I wake up and notice that I'm completely trapped by limbs. I turn my head to see Christian looking very content in his sleep. I try to move away from him and all his body heat but he ends up pulling me closer. Knowing that I am not going to win this one, I end up kicking off the duvet and just using the sheet. I am able to turn to my side facing him. I snuggle into his chest and fall back into a peaceful slumber.

I wake up with the sunlight streaming across my face. I realize I'm laying on his chest. I try to move back to pillow so he doesn't get anxious and freak out on me. He holds me still and softly whispers, "Please, don't move. I. .. I'm okay. I trust you."

Hearing those three little words bring tears to my eyes and I snuggle deeper into chest, feeling safe and content. Slowly we both start to stretch and move around a little. I notice Christian's morning wood and get an idea. I pull the sheet back and stroke his member in my hand. Christian moans softly and tilts his hips up a little bit. I get brave and take it into my mouth. I began sucking ans swirling tongue around while keeping pace with my hand. I can hear Christian moaning and saying my name. He takes a handful of my hair and starts pushing my head up and down in time with his thrusts.

"Jesus, fuck, Ana, I'm going to cum," he pants out.

I just take the opportunity to deep throat him and then I feel his hot liquid slide down my throat. I swallow and then lick up the remains. He is still panting and watching me carefully as I look at him and wipe my mouth off.

"So, shower," I ask with a giggle.

I get up and head to the bathroom when I hear him let off a gasp of surprise. I turn around and look at him questioningly. He's staring at my back.

I smirk and move my hair out of the way of my back. I have three tattoos back there. Christian gets up and comes over behind me. Gently, he runs his fingertips over the ink.

"I'm assuming there is some deep meaning behind these."

"You're correct. I got them when I was seventeen. It represents people that I've lost. It was a coping mechanism."

He softly kisses the back of my neck and gently pushes me towards the shower. He turns on the water and says, "I hope one day you'll tell me all about it."

"One day I will, just not today."

I kiss him and step into the hot water and let it wash over me. Christian joins me and begins to wash me in his body wash. He washes my hair, massaging my scalp. It felt so good, I could have let myself cum if I wanted to. I lean back into his touch and let him rinse my hair. He hands me his body wash and nods his head. I lather up my hands and begin at his shoulders and neck. I make my way down his arms and to his stomach. He grabs my wrist and moves them up to his chest. Ever so gently, I massage the body wash into his skin. I keep my eye on his face, making sure he's okay with it. His head is thrown back and his expression is one of pure bliss. I wrap my hands around his neck and pull him into a passionate kiss.

We began to make out. He turns me around and bends me over. I hold onto the taps and brace myself. Christian spreads my legs apart and enters me from behind. I gasp at the feeling of being filled. He traces my tattoos again before grabbing my hips and pounding me. I'm moaning and screaming with pleasure as I find my release. Christian is only moments behind me, calling out my name. He pulls out of and pulls my body to him.

We finish our shower and he gets out first. He dries himself off and then wraps the towel around his waist. He comes back over to me with a big fluffy towel and wraps me with it. As he dries me off, he trails the towel with little kisses. I don't think I'll ever get used to this feeling, this connection between us. And I don't want to. I know he feels it too. I can tell by the way he looks at me, the way he touches me and the way he kisses me. It's like I'm the most precious thing in the world to him. And I'm scared to death.

I guess he could tell my sudden mood change. He stopped drying my hair and turned me around to face him.

"Anastasia? What's wrong?"

I couldn't look him in the eye. I tried to bury my face in his chest but he wouldn't let me. He grabbed my shoulders and held me back.

"Please, tell me. I'm worried about you. What did I do," he says exasperated.

"I'm scared," I mumbled still not meeting his gaze.

"Baby, what are you scared of?"


He hurriedly finishes drying me off and leads back into the bedroom. He throws me one of his shirts and a pair of his boxers I put them on avoiding his gaze. He leads me out into the dining area where breakfast awaited. My stomach was in knots and I knew it was gonna be hard to choke it down.

