I do not own any Disney characters named herein, and am only borrowing them to tell a nonprofit tale meant for entertainment purposes only.

Kim Possible: Resurrection

By LJ58


"Kim," Ron and Shego both cried just before the blue-skinned madman seemed to literally explode with a deafening roar of sound and light.

The pair were blown back, along with anyone, and anything else not bolted down when the explosion detonated, but Ron was on his feet in almost the same instant he was driven back, staring helplessly where Drakken and Kim had been wrestling one another for control.


Shego croaked her helpless protest staring at the shallow crater where no one stood now.

Just before a low groan filled her ringing ears, and she turned to see Drew, in a much more ragged lab coat, laying sprawled near a warped computer console that was still sparking, and smoldering after their sonic trap had been sprung.

"Oh, hell," she moaned. "Don't tell me it didn't work," she cried. "Princess," she turned to look around. "Kimmie?"

"H-Here," a ragged voice spoke, and Shego and Ron both looked to the opposite side of the lair where Kim lay sprawled as if flung there by a large hand.

Or the explosion that had gone off when the sonic trap had triggered.

"Did it work," she groaned, pushing to her feet as she looked at the crater, yet to see Drakken.

"Yes, and now," Shego said, eyeing the still dazed Drakken. "Where's your nerd, Kimmie, because Doc's still here even after the light- show."

As if on cue, Kim's Kimmunicator chirped, and she slowly lifted her arm.

"Hey, Wade," she spoke a little louder than normal, her ears still ringing. "What's the sitch?"

"Well, the good news is, I'm not detecting the alien sonic pulse any longer."

"And the bad news," Shego asked, still eyeing Drakken suspiciously.

"We have another wave of Jack's tech villains heading for your location. At least twenty of them," Wade warned them.

"No big," Kim grinned, "But, funny thing," Kim told him. "Drakken's still here, Wade. I thought he would be fading without his alien sound stuff."

"He is," Wade blinked.

Kim turned her Kimmunicator toward the man still laying sprawled, yet to even sit up as Kim now did.

"Whoa. That's….unexpected. Still, I'm not detecting any of the dimensional frequency pulse from him any longer. Get closer, let me get a better scan."

"Check her out, too," Shego insisted as Kim slowly stood up. "Just in case."

"Already scanning," Wade assured her.

"I'm fine," Kim sputtered.

"I'll go warn the GJ guys," Ron said, and headed for the door again. "If you can handle him," he nodded at Drakken.

"If he's not amped up any longer, he's a piece of cake," Shego assured Ron, eyeing the still groaning Drakken. "Soggy cake."

"Wade," Kim asked as she staggered over to stand over Drakken, holding the Kimmunicator over him.

"Definitely safe," Wade nodded. "Somehow, we managed to bleed off the alien frequency pulse, and excised it through the dimensional rift. Only I'm not sure how he managed to stay here this time."

"Maybe because he was never part of that dimension in the first place," Kim suggested. "So controlling the rift only allowed the foreign pulse to be sent back, and it left Drakken here because he actually belonged here."

"Uh, sure," Wade shrugged, clearly at a loss just then. "That works."
"Whatever. You're saying he won't go boom now," Shego demanded.

"No," Wade assured her.

"And he's…..normal again? I mean, normal for him?"

"Absolutely," Wade nodded on the small screen of the Kimmunicator.

"Good," Shego growled, and jerked him to his feet to hold him by his ratty coat even as he was trying to crawl away by then "Because I still owe him something."

"Now, Shego," he whimpered, "Remember, we're still one big, evil fam….."

"Family," Shego snarled, and cocked a glowing fist. "You targeted my little girl, and you blew up my car!"

"Shegoooo," Drakken howled as the blow sent him sailing into a nearby wall to hit face first.

"All yours, guys," she smiled as he slid down the wall even as several Global Justice agents appeared in the door.

"Feel better," Kim smiled.

"More importantly, do you? Don't think I didn't notice you shaking when you stood up."

"No big," Kim smiled. "I was just a little dazed. That sound really rattled me for a minute, but I'm good now."


