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Kim Possible: Resurrection

By LJ58


She picked herself up off the cold, stone floor, and looked around with weary, cynical eyes.

Gingerly rolling one shoulder, she wiped blood from her left nostril as she walked past the sprawled bodies around her, some of whom would never get back up again, staring at one in particular.

"Guess even your luck ran out," the woman said coolly as she eyed her long-time nemesis, seeing the mortal wound in the woman's chest.

She was pretty sure even that resilient bitch wouldn't be getting up after taking a two-inch thick beam of steel right through her chest. Blood flowed everywhere, and if she didn't bat an eye, it was because she had seen too much by then.

Done too much.

She rolled that stiff shoulder again, and looked around for anyone that might be waking soon. Or were just worthy of saving.

Shaking her head, she turned and walked out of the blasted lair, knowing it wouldn't be long before someone would come to investigate. She limped out of the dimly lit, smoke-filled cavern, deciding she didn't want to be here when the backup arrived.

Whoever they were.


"It's been over seven years," the woman sighed, drumming her fingers. "Seven years, and not a peep."

"It is possible she really died. There were a lot of…..unclaimed bodies. Quite a few unidentified ones, too," the sandy-blonde haired man in black remarked as he shook his head at her bleak scowl. "Even you almost died that day," Ron Stoppable reminded her when her cold glare was her only reply.

"Don't remind me," the usually green-skinned woman currently in special camouflage shuddered, still remembering the unsettling feeling of waking to find a length of hard steel impaling her chest.

For a moment, she thought she was dead, and then her sidekick, of all people, had been there to help her when he realized she was still alive.

Only she was nowhere around.

They never even found her body.

Considering how many people had been instantly vaporized when Dr. D's last 'greatest invention ever' literally went off in their faces, it wasn't hard to imagine Kimmie might have been one of them. Still, for all the dead, missing, or seriously injured, she had never really and truly accepted that her Princess was one of those lost that day.

Dr. D?


The blue moron was standing right beside the unstable sonic emitter when he had pressed the main power switch right before everything went straight to hell. He was literally at ground zero when the hypersonic waves destroyed anyone and anything within a fifteen foot radius of the machine that…surprise, surprise, he had wired backwards.

Had she and Kim been that close? Had they been inside the blast radius? She guessed they had been close. Only she had been just far enough away to survive.

She knew from the crime-scene photos Ron had allowed her to see that anything outside the blast radius was just blasted back, and hammered but good. Half the lair's superstructure buckled entirely, and bodies were literally flattened like airless balloons. Whole sections of the cavern caved in, burying more henchmen, and invading lawmen, and she and Kimmie had been right in the middle of it all, doing their usual dance. Playing the usual games.

Even she knew her own survival had been a close thing. A literal miracle. Without the monkey master's timely intervention, even her comet powers might not have saved her that time. She still carried the grim reminder in the center of her chest where a rare scar that didn't quite completely heal left a neat circle of puckered flesh just below her shapely breasts. She supposed she had a matching scar on her back.

So why did she feel Kim was still out there somewhere?

Even her family and friends had given up, and tomorrow was the seventh anniversary of the redhead's disappearance, and they were talking about finally, and officially declaring her dead.

Which was why she was here, sitting in a stupid office with Stoppable, and a one-eyed harpy who wanted her to rehash everything she could remember from that day. The one day in her life she would rather forget.

"Over six years. Almost seven. And you want to do this again why," Shego asked the graying senior agent who fixed that single, baleful orb on her.

"In seven hours and….nineteen minutes, a state judge is going to declare Kimberly Anne Possible legally, and officially dead," Dr. Betty Director told Shego.

"Doy. Like that hasn't been news all week," the woman drawled.

In fact, some of those commentators were dredging up old facts, and some even suggested that Shego, a near victim herself, should be retried for the redheaded adventurer's 'murder.' Never mind she had spent five years in jail keeping her nose clean, and another two on parole under Stoppable and the harpy's ever vigilante eyes.

"Before that happens, we would like to know if you know, or remember anything else. Anything that might suggest she survived?"

