Chapter 1

Regina never had sex with anyone. Snow is under the sleeping curse.

"Stay away from Henry during his school time." Regina hissed into Emmet's face and Emmet sighed. "He came to me. I didn't distract him willingly, Regina." He answered and stepped closer. Regina took a shaky breath due their proximity. Regina caught herself quickly and stepped a bit back. "Just don't let it happen again." She mumbled and turned away. Emmet felt quite aroused and studied Regina's body, especially her ass. God, he loved her ass. Quickly he turned to the station and got in. He was relieved to know that Graham wouldn't come in because he had his free day.

Emmet sat down on his chair and opened his pants. He felt his erected cock pressing against his shorts. He pulled his cock out and stroked it contently. He closed his eyes and thought about the hotheaded woman of his dreams. He loved her tight ass, her firm breasts, her scar above her upper lip. But the most he loved her eyes. He could read her easily even when others couldn't. He thought about how tight she would be when he would enter her. He thought about how she would arch into his body. Of how she would wrap her legs around his waist to keep him close.

"Interesting, interesting." Gold surprised him and Emmet directly rolled with his legs under the desk. He blushed and looked to Gold. "You didn't need to stop." Gold taunted him and Emmet glared at him. "What do you want?" Emmet growled. "Confirming something I heard about." "What's that?" Emmet asked. "That Regina is turning the heads of the young men. But that she also is a little slut." Gold answered and Emmet narrowed his eyes. "She is not." Emmet hissed. "I have pictures of her having sex with 4 men... and I want her to suffer." Gold said. "Then I'm going to arrest you." Emmet said and Gold chuckled.

"No, you won't. Because if you do I make sure that the pictures are on every page of The mirror and every other newspaper here in Storybrooke." Gold answered and Emmet gritted his teeth. "And what is stopping you?" Emmet asked. "Nothing... I just need you to hurt her." Gold answered. "I won't do anything to hurt her!" Emmet barked and Gold chuckled. "You will because you couldn't endure it when everyone would see her like that." Gold answered. "So be a good boy and choose an option. Get her pregnant or toy with her feelings. What will it be?"

"Pregnant..." Emmet said and looked on his desk. Gold smiled amused. "Good boy." He purred and started to make his way out of the station. "I would use a fleshlight as training. If you don't keep up long enough with her she is going to kick you out of her bed faster than you can even say her name." Gold said and left the station. He sighed. "I hope that was satisfying enough, Arwen." He said to the for others invisible ghost next to him. "Thank you. Now my friend the fate can do her work and you will meet your son in near future." Arwen said and disappeared.

Emmet got up and stuffed his cock in his pants again. He knew that if he wanted to have sex with her he had to do something in her eyes interesting. He would ask her for a date. A surprise date. He got up confidentially and grabbed his keys before he drove over to the mayoral office in the city hall. Regina's secretary was gone but the door to her office was slightly open. He peered in and saw Regina completely engrossed in her work. He had never seen her with a ponytail and found it incredible cute. He knocked and pushed the door open a bit. Regina looked up and seemed confused.

"Sheriff Swan... what are you doing here?" She asked and got up. She rounded her desk and crossed her arms. "I wanted to ask you out but then I realized that you are much too prude for something simple like that and wouldn't agree anyway... so I guess I'm going again." He said. He knew that he had perked her interest. "Why would you think that I'm a prude?" "You are pretty uptight. And you always freak out about everything. Not up for fun or anything else." He answered and turned back to her. " You take that back." She hissed and he shook his head. "Show me that you aren't a prude." He whispered in her ear and she gulped quietly.

"What do you want to do?" Regina asked and looked in his face. "I was thinking about camping but a woman like you would never agree to that." Emmet teased her and Regina gritted her teeth. "Fine." She hissed and Emmet chuckled. "Great. I'll get you tomorrow at 7pm." He answered and turned away. Regina growled. "I need to find someone for Henry! How long do you even think about going?" Regina asked and followed him. "Let's see about that, don't you think?" He just asked and left. Regina huffed and grabbed her things before she went home.

"Henry! Could you come downstairs for a second, please?" Regina called upstairs and placed her files on a drawer. Henry came downstairs and Regina smiled softly at him. "I have a slight arrangement going on with your father and therefore you have to sleep over at a friend's place..." She started and Henry tilted his hair. "Arrangement?" He asked. "A bet..." She huffed and Henry chuckled. "I'll ask Nicholas." Henry said and Regina smiled softly. "Otherwise you'll get a babysitter." She told him and he hugged her. "What is he forcing you to do?" Henry asked and looked up. Regina sighed. "Camping... What does someone wear for camping?" Regina asked and Henry smiled.

"I'm gonna help you." Henry said and grabbed her hand and tugged her upwards. Regina smiled and followed him. Together they packed a bag for her camping trip before they snuggled up on the couch and watched a movie together.