I fill my plate half full and focus on the task at hand. Christian does the same.

We are at a stalemate. Neither one of us knows what to say to one another. A knock on the door startles us both from our thoughts. Christian stands to answer it. It's Taylor and he has a bag that he hands to Christian. No words are exchanged just a nod of understanding. Christian resumes his position after sitting the bag next to me.

"I know you didn't bring a new set of clothes so I had some delivered for you."

"Thank you."

"I'm ready to talk when you are Anastasia," he says quietly not looking at me.

I set my fork down and take a long drink of water.

"I'm scared that we're moving too fast. I really like you Christian. Hell, maybe more. And I can't get hurt again. I've had more than enough hurt in my life. I don't know how we can make this work. You're well you. And I'm just out of college, I don't have a job and I'm still hurting from my previous relationship. I don't do hookups. And I don't want last night to be a mistake."

I can feel the tears threatening to fall and I will them back, forcing myself to be strong.

Christian gets up and kneels before me, taking my face in his hands.

"I completely agree Anastasia. I'm scared too. I've never let anyone in. Ever. I've been closed off for so many years I don't know how to open up. But with you, I feel secure. I feel like I can tell you anything. I trust you. I don't know what it is about you, but I'm drawn to you. Like a moth to a flame. I don't understand it. I don't think I want to. You know I've never let anyone touch my chest. Ever. Not even my family. It brings back to many painful memories. You don't do that. You're my light in a dark world. I've known you were different since the first time I laid eyes on you. We can move at your pace. I can wait forever for you."

I can no longer control the tears that are pouring like a faucet. I kiss him deeply and hold him close to my chest.

"I want to continue this, I really do. But we need to slow down a bit. My head is spinning from the overwhelming emotions."

"Whatever you want Baby, I promise."

We seal our deal with a kiss. I giggle a bit and he stands up and kisses me on my head. We finish our breakfast and I go back to the bedroom to change into the clothes he had delivered. I throw my hair up into a messy bun and blow dry my bangs into submission. I find Christian sitting on the bed wearing a fitted dark gray tee shirt and dark wash blue jeans. He looks delectable. I get to observe him for a bit as he messes with his blackberry. I'm assuming it's work related. He finally looks up and cracks his neck when he notices me watching him.

He comes over to me and grabs me in a swinging hug, then dips me while kissing me thoroughly.

"Good news Miss Steele, I've been able to delay my trip back to Seattle until Sunday night. I'm all yours for the next two days. Now what do you plan to do with me," he says in my ear as he playfully nips at my earlobe.

I giggle and stand up straight.

"Well Mister Grey, I have to help Kate finish packing today and tomorrow so we can move into our new apartment on Monday. However, we are going out tonight to celebrate. Karaoke style. You're more than welcome to join in the fun. Buy me some drinks and maybe you'll get to hear me sing.

Christian chuckles and leads me towards the door, "anything you want Baby, now let's go pack you up so you can move closer to me."

- Later that Night-

I put on my red cocktail dress and let my hair down into loose waves. I do my make up and put on the finishing touches when there is a light knock on my door. Christian is leaning on the door frame looking like sex on legs. He had Taylor bring over new clothes for him since he was going out with us.

"You look amazing," he says seductively. "Let's just say home and have our own celebration." He begins to caress me softly and I'm about to give into him when I hear Kate yell from the other room.

"Let's go! We do not have time for you guys to have a quickie if we want a table!"

We both laugh at her and leave my bedroom. In the living room she is standing by the door in a tight black fitted dress that is so short, I hope to God she doesn't bend over.

"Okay, we're ready. Let's go party!"

We leave the apartment and go out onto the street. Taylor was waiting there with the black Audi SUV. Christian helps me in and I slide to the middle, then helps Kate in. He comes around to the other side and sits next to me. We hold hands the whole way there while Kate talks non stop about who all is going to be there.

