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Ash found himself in a corridor of some sort. People wandered by him, without even noticing he was there. He looked around, feeling as if he should remember this place. It felt strange to be here.

Ash caught a strange movement out of the corner of his eye, and turned quickly. Something was wrong. Something was here that shouldn't be. And he knew what it was.

His eyes followed a man in a long coat. Under the coat, the man's clothes were black. As he passed Ash, his coat parted long enough for Ash to see something suspicious.

It was big.

It was red.

It was an 'R'.

Ash knew that 'R' stood for Rocket, and that Rocket meant enemy. His blood began to boil with uncontrollable rage. He thrust out his hands, intending to roast this man alive.

Nothing happened.

Ash stared at his hands. No flames. Not even a little one. He tried again. Still nothing. His powers didn't work here, and he didn't know why. A quick glance at a nearby desk stopped him dead in his tracks. It wasn't the desk itself that had stopped Ash. It was the calander.

The date was wrong.

Ash frowned, his eyes a-whirl with puzzlement. How could the date be wrong? It made no sense to him.

According to this calander, it was almost a decade and a half previous to the date he knew to be right.

It hit him like a ton of Geodudes.

He didn't exist. He wasn't born yet. Was he?

He had no time to think about it further, for he had to lunge after the man to keep up with him. Just as his fingertips were within an inch or so of grabbing hold of the man's coat...

Ash sat up, drenched in sweat. His breathing came in harsh gasps, as he stared blankly at the rock wall in front of him.

What WAS that? That dream...was it some kind of memory? Or hallucination? was he feverish still? Or maybe this was a by-product of eating Pewter City rock candy before napping? Something about it was bothering him.

Ash drew his legs up to his chest, resting his chin on his knees. A frown creased his face as he tried to recall just what was puzzling him. Something about that date...the year, certainly. He hadn't seen the month or day, though. He wished he had; it could've helped him immensely.

Ash sighed, and swung his legs over the edge or the rock ledge bed. Running his hand through his damp hair, he stood, and began to pace the cave.

After a few minutes of trying, he gave up. Whatever else it was that was making him uneasy, it eluded him yet. And it was no use in racking his brain for an answer that just wasn't there, right. A sudden loud growling made him realise that he was hungry. Ravenous. Starving.

The others looked up as Ash stumbled into the kitchen cave. Brock was stiring a pot of what looked like stew.

"Sleep well?" Duplica asked. Ash ignored her, and made a bee-line for Brock, leaning over his shoulder.

"Fooooooooooood..." he said, desperately. Brock rubbed his shoulder.

"Stop drooling on me!" he complained, shoving a bowl of stew into Ash's hands. He blinked as it rapidly disapeared, and Ash was licking the bowl clean, litterally.

"What do you expect?" Emily said, amused."He slept through breakfast and lunch. And with his powers the way they are, he needs extra nourishment."

"Breakfast AND lunch?" Ash asked, pausing from demolishing his second portion or stew.

"Mm-hm." Alex nodded."we decided not to wake you." he paused."Feelin' better?"

"I guess so." Ash shrugged, feeling uncomfortable.

"Dream this time?"

"A little. Why do you ask?"

"You've got that look in your eye again." Alex replied."Care to share?"

Ash shook his head violently. He set aside his stew, and his eyes began to shift with stormy black and grey, with a hint of dark blue.

"You don't have to, Ash." Emily said."Especially if you're uncomfortable, or just not ready. Mull it over for awhile, and when you want to talk, we will."

Ash nodded, then attacked the rest of his dinner with renewed energy. the others watched him curiously, but after a few minutes they gave up, and turned their attention back to their food.

After dinner, Brock was cleaning up, and Alex and Duplica went back to training. Ash waited until Emily was alone before deciding to talk to her. He found her rumaging through her trunk.

"Emily?" he asked, hesitently. Emily stopped what she was doing, and slowly stood, turning to face him. She looked deeply, searchingly into his eyes.