"I wish. I could shut up that loopy district attorney if nothing else," Shego grumbled.

"I see," Dr. Director murmured, glancing away briefly, and then looked over at Ronald Stoppable. A sidekick that had grown from buffoon, to genuine hero, and then to world-saving powerhouse in only a few years.

In the years since Possible had vanished, he had been one of those that stepped up, and into her boots, so to speak, keeping the world safe from the usual threats. And some not so usual ones if the media were to be believed.

Still, even Shego had to wonder about some of the sensationalized stories at times. Then again, she once ran around with a blue-skinned moron convinced he could rule the entire world if he only took over Canada first.

"I wish I could help, Bets," she said somberly. "Honestly, I do. I….miss her, too."

It said something to the grudging respect that had developed over the past few years that neither of those in the office with her called her on that admission.

"Will you be at the…..service," Ron asked her after a moment.

They all knew Middleton's mayor intended to throw a huge, and very public memorial service for Kimberly. It was more a political stunt than anything honoring the city's once most famous daughter. They refused to call it a funeral. Rumors were that the Possibles were blatantly boycotting the ceremony. It had not kept the city from turning into a circus the past week as more and more celebrities, and diehard fans continued to pour into the city.

"Will you," the woman once known as Shego countered.

She still refused to use her birth name of late. Her family name. Her brothers, loopy as they were, didn't deserve to have her own enemies aimed at them if she revealed too much of her own convoluted past in finally getting clear of the law. So she took another name.

Anne, for Kimmie's memory. Goe, from that wretched, mind-numbing 'Miss Go' episode that she still couldn't quite forget despite her best efforts. Some people, bless their empty heads, actually thought it was her real name, and some of them were actually hunting for any brothers named 'Goe' in Go City, trying to find her brother's secret identities.

Morons. People were morons.

Even Hego wasn't dense enough to be that obvious. And since unlike her powers, their skin returned to normal when they deactivated their 'glow,' they could look like anyone else when they wanted. Something a plasma-powered former heroine/villain could never do.

Or be.

Sometimes, she had to admit, she would trade it all. All the thrills. All the power. Everything. For just one chance to be completely, and utterly normal.

She wondered not for the first time if Princess had ever felt that way.

Then again, she knew that Kim would have been disgusted at the circus that was being planned to 'honor' her. She could just imagine the madhouse yet to come as people jockeyed for preeminence in the cameras' eyes that would soon be focused on the small Colorado town that turned Kim's home into a tourist attraction.

"I'll be there. But….I'll stay incognito," Shego finally said quietly.

"Same here," Ron nodded. "I'd rather stay home, but….Dr. Director has suggested troublemakers might show up. We don't want anyone hurt."

"When you say troublemakers…..?"

"Jack Hench still has a multi-million bounty out for the person that can offer incontrovertible evidence that she's dead," Betty told her. "It's not inconceivable that someone might disrupt the event just to try to snatch the coffin being used. That sort of thing."

"Or just to dishonor her memory," Shego admitted.

Betty nodded at the far more somber Ron who didn't seem to have smiled in many years now.

He had not been there that day. He had shown up after, running late as he had a 'sitch' of his own to handle before he could join Kim on that fateful mission. By the time he had shown up, just in time to ironically help save a longtime enemy, Kim was gone.

"I'll be there," Shego nodded again.

"I think she would have liked that, Anne," Ron surprised her by saying that with a straight face.

Shego had absolutely nothing to say to that.


The fourteen year old girl sniffed as she stood outside the high, iron fence, all but overlooked by the surging crowd around her as she clutched the single, slightly wilted daisy she cradled in both hands.

"You okay," a woman asked when she appeared to grab the girl before another violent surge from the crowd could knock her back, or down. She pulled the girl back up to the walk, and managed to clear a few inches space with just a surreptitious flexing of her slender shoulders.

"Thank you," she told the brunette in a simple ivory blouse and tan slacks.

"No big," the brunette smiled.

"That's what…..she said."

"Yeah, I know," the woman told the girl. "So, where's your folks?"

