Dear Diary,

I guess you don't know who I am yet since I just got this. Well, my name is Mya Powerstone. Yeah, I know it's a weird name. I think my parents were either high or drunk when they gave it to me since their last name isn't Powerstone and I don't know where the heck they got Mya from. My parents are crazy, just so you know. They go looking for certain rocks and scrap off the contents just to try them in soaps. Don't ask me why, I never could understand it.

I'm a tall girl, I don't really keep up with my height but I'm taller than my mom, who is pretty tall. I think. And I have blue eyes that can't seem to decide whether to be dark, clear, gray, or just blue. My skin is also really pale since I hate to go outside. I hate sports too for the same reason. My hair's a very dark blond which is currently and for no reason at all, turning a weird brown-red. I don't know anyone who is related to me who experienced anything like this. But at least I have my mind I guess. Wow, that came out a LOT lamer on paper.

Anyway, my parents decided that they want to send me to this school called Hogwarts. It's a school in England or Scotland or somewhere over in that hemisphere. Why do they want to send me there, you ask? So they can have more weird sex perhaps with feathers and handcuffs (do NOT ask how I happen to know this). Or maybe because I don't eat enough food for them. Or maybe they don't like that I mock them for being crazy. Or maybe because they like my little sister Kimmy a lot more than they like me. Or maybe it's just because I'm sane.

Either way I'm getting shipped off tomorrow. I get one day to say good bye to my friends. Forgive me for a moment as I gag. Since when do I have friends? Melissa was certainly FRIENDLY when she tried to rob me blind that night my mother forced me to go to a party filled with drug addicts. Kevin was also very wonderful when he tried to rape me after school when my dad had insisted that he take me home since we looked like such a CUTE couple. Oh! Oh! And let's not forget my chemistry teacher, Mr. Watson, who tried to look up my skirt each time he insisted that my uniform was shorter than it should be.

I've just reread what I wrote and to put it frankly, I sound quite cynical. What do you think? Any ideas? Hopefully not since I would be very angry to find that you have a mind of your own and you can mock me for my thoughts too. Damned hypocrites. I hate my life.

Anyway, my mom's sister (that's my aunt for those people that are kind of slow) is taking care of all the arrangements and she even sent me this weird black stick-thing in a box which she claims is a wand. Pardon me once again as I gag. For my entire life my parents have insisted that I have magic and that one day I will go to a magic school and come back to make them all immortal. That or I would turn them into toads so that they could lick the underside of their precious rocks for the rest of their miserable lives.

I'm sick of writing. Maybe I'll write some more tomorrow.

- Mya