Adameus Fletcher (Head Gamemaker):

I stand offstage, ready for my interview with Tristan Honeybee that all of Panem to hear. Since the reapings will be happening tomorrow, President Trekk is counting on me to pump up the Capitol. I look down, and notice that my palms are sweating. This is only my second year as Head Gamemaker, so I'm very nervous. Besides, the President has already told me that this year needs to be more exciting than last year, despite the fact that last year was a Quarter Quell. He told me that he was satisfied by last year's performance, but not fully impressed. Basically, if I don't make it a more interesting game than last year, I'm off the job; or worse.

Finally, the voice of Tristan Honeybee pierces the air. "Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to talk to the man who makes it all happen, Head Gamemaker Adameus Fletcher!" I walk onstage to a roar of applause. As nervous as I am, the amount of applause is comforting. I walk over to my chair, right next to Tristan, who is wearing a gold sequined suit. "How are you today, Mr. Head Gamemaker?"

"I'm quite fine," I say. "Yourself?"

"Oh I'm very excited for the upcoming Hunger Games. Tell me, how do you plan to live up to last year's Quarter Quell?"

"You'll just have to trust me on this one," I say. "These Games will be better than ever!"

Here's just a short intro to my SYOT, which will be a sequel to my last story, the 125th Hunger Games. (If you haven't read it yet, I would consider reading it before I start posting the chapters for this one.) I'm still accepting tributes until Friday. You can find the tribute form and more info on what tributes still need to be submitted on my profile. Thanks! :-)