"So." she said. Ash nodded, and gestured for her to follow him.

Ash led Emily back to 'his' plateau.

""Nice place you have here." Emily said.

"It's a good place for thinking." Ash replied, with a small shrug.

"What's on your mind?" Emily asked, sitting down on the edge of the plataeu.

"It's about my dream..." Ash said. Seeing him hesitate, Emily gestured for him to continue.

Ash explained everything to Emily. She watched him closely, watching his expressions changing; worried, confused, angry, frustrated, upset...She listened carefully to everything he said, disregarding nothing.

"The date, that bothered you the most?" Emily asked.

"Well, somewhat." Ash frowned."You see, that's the year I was born."

"Ahh..." Emily nodded.

"I didn't see the month or day. So...I don't know if I'm born then, or not." Ash explained, running his hand through his hair in frustration.

"Did you try getting a closer look?" Emily asked.

"I can do that?" ash was startled.

"Of course." Emily nodded."It's your dream. A normal human wouldn't be able to. But, because of who and what you are, you can."

"I wish I'd known that before." Ash scowled.

"Well, next time, try it." Emily suggested.

"But what if I don't dream the same thing again?" Ash cried, his eyes wide and blue, shot through with panicky purple. Emily was silent for a long time.

"That does present a problem." she finally said."Will you let me try something?"

"What?" Ash asked, warily.

"One of my powers...I don't use it often. if you'd like, I could attempt it."

"What is it?"

"I want to try and 'initiate' your dream."

", what does that mean?" Ash asked, nervously."And does it hurt?"

Emily burst out laughing.

"No, it doesn't hurt." she laughed, wiping a tear from her eye."At least, it shouldn't. It's a kind of connection between minds. I would sift through your memories and dreams, and find the one you're looking for. the rest is up to you. I would help to stabilize you, mind and body, so the dream lasts longer and you get the information you seek. And if you appear to be in severe distress, I'll pull back out and wake you up."

Ash thought it over carefully.

"Alright." he said finally."Might as well. After all, what's there to loose?"

Emily smiled.

"Right." she said."Sit."

She had him lay back, his head in her lap. She placed her hands gently on either side of his head.

"Relax." she told him."If you're too tense, it won't work. Breathe deeply."

Ash forced himself to relax and breathe deeply as Emily said to.

"Look at me, Ash." Emily said gently. Ash slowly raised his eyes to meet hers. Emily's eyes were glowing a soft purple.

*Sleep now.* her voice whispered in his mind.*Be at peace, little one, sleep.*

Ash briefly fought the overwhelming urge to sleep, but soon gave in. His eyes fluttered closed.

After a minute, Ash opened his eyes again. He wasn't in the cave with Emily anymore. No, he was back in the corridor. He took a cautious step towards the desk. He really could move around where he wanted to. He quickly crossed the corridor to the desk, and snatched up the calander. Then almost dropped it.

Same year as he was born, yes. And according to this, he was only a few days old!

Tossing the calander back onto the desk, Ash waited for the man in black, the Rocket, to show up. He glanced around curiously. he still didn't know what this place was. Doors lined the corridor. One was slightly ajar. Ash started to walk towards it, but the Rocket came into view, and Ash gave chase.

This time, he was able to follow farther than before. The Rocket briskly walked to the end of the corridor, looked around cautiously, then slipped through a door. Ash followed. The Rocket was muttering to himself.

"Damn it, why did I get stuck with this mission?" he grumbled, shifting something hidden beneath his coat."And he wanted to test this stuff so badly, why didn't he come here and do it himself!"

Ash didn't like the sound of that. Again, he tried to grab the coat, but it was just out of reach. They were at the top of the stairs now. The Rocket exited through a door, with Ash not far behind.

Ash blinked. They were on the roof of this building. The Rocket was pulling out a map. Ash read over his shoulder.

"..." Ash gulped, reading the title. Suddenly, everything began to fade.