Author's note: I was inspired to write this poem after finishing the Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom anime series for a class assignment. My classmates enjoyed it and I hope that you shall too.

The Assassin's Mind

Written by M. F.

Half of my soul sleeps within this tortured mind that is in an eternal struggle,

Against a foe that I cannot predict and defeat my only choice is to defend,

My mind from this subconscious threat that can kill over a thousand men,

With deadly control over my body and mind it creates unwanted trouble,

So I can only watch and do nothing as I commit acts that are amoral,

Willingly egger to destroy humanity while wearing a mask of sin,

I patiently wait for all the ceaseless bloodshed to finally end,

All of my future hope and sanity lost in a downward spiral,

My defense is gone as I fall into the blood soaked chasm,

The red twilight darkness consuming all of my soul,

Forever lost and without a way for me to return,

I am nothing more than a puppet-like phantom,

Trapped inside my mind's hellish inferno,

It is for that final exit of death that I now yearn.