Author: Moon Fox      

Rating: mild PG

Summery: Little John comes home

Spoilers: SG- general knowledge up through s6, FS- Kansas, Terra Firma.  General- Some things might be a bit confusing if you haven't read the prequel.

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"Sir, NORAD picked up a ship appearing in orbit."

"What do you mean 'Appearing' Lieutenant?" The bald General asked with concern.

"We're picking up some weird gravimetric readings from the point in space they came out of." A female sergeant yelled from across the room.  Before the General could ask she hollered out the unasked answer, "Sir," she turned to him with a look of dread, "It's a self contained wormhole."

General George Hammond wiped the sweat from his brow and turned back to the Lieutenant, "What kind of ship is it?  Do we have any satillite feed on it?"

"Sir, I'm patching a feed through to station six."  Someone else in the now crowded room told him.

One mention of a ship and nearly everyone at the SGC scrambled into their emergency positions.  Hammond looked over each one of them and nodded his approval of their efficiency.  This was not the first time an alien vessel had come into orbit above the green and blue rock called Earth, and it most definitely would not be the last.  "Do we know what kind of ship it is yet?" He was starting to become a bit impatient.

"Uh… No, sir, its like nothing we've seen before…" The lieutenant watched his monitor intensely. "Sir, more data is coming in!"

"Well?" Hammond asked.

"Sir, it appears to be a biologic craft."

"And that means?" Hammond inquired.

The lieutenant drew a deep breath, "Sir, its alive."


Hammond looked over his people sitting in the conference room.  Eyeing each of them up seriously to see their reactions.  "What's left now is for me to contact the President with an update, and for us to decide what to do."

"I think we should make contact with it, sir." Major Carter offered, her eyes sparkling with the idea of a living ship.  "This ship has been hiding in the moons shadow now for three days.  It doesn't seem to pose any threat."

"Carter, they could just be waiting for the rest of their force."  O'Neill quipped.

She gave him the typical look of disbelief, "I don't think so, sir…"

General Hammond cut her off, "Major, it's a possibility we have to consider before the rest of the world finds out."

"Couldn't we at least try to make contact?"  Jonas asked timidly.  "if it doesn't answer, then…"  The young alien trailed off.

Amidst protest, the General raised his hand in a call for silence. "I concur.  Now, lets try this peacefully first but, I want The Prometheus ready to be put into orbit." He looked pointedly at Colonel Renson.  "I don't want to take any chances.   Major Carter, contact the Tok'ra, see if they know anything.  Jonas and Teal'c  I need the two of you to contact the Asgard."  He continued on with specialized orders and finally dismissed the gathering.

As everyone else rushed off, O'Neill limped along slowly knowing his knee was the only thing keeping him here.  Two weeks ago SG-1 had gone to a planet with lots of snow, as they came back through the gate, O'Neill slipped on the ramp in his wet boots, jarring his already arthritic joint.  With the temporary aid of a cane he was currently out of commission.  For some reason he was now glad for this.   If asked, he couldn't explain it, just a feeling in his gut that he needed to be here.

When they finally made contact, O'Neill's eyes widened when the woman's voice on the other end said the name 'Commander John Crichton'  he reached passed the man at the com to hit the mute button and turned to the General.  "With your permission, Sir?"  He asked motioning to the coms system.  Hammond nodded, wondering if it was really a good idea to let his brash XO talk to the aliens.

"Ah, Moya, this is Earth, can you give us some proof about how you know Commander Crichton?"

The female voice let out an exasperated sigh, "Well, we have his Farscape ship on board."

The Colonel mouthed an 'Oh', and cast a silent request toward Hammond.


"Colonel, I'm not sure I like where this is going."  Hammond looked at him concerned.

O'Neill sighed, "General, I don't think, if they're telling the truth, they have any idea about the SGC.  I think we should keep it that way.  Let someone else make 'first contact'."

"And who do you think that should be?"

"Well," he started guiltily, "Actually Jack Crichton."

Hammond silently reviewed the situation.  He knew the personal stake his XO had in this, and was surprised that he didn't want to just rush off to this vessel personally.  "I'll see what the President says."

(A few hours later)

He sat at his desk the phone held to his ear with a shoulder, trying to type out some report or another.  Someone on the other end finally picked up the line.

"Hello?" A woman's voice questioned.

"Hey, Olivia, its Uncle Jack, is your pops there?"

"Well, hello to you too, Uncle, long time, no talk, eh?" She stated, the O'Neill sarcasm slipping through before she chuckled, "Yes, let me get him."

After a few moments an older male voice spoke into the phone, "Hi."'


"Jack!"  The two laughed at the long since old joke. "How're you doing?"

"Oh, you know, same old same old." Something in his voice alerted Crichton.

"Really?"  He asked suspiciously.

"No, I just thought I'd give you a heads up."


"Well, you remember our fishing trip last year?"

"Quit beating around the bush, O'Neill. Sheesh, your as bad as my mother-in-law." Crichton chuckled, "So, really, what's up?"

A few moments of silence passed before O'Neill spoke, "IASA might be calling you soon,  I already made some arrangements on your behalf.   You might get to see your son again." The sound of the phone dropping on the other end startled Jack. 

