No More Room in The Oven

Chapter 2

Braised Chicken

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Hinata groaned as she rolled onto her back. Her bladder was entirely too full at...what time was it? She peaked a single eye open to squint at her bedside clock. 3 am. Of course it was. She groaned once more as she sat up, inched her way out of the bed and made her way to the bathroom, stopping short to double back and grab the little white and blue box sitting on her night stand.

The moment she sat on the porciline seat, the pressure on her bladder increased by ten. She whispered calming words to her body as she reached for a little paper cup she had sitting on the counter for just the occasion. Her eyes were still blurry, she was still yawning and her body felt heavier than it ever did in her entire life but, when you gotta go-you gotta go. So in the cup she went.

She placed the cup on the floor and finished her buisness in the toilet before picking the little box up and squinting at the fine print. It was simple. Open the package, take out the little eye dropper thing and drop a few drops of her...yeah into it. Then wait. No problem. She yawned once more before following the intructions to the 'T'. Placing the little test down ontop of the bath tub, she wiped her lady bit and pulled her panties back up. After pouring the rest of the cup into the toilet, she flushed and washed her hands. Everything she did seemed to be done in a half sleep, as if it were routine.

She sighed once, three minutes should have been up by now. Looking over at the tub and blinked. Well. She really must have been tired to be seeing doubles. She giggled to herself as she closed her eyes. She thought she saw two pink lines, but that was just crazy. Opening them and looking again, the smile on her face fell. She pushed her bathroom door open and looked at the roused body on her bed.

"K-kiba...Come here..."

He groaned and rubbed his eyes, he hated being woken up. Period. She knew that but...she had to make sure she wasn't hallucinating. "What? Seriously? Why are you even up?"

"Kiba. Please." She begged, her voice taking on a higher pitch.

He was silent as she followed her into the bathroom and when she pointed at the little test he shrugged. "How many lines does it have?"

"Two. That's good right?"

Oh god.

She backed up against the wall, her breath all the sudden coming so much faster.

Oh. God.

She slid down the wall untill her butt touched the ground.


She was pregnant.

The next morning she visited Sakura who ordered a blood test to be sure. Her HcG levels were at 1190. Normal for her 4th week of pregnancy. So, in the end, the blood test was positive as well. Sakura said the results would be sent directly to Tsunade as proof of pregnancy and that she would be taken off the roster for active duty, effective immediately.

Unless she said otherwise...Abortion was not unheard of in most shinobi villages and many kunnoichi had taken that route, of course it was during times of duress, but it was still not unheard of...

She didn't know.

She was raised to cherish the miracle of life and childbirth, but her mother died attempting to give life to her still-born brother. Did she really want to go through the same pain, to suffer the same fate? Besides, she was only 20 years old, barely had enough money saved up to pay for her rent for the next two months and now she would have to be assigned a civilian job while her teammates and former classmates risked their lives to ensure the safety of the could she do this to them? How could she sit safely at home and just wait for Kiba to come home, not knowing whether or not he was okay. She just couldn't...It wasn't a part of her plan.

What would she do now?

"Well, what are you going to do now?"

Hinata sipped through the straw of her tapioca tea loudly, too preoccupied to care about the raised eyebrows around her. Having lunch with her sister wasn't really a planned thing but...Really she was the only one she was able to talk to about it. The only one who knew and empathized with her. She peaked up at her sister from behind her bangs and shrugged.

"I don't know. I...can't keep it..."

Her sister was silent but she could see the anger in the way her eye brows inched toward each other and how the corners of her lips twiched subtly. Nothing more was said untill the waiter came to take their meal orders. "Yes, I'll have the sashimi platter and my sister will have the braised chicken because she is the most brazen chicken i have ever met. I mean seriously, have you no shame? Abortion is more shameful than carrying to term! What will you tell future suitors? Huh? That you were once pregnant but everything is okay now because you never had the child?! What would father say about you?! What would Priestess Shinra say, my gods Hinata have you thought about anything that has come out of your mouth?!"

The waiter coughed and shuffled nervously. "Erm, ma'am...We don't serve Braised Chicken."

Hanabi turned to the waiter with a glare. "Don't you think I know that, I come here every week, I think i'd know whats on the menu!"

The eldest Hyuga sighed softly and looked back down at the table. "Hanabi, please..."

"How could you be such a coward."

Hinata's eyes snapped back up to her sister whose eyes held tears that would never fall. Hanabi bit her lip to keep them at bay before turning to the waiter and ordering her sister a salad and soup. The waiter hurried away, glad to be out of the line of fire.

Hanabi opened her napkin and laid it across her lap, smoothing the fabric with her fingers. "I, myself, could never have a child. I'd only screw it up. Hinata...You...You are better than me. Don't let fear be the reason you get rid of what could be the most beautiful child anyone could ever bring into this world. Mother wouldn't have wanted you to be afraid because of her. She'd want you to be stronger than her. She'd want you to do better."

Hinata nodded slowly, leaning against the table only to jump back and hiss in pain.

Hanabi reached forward in surprise. "What?! What's wrong?!"

Hinata pouted pitifully. "My boobs hurt really bad..."

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