Beachhead had to step aside as Dusty and Outback came out of the rec room. Both of them looked annoyed and only muttered attempts at greetings at him in passing. He turned to watch them going down the hallway towards the Joe quarters and shrugged to himself. People got annoyed at times.

Falcon was strutting around the rec room when Beachhead came in to start poking at the battered shelves of books. His voice was smug as he talked to GungHo who was trying to bury his nose in a magazine and ignore the younger Joe. Apparently he was the last Joe in the room and Beachhead guessed the rest had left already to get away from Falcon's mouth. He wasn't the most... appreciated teammate after all.

Falcon was talking loudly. "Hey but check it out, it's not some knock-off! It's a real Rolex. And it's got a 14 carat band and it has a bunch of those jewels in it to make it super accurate. This ain't no hundred dollar watch here." He bent to put his wrist in GungHo's face. "Look, dude... come on, do you have anything even close to this baby?"

GungHo used his magazine to push the hand away. "If you don't take that shiny thing out of my face, I'm going to find out if the water proofing is good against your own stomach acid."

"Huh?" Falcon stepped back while looking slightly confused.

Beachhead snorted in amusement. "He means, he's about to feed you your own watch. I'd back off, kid." He plucked a tattered paperback off the shelf and read the back cover. "Fuckin' romance." He put it back and kept checking the other books. "Ain't there nothin' decent to read in here?"

Falcon abandoned GungHo, probably wisely, and approached Beachhead instead. "Well, he's just a jarhead." He was oblivious to the glares from all of the Joe Marines who happened to be in the room. "Look Beachhead, I got a Rolex. It's a real one too and not some crappy cheap Rolex, it's a expensive one. My great uncle twice removed left it to me in his will!"

Beachhead didn't bother to look. "Yep, nice. Go away now."

Instead, Falcon pushed in to show it off. "It's better than nice. It's awesome. I'd bet you don't have anything half as expensive!"

Beachhead snorted at him. "My watch is Army issued. It don't cost nothing to me."

"Well... but..." Falcon tried harder. "I bet you never inherited anything this nice!"

Now there was a slight twitch as the Ranger straightened up. "I only inherited my sense of duty and responsibility from my family." He stalked out of the room quietly.

Falcon twisted the gold watch around his wrist. "Huh? I don't get it. How's that compare to my watch?"

GungHo lifted his magazine and shook it straight with a smile. "He just made your pretty Rolex look like a cheap county fair prize."