It was retrieved quickly,  Crichton sounded short of breath, "Are you serious?"

O'Neill nodded, then realized his friend couldn't see him, "Yeah, maybe.  Just do me a favor?"


"We never had this conversation."   As he said it, he knew it sounded like some old 70's spy show.

Crichton chuckled, "I understand.  Thanks for everything, friend."   Without a good bye, the two men hung up.


John rubbed his temples brutally, trying to find a way to make them all understand that what was out there was not friendly.  He had begun to realize the short-sightedness in his race and it was giving him a head ache.  His nephew running around with the camera, trying to explain the technology, and dealing with his dad… it was becoming too much, and he just wanted a break.  Fate appeared unkind when a man wearing a uniform arrived at the door of the safe house.

"Commander Crichton?" He asked and received a scowling glare, "I'm Major Paul Davis, can I speak with you a minute?"

John nodded mutely and allowed the man entrance. "So," he began sarcastically, thumbing his nose at the officer, "Here to pick my brain for more intergalactic secrets?  No, no wait, you want to ask that I quit pushing for wanting this project to be international?"

Davis stifled a chuckle and raised an eyebrow, "Oh, I can see the family relation. And actually I'm not here for either of those reasons, Commander."

"What family relation?" his curiosity peaked.

"I work with your uncle, Colonel O'Neill.  He'd like to meet with you, but his schedule is a bit hectic, so…"

"So?  He couldn't take some leave to come see his nephew returned from the dead?"

"Actually, Commander, he'd like me to invite you to visit him.  Perhaps give you a chance to slip away from this whole media circus?" Davis continued quickly, "You can bring one of your companions along as well."

"Uh huh,  Frell, why not?" An insane grin spread across John's features. "Hey, Aeryn pack some things, we're getting out of here for a while."


From Florida to Colorado they flew in a private jet with the Major.  Davis initially attempted some polite conversation in which John only stared blankly at him.  Once into the arid mountains a car took them to the Cheyenne Mountain Complex.  An elevator took them to a level where John and Aeryn were left to sit in a non-descript room and wait.  

John sat stoically bored flicking imaginary dust flecks off the table before him while Aeryn paced.  It didn't take long for an officer to come in, setting two files on the table she  extended her hand, "Hi, I'm Samantha Carter."

"I thought," John started impatiently, "that I was gonna see my uncle."

"You will," Carter assured him with a smile, "and then some, but first I need both of you to sign these." She handed a file to each of them.

John rolled his eyes and tossed his back on the table, "No go, nuh uh, sorry, try door number two next time." He clicked his tongue inside his cheek.

Carter was taken back by his venom momentarily. "It's a simple non-disclosure form, Commander."

The door opened behind John, and he watched Carter look up and shrug.  A sharp pain to the back of his skull had him leaping to his feet and spinning before he could register what happened.  He came face to face with the man he came here to see.  "Jack." He said simply.

O'Neill grinned goofily, "John!"  His face turned serious, "sign the damn form."

It took Crichton a moment to register that the man before him was real, and finally someone he knew who didn't treat him as some sort of hero.  He chuckled, "Good to see you, Uncle Jack!"

"You too, now sign the form, before I turn you over my knee and beat the living hell outta you for being a pain." 

Though it was a threat he knew his uncle would never follow through with, he signed the paper and nodded to Aeryn that she do the same. 

Carter kept a somewhat straight face through the exchange and gathered the papers together once they were finished.  This was the first time she had seen or known about her CO's family other than his ex and son.  It amazed her with the similarities, and although she would have wanted to stay and watch she knew it wouldn't be right.  So she turned to Aeryn, "Hey, what do you say we let these two catch up and I'll show you around?"

The Sebaccean's brow furrowed, she looked at John – who nodded – and then followed Carter out. 

Jack hobbled over to the chair opposite his nephew and sat down with a sigh

"What happened to your knee?"

"Oh, I…"'

Unauthorized incoming wormhole!  All Security personnel to designated position!  Unauthorized incoming wormhole!  Klaxons begin wailing and red warning lights spun around casting an eerie glow through the halls.

O'Neill jumped to his feet, as much as possible, and began running and limping down the halls to and elevator.  John jogged close behind him.  As they reached the elevator O'Neill waited for the questions to begin.  It was a relatively short wait.

"Incoming wormhole?!?!  Please tell me you aren't frelling with my friends only way back?" He leveled an accusing gaze on his uncle.

"What?  Do I look like the type that would do something like that?"  O'Neill questioned his nephew cynically, "Naw, we got our own to mess with." A typical O'Neill smirk played across his lips.

The finally reached the lower levels of  the base and the older led them to the observation room.  The iris was closed, the wormhole casting light on the wall behind it and soldiers stood below with weapons pointed toward the phenomenon.  Carter and Aeryn came up beside the men.  "What the frell is that?" the Sebaccean asked.

Carter looked to her CO for permission, before he could nod the technician sitting in front of them facing the gate yelled out, "Receiving Tok'ra idc!"

"Open Iris," O'Neill told him and then turned to his nephew, "How 'bout a crash course in Allies and snakes this side of the galaxy?"