"I'm…..an orphan," the girl said quietly, nodding back to the bus with the local orphanage's logo. "They let us come for the ceremony, and I wanted to put my flower on her grave, but…."

"It is a bit crowded, isn't it," the woman asked her kindly.

"Yeah," she nodded, her blue eyes huge, bright, and close to brimming.

"Let me guess? You were a big fan?"

"I knew her. She saved my life. Once. Before my parents died," the girl told her reverently.


"It was…. She was…. So great," she sniffed, still clinging to that single flower like it was the grandest of bouquets.

"What happened," the woman asked. "If I may ask?"

"It's not like it's a secret," she sighed, the crowd pushing forward again as muted voices from the more public service were heard over distant speakers as all around them, reporters and other media vultures all babbled in tandem with the voices of the fans, celebrities, or just rubberneckers come to exploit the event for their own reasons.

The sandy-haired girl looked up at her, then back toward the narrow gate where four burly police officers stood directing the few spectators allowed to pass within.

"It was when those robot toys turned into monsters. They tore up our house. I was only six. I thought I was going to die when my brother's robot tore up our house. Then she was there with her friend. They drove by on a…..a…..rocket scooter, and she jumped off, grabbed me, and then carried me down the street to where Mrs. Wyman, that was our neighbor, watched me until…..they stopped the rest of the robots. I never saw anyone so…..brave. So strong. I can't believe she's gone," she sniffed.

"Neither can I," the woman told her quietly, and smiled at the girl sadly. "I'm sorry about your family, but….want to come with me?"

"With you?"

"I think someone like you is just what this day is really all about," the woman said, and led her to the gates.

"Will they let us in," she asked uneasily as the woman pulled out a wallet, flashed a card, and the men simply nodded at her, and let them pass. "Are you someone important?"

The woman smiled wryly.

"Maybe once. A long, long time ago. Not anymore," the woman told her blandly.

"But they let you pass!"

"Probably because I'm using a friend's invitation," the brunette told her, and led her through the crowd that wasn't quite so mobbed within the gates, and then right up to the space where a lot of dignitaries and celebrities surrounded the open grave with a sealed casket ready to be lowered.

The mayor, a huge, portly man with a booming voice that didn't even need that microphone looked down at the woman with the to him grubby teen at her side, and frowned.

"I brought someone that should be allowed to speak," she told the man with a quiet authority that no one could mistake.

A woman with an eye patch eyed them both, making the younger girl shudder, and the woman leaned down and said, "Ignore her. She's like that with everyone."

"I…. I don't know what to say," she rasped as it seemed all noise stopped, and all eyes went to her as she realized she was standing there before the grave where the marker was a life-sized statue of the apparently fallen hero posed as if about to take flight. Or launch into battle.

"Tell them what you told me," the woman said quietly. "Or better yet. Tell her."

The teen smiled uneasily at her, then glanced at the coffin, then the statue.

"Go ahead, young lady," the woman with the eye patch nodded, looking a bit less stern.

"I….. I just wanted to say goodbye to Kim Possible. And…. And…. To say thank you. She…. She saved my life once, and….. I never forgot. Even though I never had the chance to….. To thank her. I am now, and….. I just wanted her to know….. I'll miss her. She was brave, and strong, and everything I wished I could be," she said, and then clamped her lips together as she drew herself up, and then stepped forward to put her simple flower at the base of the statue where larger, and gaudier flowers already surrounded the monument.

"Ahhhhhhh, put a sock in it," someone spat, and all eyes went up as four super-sharp darts flew down, impacted the statue's chest, and a moment later, exploded.

The girl shrieked as the brunette with her grabbed her in the same instant, throwing her down as she covered her body with her own, and then a tall, winged man flew down to perch on the heap of rubble made of the marker.

"Kid, you need to find a better role-model," the man with silver metal wings protruding from his bare, muscular back sneered as the mayor shrieked, and flung himself behind his podium. "Better yet," he said, his wings flaring out, and deadly metallic pin-feathers rustling as Buzzard prepared to fire the poisoned darts from his cybernetic wings, "I'll just let you join her! Won't that be a grand example for any future wannabes?"

