Author's Note: This story has been and will continue to be on hiatus for a while. I am sorry to the fans who still want to follow the stories but I have some great news about my professional writing career. I wanted to let everyone know that I have recently finished my first original fiction novel and I am currently in the publication mode. For more information on this, please look at my profile and also go to my new website at to find out about Skull Juggler: Disenchanted by Natalia Locatelli (that's me), the first book in my four book series. As of today I have an amazing cover and I will be sending my manuscript (the book in a word document) to be formatted for a book in the next week or so.

As I have posted for Vocare Prabia, my most popular Harry Potter story, I will be uploading this book as an ebook as well as a softcover book to Amazon in the coming months (for those who are curious, I am self publishing for now) and it will be available soon, at which point I'll let you guys know it's up. Also, although the book will be available at that time, I suggest that those who want to buy it wait for my special launch day (which I will tell you of when the time comes closer). During this special launch day, if you buy the book you will also get all kinds of free goodies to go along with it! So as I said, if you can stand it, wait until the launch day to buy it if you decide you want it. I apologize to those who are not interested in my own novels but I know that some people are my loyal fans and have asked me about my personal work so I thought this was the best method to get my news out.

If you want more information on my publishing process, what I'm doing marketing-wise to get my book off the ground, and just to see what the story is about, go to my homepage at as I said. I'll be blogging about updates and I won't spam here anymore so that those who are not interested don't have to read it. For those who ARE interested, head on over :)

Amber Evans Potter a.k.a. Natalia Locatelli