Short Stories of SG-1

By Moon Fox

Ratings: The stories here will be PG or lower

Disclaimer: Only the creative plots, original characters, and other stuff that makes absolutely no sense are mine.

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Some of the stories will be crossovers, you will be warned on this intro page if that is so.

Table Of Contents

Title: What Are The Chances

Summery: AU The CMC gets a new shrink

Where: Chapter Two

Title: The Needles Point

Summery: Some time with out thought while climbing


Where: Chapter Three

Title: One-Eyed Jacks

Summery: X-over with Farscape. Two friends out fishing.

Got sick of waiting for my editor, so here it is mistakes and all.

Update: A day after I posted this my editor saw it *Hehehe* and Abigor apologized, profusely.

Where: Chapter Four

Title: My World

Summery: Sequel to One-Eyed Jacks.  Little John comes home.

!!!!!Spoilers:  Kansas and Terra Firma!!!!!


Where: Chapter 5

Title: (Sequel to 'My World' planned)

Title: (Sequel to What Are the Chances planned)