Chapter 1

This story is in an AU. The curse is supposed to break after 23 years and was cast by Cora. Cora and Rumpel hate each other and Regina is Rumpel's daughter. Snow went with Emmet through the wardrobe and raised him. Regina is 23 in that story but there is no little Henry.

Emmet Swan was laying in his bed with his arms crossed behind his head. His girlfriend Regina was laying with her head on his chest and slept peacefully. The sun was raking over her naked back and he admired the sight. He smiled and wrapped an arm around her. She sighed and snuggled closer. "I know you are awake." Emmet said amused and Regina shook her head. "Too early..." She muttered and he kissed her head. "You need to be going in an hour. You said that yesterday." He answered and scooted a bit down before he turned on his side and faced her. Her short black hair fell in front of her eyes. She snuggled closer and wrapped her arms around him tighter. "We can leave them wait." Regina answered. "Another forced date with your mother and a man?" "Yes..." Regina mumbled and sighed.

"You should tell them." Emmet told her and kissed her head. "They are going to doubt it..." Regina answered and sighed. "They'll never believe that we are together since 3 years." Regina answered and pushed Emmet on his back and leaned over him. "Mmm... you are dressed in my favorite things." He said with a grin and Regina chuckled. "You too." She answered and her hand travelled down to his crotch. He moaned and pulled her down on him to kiss her. She straddled him and he quickly searched for a condom in his nightstand. When he found it Regina quickly rolled it on. "Morning wood?" She asked amused and he grinned. "Tactic." He answered with a wink and his hand snuck between her legs. She gasped and threw her head back.

Regina rocked herself on his fingers until she was wet and then guided his cock in her. He thrusted up in her and she moaned. "Emmet..." Regina repeatedly called his name and he grabbed her by her hips and pulled her down on his cock. Soon they neared their orgasms and came hard together. Regina sunk down and rested her head on his chest to catch her breath. She rolled off of him and sighed contently. "You want to tell them?" He asked and Regina smiled. "I thought I just did." Regina said cheekily and he grinned. "How about we tell them at the christmas party?" Emmet asked and turned on his side again to face her. "That's after you went through all of your dates, you can invite them and your parents and then rub it in their faces that you already got yourself a man." He suggested and kissed her softly.

She smiled. "You just want me to make them jealous with you." Regina answered amused and he smiled sheepishly. "I love you... and I like it when others don't have what I have." He told her and she chuckled. "Fine. We are telling them at the party. But until then we keep quiet about us, okay?" She asked and he nodded. "I promise." He answered and kissed her softly. He looked over to the clock and sighed. "You have to get up if you want to take a shower." He told her and she sighed. They got up and he followed her to the shower. He had moved into the small apartment 4 years ago and had met Regina on his first day. He smiled when he remembered their first meeting.

Emmet just carried his last things into the apartment. His mother Snow had showed him the cursed town in Maine. Cursed town... it still sounded so surreal. His mother had told him about this town when he had gotten 13 years old. That had been 6 years ago. He didn't wanted to live with her though because he had seen a few cute girls and even if the time stopped here he could still have his fun. His mother had moved into the neighbor house though and she had told him to come over the moment he had settled in. He placed the box down and hurried downstairs. He walked over to his mother's house. But he ran and missed the young woman in front of him.

He knocked her over and fell on her. "Uff..." The woman said beneath him and he quickly got off of her. They both sat on the ground and the woman looked at him surprised. "Hi..." She said and sat up. Emmet blushed. "Hi... uh... sorry... didn't saw you." He told her and the woman smiled. "I see. I'm not that tall anyway, you had no chance." The woman joked and Emmet smiled amused. He stood up and offered her his hand. She took it and he pulled her up. "Wow... you are really pretty small." He said and grinned at her. "5'4...Hopefully I grow a bit more 5'6 or 5'7 would be ideal." The woman said and Emmet smiled. "Anyway, I'm Regina Gold. Who are you?" She extended her hand and he took it. His breath caught in his throat when he felt the softness of her hand and saw the lovely smile on her lips. "E-emmet Swan." He answered. "I just moved here today and wanted to help my mother. She moved into that house." Emmet nodded to the house next to them and Regina turned to look at it.

"My parents and I lived there when I was a baby... before they divorced..." Regina answered and sighed. "Oh... I'm sorry... my father was taken from me a few hours after I was born..." Emmet said and Regina looked at him sympathetically. "I'm sorry for your loss, I bet he was a good man." She told him and squeezed his arm softly. Emmet shrugged. "My mother always says that he was a good man..." He told her and she smiled at that. "I'm sorry that you couldn't meet him but obviously you inherited his traits." She said and he sighed. "Maybe..." He answered and his mother left the house. "Emmet, honey." She called and Regina turned around. "Good morning, Miss Swan." She politely greeted and extended her hand to Snow. "Regina Gold." She said and Emmet watched his mother closely. She paled and she seemed to remember Regina.

