This is a fan fiction of Wendy and Kenny getting together (they are in fifth grade) please read and review

Wendy's P.O.V
It was a slow day at school today, I was walking through the halls then I saw Stan talking to his friends
after they left I walked towards him he saw me and walked to me
"Hey Stan." I said to him "Hey Wendy." Stan said "After school you wanna go somewhere?" I asked
"Actually I have something to tell you Wendy." "What is it Stan?" I asked
"I'm breaking up with you Wendy." "Why?" I asked sadly "Because I'm going out with Lola now I'll see you later."
"OK bye." I said with tears in my eyes

(after school)
I was walking out of school crying when i passed by Kenny
"Hey Wendy." He said
"oh hey Kenny." I said "I have to go."
"OK see you later."
"K uh Kenny want to come over to my house today."

"Kenny's eyes widened in surprise
"Sure Wendy see you in a little
K Bye" I said winking at Kenny

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