Outside the still open lair door, the sounds of renewed battle sounded, and the shouts and cries of more than a few voices were easily heard.

"C'mon," Kim smiled. "Let's go show them how it's done," she said as the agents present began to cuff Drakken, and the other mostly unconscious villains around them.

Including Jack Hench who had yet to wake up.


"….And the look on your face when you tried to light up," Shego laughed.

"So I don't glow anymore," she huffed. "I guess that sonic backlash kind of tapped me out," she shrugged. "It's still no big. I still had my battle-suit. And my cybertronic ace-in-the-hold."

"Good thing," Shego smirked. "I thought that walking fire hazard was going to burn you to a crisp for a minute there," she laughed as Amy rolled her eyes at the pair still bickering as they sat eyeing one another cross the table.

"Do you have to talk shop while we're eating," Amy sighed.

"I thought you liked our adventures," Shego grinned knowingly at her.

"Well, not when I'm trying to eat. I mean, did you have to be so detailed about that tentacle guy, or that globby thing."

"Slime? Seriously," Shego asked Kim. "Who would actually call themselves Slime? For that matter, why let yourself get turned into a….."

"Mom," Amy groaned, dropping her fork.

"Guess you don't want dessert," Kim teased.

"So long as it's not Jell-O," Amy complained.

Both women laughed.


"You're probably wondering why I called you," Dr. Director asked as Wade studied her over the monitor screen after the head of Global Justice messaged him only after she had ensured that Kim and Shego were both gone.

"No, it's obvious," Wade nodded knowingly. "You're wondering if the sonic explosion permanently sapped Kim's apparent comet powers. Or if they affected her cybertronic bonds."

"Indeed," the one-eyed woman grumbled, wondering if she was ever going to surprise the young man who was still one of the five smartest people on the planet.

"Yes," she grimly admitted. "So, do you have an answer?"

Wade sighed, and eyed her.

"Not just yet. It's obvious that Kim's…..enhancements were maxxed-out to protect her from the sonic burst released from Drakken when we de-powered him. Even I can't tell if that completely sapped her, or if she was simply drained her available reserves for the moment. All I can tell you is that she is still in control of her cybertronic interface. As to the rest, we'll know when we know."

Dr. Director groaned.

"Before, or after, we face another lawsuit? Because her current neighbors are still less than understanding of her concept of playing."

"Well, even I didn't realize she could set off a sympathetic vibration that turned the echoes of impact with their new, steel fence into artificial thunder like that," Wade admitted.

Betty resisted the urge to roll her good eye.

"Just keep me posted. If she does still possess her comet energies, we need to know, and make allowances."

"I'll let you know when I know," Wade assured her. "So far, though, Kim said she's just her cybertronic shield. Apparently, the overload also shorted her shape-shifting ability, though, so she's not quite as versatile as before."

"I am not complaining," the head of Global Justice sighed.

"Meanwhile, what about the case against Jack?"

"I'm sure you've heard. He's arguing entrapment."

"I'm sending you a file. It has all the surveillance footage from the lair where he risked facing Kim and Shego. Including his impromptu confession. Added to his presence in the Tinker's lair, I think even that moron prosecuting him should manage a conviction."

Dr. Director eyed her computer, flickering as the data stream began to flow despite the fact she knew GJ supposedly had the best firewalls available.

"Hopefully, you are right," was all she said before she closed their connection.


"I'm bored," Kim murmured, sitting in the living room a few weeks later, staring at nothing.

Shego sat beside her on the couch, and eyed the TV as it played a midday newscast.

"Well, with Jack, and Drew behind bars, a lot of the usual mischief-makers are sidelined just now," Shego reminded her. "And I don't mind for a single instant."

"I'm still bored," Kim muttered. "Wanna spar," she smiled faintly.

"I have to go pick up Amy from school pretty soon. I don't have time to spar," Shego told her.

"It won't take that long….."

"Sparring with you always seems to involve police, and judges of late," Shego scowled at her. "Now, be quiet, I'm watching the news."

"What news," Kim sputtered, gesturing at the TV as she added, "Nothing's happening."

"Exactly, and I like hearing about that," Shego nodded firmly.