I start to get nervous as she keeps talking. I really want to let loose and sing tonight. It'll be the first time Christian will hear me sing. I'm going to need copious amounts of alcohol. All too soon we're pulling up at the bar and Christian gets out first and helps me out while Taylor helps Kate out.

It's jammed packed inside and we find Jose, whom has reserved a table for us right by the stage. Christian leaves Kate and I at the table while he goes to the bar and gets us drinks. Soon four other people join us from our class and Christian reappears with a tray full of drinks and pitchers of beer. Everyone gives there thanks and drinks up. I throw back a double shot of Jack and give him a long kiss. Soon everyone is talking, laughing and just having a good time. Soon they go dancing and leave Christian and I alone. I'm feeling my buzz and am clinging and caressing every inch of Christian I can reach.

Soon the DJ is announcing karaoke hour and asking for volunteers to come sign up. I take a long drink of my margarita and go sign up. I'm the sixth one on the list and I'm grateful. Gives me time to prepare myself. I just hope Christian likes what I picked. I sit back down at the table and lean into Christian's arms watching the other performers.

All too soon the DJ was announcing my name.

"Next up we have a club favorite, well when we can get her to come up here, Miss Ana Steele!"

There's a round of applause and I make my way to the stage. Taking a deep breath, I take Chuck's hand and he helps me up on the stage. He knows how I am with heels. He gives me his guitar and allows me to take center stage.

"Instead of doing a known song, I've decided to do one that I personally wrote. I just hope you all enjoy this."

All I knew this morning when I woke
Is I know something now, know something now I didn't before.
And all I've seen since eighteen hours ago
Is gray eyes and freckles and your smile
In the back of my mind making me feel like

I just wanna know you better, know you better, know you better now
I just wanna know you better, know you better, know you better now

I just wanna know you better, know you better, know you better now
I just wanna know you, know you, know you

'Cause all I know is we said, "Hello."
And your eyes look like coming home
All I know is a simple name
Everything has changed
All I know is you held the door
You'll be mine and I'll be yours
All I know since yesterday is everything has changed

And all my walls stood tall painted blue
And I'll take them down, take them down and open up the door for you

And all I feel in my stomach is butterflies
The beautiful kind, making up for lost time,
Taking flight, making me feel like

I just wanna know you better, know you better, know you better now
I just wanna know you better, know you better, know you better now
I just wanna know you better, know you better, know you better now
I just wanna know you, know you, know you

'Cause all I know is we said, "Hello."
And your eyes look like coming home
All I know is a simple name
Everything has changed
All I know is you held the door
And you'll be mine and I'll be yours
All I know since yesterday is everything has changed

Come back and tell me why
I'm feeling like I've missed you all this time, oh, oh, oh.
And meet me there tonight
And let me know that it's not all in my mind.

I just wanna know you better, know you better, know you better now
I just wanna know you, know you, know you

All I know is we said, "Hello."
And your eyes look like coming home
All I know is a simple name
Everything has changed
All I know is you held the door
You'll be mine and I'll be yours
All I know since yesterday is everything has changed

All I know is we said, "Hello."
So dust off your highest hopes
All I know is pouring rain and everything has changed
All I know is a new found grace
All my days I'll know your face
All I know since yesterday is everything has changed

The applause is deafening to me. I feel myself flush bright red and I hurriedly give Chuck his guitar back and make my way off stage. Christian is waiting by the stairs and I leap into his arms. He soundly kisses me and leads me back to the table. As soon as I sit down I'm being attacked by Kate hugging me.

"I'm so proud of you," she says in my ear. She kisses my cheek and goes back to the dance floor. I look at Christian and looks deep in thought. I sit in his lap and start to kiss him. I can feel him growing in his pants. Looking in his eyes, he has the same thought that I do. We hurry to the car and Taylor takes us back to my place.