"Snow Swan." She answered and Regina tilted her head amused. "That's... quite an interesting name." Regina told her and Snow smiled hesitantly. "I remember your parents..." Snow said and Regina opened her mouth surprised. "You... know my parents?" She asked. "I thought... you just moved here..." Regina looked between Emmet and Snow. "Before Emmet's time... when I was together with his father... your parents were fighting a lot. It was almost scary... Your mother was a complete maniac..." Snow rambled and Regina opened her mouth surprised. "Did you just insult my mother openly?" She asked and Snow shut her mouth. "I bet she didn't mean it like that." Emmet tried to aid her mother. "If that's true then I'm pretty disappointed. Only my 'granny' and my father openly insult my mother... that's... amazing that someone has the balls to call her on her shit." Regina answered and Emmet smiled. Snow looked around nervously.

"It was partly her fault that Emmet lost his father..." Snow confessed and Regina gritted her teeth. Anger was seeping into her body. "Are you okay?" Emmet asked and Regina nodded. "I just think I need to talk to someone." She gritted out and Emmet tilted his head. "Uh... before you go... Mom could you please go back into the house?" Emmet started and stopped Regina from moving away with one hand. Snow shook Regina's hand goodbye and then made her way back into the house. "I have a boyfriend." Regina said before he could open his mouth and Emmet shrugged. She opened her mouth when he just shrugged at that and he smiled at her. "You still can give me your number. I would like to hang out with you..." Emmet answered. A bit braver than before.

"I should say no because of my boyfriend and that you just shrugged at that comment but you are quite charming so... yes." She told him and he gave her his phone. She tipped her number in and saved it. She winked at him and walked past him. "Will we see each other the next few days?" He asked her and Regina turned to him. "Maybe." She answered and smiled cheekily at him. "But the next time, please don't run me over. The pavement is maybe new but still it hurts a lot." Emmet opened his mouth and she saluted slightly before she walked away. Emmet checked her out. God, she had a lovely ass.

Emmet got out of his memory and saw Regina grinning at him happily. She pulled him into the shower and kissed him. He kissed her back and trapped her against the shower wall. They didn't do anything and just showered contently. Afterwards they dressed and Regina left the house quickly and looked around to be not seen by anyone. She made her way to her mother's house. She was ten minutes late and sighed when her mother scolded at her. "Regina... Robin waited for you already." Cora said and Regina sighed. "I'm sorry, mother..." She answered and walked into the living room. She saw Robin's uncomfortable gaze. "Come." She just said and Robin got up. He followed Regina and Cora wanted to follow her too but she stopped her with a hand on her chest. "No mother. I'm doing this alone. It's a date. A date is only between two people." She said and Cora huffed.

Regina led Robin to the park and they sat down. "You are gay." Regina said and Robin looked down. "Yes..." He mumbled. "Why are you doing this then?" She asked and looked at him. "Because of my parents..." He answered and Regina wrapped an arm around him. Emmet was walking towards them with Graham who was his best friend and gay too. He was forced to a date with Regina by her father. "Hey, guys." Emmet said and Robin blushed. "Hi..." He said and Regina got up. She tugged him on his feet before she hugged Emmet tightly. "We'll just have to tell Sydney, Kilian and Daniel." She whispered and they smiled at each other. Graham started talking to Robin who started blushing at first before he warmed up to Graham. "So... you and Emmet?" Robin asked shyly and Graham laughed. "Emmet? He is straighter then anything on the world. Regina and him are a couple... na, we are just best friends." Graham said and Robin looked over to them in awe.

"Why are Cora and Gold trying to set her up then?" Robin asked confused. "Because they are in secret. It just never really happened that they came out to anyone." Graham explained. "You want to eat something at the diner with them? We need to keep cover for them." Graham said and Robin nodded blushing. Graham chuckled about that. "What?" Robin asked confused and Graham smiled. "Just too cute how much you are blushing." He said and saw how Regina and Emmet walked towards the diner. He placed a hand on Robin's lower back and led him after them. Robin never felt better than the moment Graham placed his hand on his back and led him like a boyfriend to the diner. He didn't took his hand away either and Robin smiled widely. He always had a little crush on the sheriff's son. Graham always was fascinated by the young man who was against the rich and loved the forest.

They entered the diner and sat down in a booth. Emmet and Regina joked around. Graham and Robin got closer. They talked a lot and found out that they had the same secret passion. The forest. They both loved being out in the forest and they loved to hear nothing but the animals and the wind rushing through the trees. Later Graham excused himself on the toilet and Robin watched him go. "God... are you blind or just too shy?" Regina asked. "That was your go to follow him." Emmet added and Robin opened his mouth surprised. "Go." Regina urged him with a soft smile. Robin nodded and quickly walked to the restroom. Graham was standing against a toilet stall and grinned. "You needed long to catch up." He said and Robin blushed. Graham pulled Robin by his jacket towards him and then kissed him lovingly. Robin felt his heart skip a beat and cupped his cheek.

Graham pressed him against the wall and kissed his neck happily. "Graham..." Robin moaned and ran a hand through Graham's hair. Robin cupped his cheeks again and they parted. "Wow..." Robin said and smiled. "Wow indeed..." Graham answered. "Come at my place tonight." Robin opened his mouth surprised. "Having a nice diner without anyone watching us." Robin nodded with a giant smile and Graham stepped away. "We need to go." Robin followed Graham like a lovesick puppy and Regina and Emmet smiled knowingly.