not. We are planning to send Jack Crichton to find his son. Jack served in the Airforce as a test pilot back in the 70's. He was recruited by NASA in 1983 and joined the astronaut corps, where he flew 3 Space Shuttle missions in the 80's and 90's. He retired from the Airforce in 1994 with the rank of Lt. Colonel and worked for NASA as a consultant for a number of years."

"I agree that that makes Jack Crichton the perfect choice for the job", Agent K said, "but shouldn't he be a bit old by now?

"Jack Crichton is in his early sixties. Global Dynamics has greatly improved the treatment they gave you and me. He'll feel about ten or twenty years younger if the treatment works on him", Z answered.

Shortly after World War II, President Truman, aided by Albert Einstein and other trusted Advisors, commissioned a top secret residential development and research facility. That place, located in a remote area in the state of Oregon, was established to protect and nurture America's most valuable intellectual resources. There the United States greatest thinkers, the ├╝ber-geniuses working on the next era of scientific achievement, would be able to live and work in a supportive environment. Thus, the town of Eureka was born.

Global Dynamics was a large corporation headquartered in Eureka. Global Dynamics was responsible for the development of several major technological breakthroughs in the last 60 years, with the products of its research having been used in both commercial and military applications. Global Dynamics also manufactured equipment used by the Men in Black.

The Men in Black knew of the existence of Eureka and had inserted numerous aliens disguised as humans into the town's population to speed up technological developments. Those aliens reverse engineered some of their own technologies using parts made by humans and passed them on as their own inventions. They shared knowledge that had been known to their own civilizations for centuries and pretended that knowledge to be their own ideas. A few years ago the Astreus was built in Eureka by Global Dynamics as the first human built starship capable of interstellar flight.

Early 21st century Earth was extremely vulnerable. Divided into almost 200 nation states, with no unified government and no space fleet or other defenses, it was up to the Men in Black to protect Earth from alien invasions. They took it among themselves to police and regulate aliens who were living on Earth, provided them with disguises and prevented the human population from finding out about them. The Men in Black were Earth's ambassadors to alien civilizations. Even though they were headquartered in New York City and most of them were Americans, the Men in Black did not represent the United States of America. They represented Earth as a whole. It was the goal of the Men in Black to prepare for the day when humanity would have to find out that we are not alone in the universe. And ready or not, that day would come.

The Men in Black were also aware of the existence of the Doctor and have collaborated with him in the defense of Earth multiple times, most notably during the 1979 invasion of the Vogons. It was also the work of the Men in Black that nobody on Earth remembered the invasion of the Sycorax in 2006 or similar events involving aliens. Chief Z had the phone number of the TARDIS on speed dial.

The Men in Black had recently found out from their alien allies that there was a second humanity that had originated on the planet Kobol and settled on twelve colonies after Kobol had become uninhabitable. This second humanity had lost a devastating war against their own creation, a machine race called the Cylons. Their worlds destroyed, there were now several groups of survivors looking for a new home. They were being pursued by the Cylons and getting dangerously close to Earth. To make matters even more complicated, the astronaut and test pilot John Crichton, who had vanished several years ago, had somehow managed to become the leader of one of those groups. Not only that, he had also managed to make powerful enemies, meddling in intergalactic politics. Crichton could unwillingly bring trouble to Earth. More trouble than the Men in Black could handle, even with the help of the Doctor and any of their other allies. They needed to send someone who could talk to him, to explain to him the overall situation, and to help him lead the Colonials to a new home, far away from Earth. They wanted to send someone whom he would trust. So they decided to send his father.

The day after the meeting in Z's office, Jack Crichton's doorbell rang. Jack, a slender, silver haired man who was still in great shape for his age, opened the door and greeted the two men outside. They introduced themselves as government agents and Jack Crichton invited them in and offered them seats in his living room.

"Good morning, Mr. Crichton. We are here to let you know that you are being recalled to active duty." the older of the two agents told him.

"Active duty? Why? What happened?" Jack asked confused.

"Let's say it has something to do with your son John", the younger agent said.

"John vanished and is most likely dead. Please spare me the grief!"

The elder Crichton knew that John was not dead. He has had contact with him a few years ago and knew that he was out there in space somewhere.

"Here are your orders, signed by General Wilson of the US Airforce. And congrats on the promotion, Colonel"

"Colonel? I am too old for this!" Crichton shouted out.

"Let's say we have the technology to make you at least feel young again. Maybe 10 or 20 years. Hey, it worked on me", the older agent said.

"I am to travel to Eureka, Oregon and assume command of the interstellar spacecraft USS Liberty? Is this some sort of sick joke?"

"The USS Liberty is the first American interstellar spaceship, currently being built in secret by Global Dynamics at Eureka shipyards", the older agent explained.

"Actually, it's the second one. The Astraeus is the first ship, but that is only a prototype without any weapons. The Liberty is the militarized version."

J had decided to let the cat out of the bag. He might as well. They could always flash Crichton if he did not cooperate.

"You said the first American. Does that mean other nations on Earth have these kind of ships as well?" Crichton asked.

"The Brits have been working on one for the last ten years, but our intel on that is kinda sketchy. And the Russians have one in the works as well, but they are way behind."