Emmet was in his bedroom and jerking off again. He needed to train a bit to hold on longer. He moaned loudly, completely forgetting that David was in the kitchen cooking. He started to change his paces from fast to slow back to fast again. He teased his tip and bit his lip aroused. He thought of Regina writhing underneath him, asking him for more. He wouldn't make her beg. He knew that she had to beg countless times in her life but he wouldn't make her beg for him. He imagined himself kissing her sensually while keeping her close to his body. Cherish every available inch of her hot body.

He felt himself cumming hard and gasped slightly. The door opened and David turned directly away again. "Oh god, Emmet! You definitely need a woman!" David shouted and Emmet quickly pulled the covers over his lap. "You could have knocked." Emmet countered. "And I have a date with our dear mayor tomorrow. A date where I plan to sleep with her." David turned back to him and crossed his arms. "Don't hurt her though." "Don't know if this thing here can prevent that." Emmet said with a smirk and David rolled his eyes amused.

"But I won't hurt her like you mean... I like her actually..." Emmet confessed and David smiled. "I know. I hear you every time after you bumped into Regina." David answered and Emmet rolled his eyes. "Where are you taking her?" "I talked her into camping." He answered and David looked impressed. "Wow... how?" He asked and Emmet smiled sheepishly. "I called her a prude and she bit the bait." He answered and David laughed. "Just make it right, dude." David said and Emmet laughed. "I will. No woman ever felt unsatisfied with me." Emmet said and David left the room with a smile.

The next evening he quickly packed his things and then made his way to Regina who was talking to Henry softly. He got out and walked over to her. "Ready, princess?" He teased her and Regina turned around to him. "If you want to call me something like that then rather queen." She answered and he grinned at her amused. "Where is your bag?" He asked and she pointed at the porch and he walked over and grabbed her bag. "Hey kiddo. See you later." He told Henry who nodded and hugged his father.

Regina kissed Henry goodbye and followed Emmet who opened the passenger door for her. "Thank you." She mumbled and he grinned. He closed the door behind her and quickly put her bag in the trunk before he got in himself too and drove to the forest. They arrived and she looked around amazed. "Didn't know that you know such beautiful places." She said and looked around. He got their bags and put them on the ground before he put up a tent. "Sorry but I only have one tent. I guess we have to share." He said and Regina had to hide her smile. She watched him putting the tent up and walked over to the small lake which was directly by the tent.

She slipped out of her shoe and dipped it into the water when suddenly she got grabbed by her hips and pushed into the water. She gasped and then they were under the water. They got up to the surface again and Regina turned to Emmet behind her. "What were you thinking?" Regina hissed and he pulled her towards him. "So?" She asked and studied his face. He laughed and splashed water in her face. She had to smile too and splashed water back so that they soon had a water fight with each other.

An hour later they started to feel cold and got out. "Now I didn't have my towel with me." Regina huffed and Emmet gave her one. She hesitantly took it and started to unbutton her blouse. She let it fall on her bag and started to rub over her skin with the towel. She got another shirt out of her bag and looked around. "Go into the tent. I'm keeping watch." Emmet told her and she looked at him. He had stripped down to his shorts and she gulped quietly. He looked definitely good. She nodded and slipped into the tent. She wrestled herself out of the jeans she had put on for the camping trip. She quickly changed out of everything and put on new dry clothes before she got back out. She saw that Emmet wore a new pair of shorts and was just slipping in new pants.

He turned to her and she studied him again. Her eyes stuck at Emmet's abs and she shivered aroused. He stepped towards her and chuckled. "See what you like, Madame Mayor?" He teased her and Regina's eyes snapped up. "I definitely do." Emmet said and brushed some hair out of her face. She looked into his eyes and took a shaky breath. "Anyway, you hungry?" He asked and stepped away. She missed his closeness but nodded. "Yes..." She mumbled and he got the firewood out of his car which he had taken with him for this moment.

He made a small fire and Regina sat down next to him. Emmet grinned cheekily at her and she tilted her head. "What?" She asked and he shrugged. "You look cute when you are thinking about something but don't know the answer to it." Emmet said and Regina raised an eyebrow. "Right..." She answered and he nodded. "You do look cute. Scrunched up nose, deep in thoughts... a little bit like a small child." "That sounded weird." She said and he nodded laughing. "Definitely. But it reminds me a bit of it." He told her and got two sticks. He put a marshmallow on them and gave one to Regina who looked at it confused.

"You hold it over the fire." He said and she shot him a glare. She put the stick over the fire and waited. Emmet sat down next to her and they looked at each other. "Isn't it much too early for marshmallows?" She asked him and he shrugged. "Don't care." He answered and brushed her hair behind her ear. She blushed and turned her head to the fire again. "They are done." Emmet whispered in her ear and they pulled them to them again. They started eating them and started giggling when they saw how clumsy they were.

Their faces were just inches apart and Regina looked down on his lips. He smiled and cupped her cheek. His thumb brushed over her lips and she parted them slightly. She got slightly closer to him and he leaned in slowly.