The girl shrieked, ducking back again as a hail of tiny metal feathered darts flew, and all around her, people fell.

The stench of hot, molten metal surrounded her, but she never felt a single one strike her.

Looking up, she saw the woman still kneeling over her holding up a single hand. A glowing hand that was now green as grass as she shouted at the one-eyed woman, "Damn, Bets, what happened to your security?"

"That's what I'd like to know," the woman that had taken shelter behind an overturned table to aim a pistol at the furious winged intruder who now flew over their heads, circling in mad spirals as he tried to bombard them with a hail of potentially lethal feathers.

"Down, kid," the woman shouted, raising both hands as she let fly a barrage of green plasma that vaporized most of the deadly darts. "This fruitcake doesn't care who he hurts!"

"You're….her! You're…..!"

"I know. I know. I'm the reason you lost your family. I'm really sorry, kid. But right now…..duck," she shouted, and shoved the girl behind the still raised coffin, and cringed as she took four of the darts in her back.

"You feathered freak," she hissed, her makeup boiling away as her plasma surged to counteract the toxins she knew the bio-engineered freak used. "I'm going to barbecue your feathered butt," she roared as she turned to stand over the gaping girl as Betty opened fire from her vantage point even as Shego tried to take aim on the weaving birdman with plasma bursts.

All around them the crowd screamed, and bolted. Those that could still move.

"Where's Stoppable," Shego demanded as she had the eerie feeling she had already lived this feature, and it had not ended well. Still, this whole thing had the feeling of distraction stamped all over it.

"He's on the west side of town. Granite showed up," Betty shouted back as if already knowing all along.

Of course, she never seemed to go anywhere without a transceiver in her ear.

"Of course. I don't suppose we have anyone to help?"

"The police are trying to control the crowd, and bring in emergency services. But my people are on the east side, trying to hold back Blaster!"

"You know, some day, someone is going to just put down Jack," Shego growled. "He's behind half these loopy tech villains that keep popping up lately. You do know that," Shego demanded as the girl behind her shrieked again as she turned, glaring venomously at the feathered dart that blossomed in one full breast.

"Oh, you are so going down," she hissed, pulling the dart away, ignoring the sting and burn of the toxins that didn't have a chance with her plasma-infused blood, and comet-powered healing factor.

She rose to her feet, focusing her concentration, and then slowly raised both hands. But not to aim at the circling birdman.

"Hey, chicken-butt," she shouted. "You get a refund on those wings?"

The man turned to snap something back at her, ducked the plasma burst she launched at him, and too late realized she had fired only a single burst from one hand as she launched another burst from the other the moment he pin-wheeled around to duck the first.

He ran face-first into the second, screeching as he clutched at his seared face even as a larger, concentrated burst struck in the center of his back near his wings.

The winged felon shrieked as the control interface to his cybernetic appendages shorted out, and he dropped like a stone to land draped across the waiting coffin.

"I'd say that was apropos, kid. Wouldn't you," Shego asked the wide-eyed teen as Shego walked over, lifted the smoldering, moaning, and mostly unconscious man's head by his hair, and then dropped his head after she saw he really was out.

"But….. You're a bad guy. Girl. Person," the teen sputtered.

"I wised up," Shego, in a by then scorched, and tattered blouse told her. "Like you, Kim showed me some things that made me rethink my life. Now, go find someplace safe while I go help stop the rest of these loonies. Like, behind the harpy."

"Shego," Betty snapped even as she reloaded her weapon, and stalked forward.


"We have Blaster, but while Stoppable is holding back Granite, I still feel like this is all a….distraction. Keep your eyes open."

"I have the same feeling, Bets. Keep your own eye peeled. And watch the kid," she shouted over her shoulder as she ran off.

The girl eyed the fallen killer, and moved quickly away to stand near the woman in the dark-blue jumpsuit. "Is she….really a hero now?"

"I don't know," Betty admitted. "But she's still not someone you want mad at you. I know that."

To Be Continued…