Kim shot her a sour look.

"That makes no sense at all," Kim complained.

"Look, we told Bets, and the cops, that we'd behave this week. So, sit there, be quiet, and….."

Shego's words trailed off as Kim turned slightly to stare pointedly at her.

"What," Shego asked, looking uneasy over the way Kim was eyeing her.

"Well, we do have time, and….. We never did quite figure out just where we were going?"

"We….were going?"

"You know, back when you kissed me," Kim smiled.

"Uh, actually, I think you….."

Kim kissed her.

She leaned over, pecking her lips. Then left them there, pressing slightly as their pillowed flesh melded, and Shego felt her eyes round before slowly drooping.

Then Kim's smaller hands were on her shoulders, sliding around her back, and pulling her closer.


"Kimmmmm," she sighed, but let the redhead kiss her.

"See," Kim smiled, leaning back just when Shego was ready to embrace her in turn. "We obviously have something to talk about here."

"T-Talk," Shego grit out, staring at her as she felt her lips pulsing from that too brief contact.

Kim smiled.


Shego lunged at her, and the rolled off the couch, slammed into the coffee table, which shattered under their weight, and then they were on the floor. Each of them trying to be the one on top as hands and lips moved to duel and dominate the other.


"You're late," Amy complained when Shego pulled up in front of the school later that afternoon. "Did you have another mission?"

"Uh, not exactly," Shego said, blushing green as she tugged her blouse's neck up as Amy climbed into the car.

"Hey? Is that….? You have a hickey," the teen grinned at her mother.

"Uhm, no."

"Yes, you do," Amy grinned.

"No, I don't," Shego protested. "I don't a hickey, I….."

"Whoa. So, you and Kim are getting…..closer?"

"That's not an issue, right," Shego asked, not quite sure she liked her daughter's smug grin.

"Not a bit. So, you guys are staying together."

"I guess. For now, at least. We're still…..negotiating," Shego murmured, putting the car in drive as she headed for the motel she had rented for the night.

"Uh, isn't the house….? Are we eating out?"

"You could say that," Shego sighed.


"And we're staying at the Motor Lodge for the next few nights," Shego added.

"We are? Why?"

"Well, we might have….inadvertently…..put a few holes in the walls. And roof. And…..there's some question about structural integrity just now while the city assesses the damage…."

"Mom! What happened?"

"Kim….. Well, she definitely still has her comet powers," Shego sighed.

"And you sparred in the house?"

"Not….technically," Shego blushed again.

"Mom, what happened," Amy asked.

Shego couldn't help but blush again.

"I'll explain everything. After we go bail Kim out again."

"Bail her out? Again? What for now?"

"Uhm, indecent exposure," Shego blushed emerald, knowing she had only escaped that one by ducking into the garage, and grabbing a spare jumpsuit she wore for working on things around the house.

Still, the nosy neighbor had been adamant about pressing charges again, and they hadn't been able to get in touch with Betty at the time, so there was nothing she could do since she had to go pick up Amy. Leave it to Kimmie to turn a little impromptu necking into a full-contact sport, though.

"Wow," was all Amy said as they headed uptown.

"Yeah," Shego couldn't help but smile, recalling just how that sport had gone for a while. Until Kim's powers chose to manifest right in the middle of her very spirited foreplay.

Actually, that had been fun.

A lot of fun.

In fact, she realized she had been having more fun since Kim's return than in the past seven years. She couldn't wait to see what happened next. First, though, she had to go get her out of jail.

Which, naturally, was when a very furious Dr. Director finally called back.

"Need I even ask," the one-eyed pain in her backside grumbled.

"Uh, maybe?"

"Shego," Betty demanded. "My agent reported that half your roof was destroyed. Is Kimberly losing control?"

"Only when she orgasms," Shego blurted, then blushed anew as Amy burst into laughter.

"What," Betty Director sputtered, looking at a genuine loss for words just then as her expression was stunned as Shego glanced at the communicator screen built into her new car's dash.

"Uh, I'll explain later. Gotta go bail the nut out."


"I'm never going to hear the end of this one," Shego sighed as Amy continued to giggle.