So I finally got around to writing another one-shot based on another of my faves X Naruko, and I'm sorry if it isn't what you expected, because the pairing here is... SHIKANARU! Another one of my fave ships, and I really enjoyed writing it, so do go and read it! The title is The Queen and Her Shadow, just click on my profile to find it. It's a little bit sad, cos I wanted it to be in the style of Waiting for Her.

This will probably be the sequence of one-shots with many pairings with Fem!Naru, so bear with it, and if it isn't your cup of tea, do check out my other stories. Anyway, next one will probably be GaaNaru, because... well, Gaara is cool, and I ship them so much. It may be a while before I post another one, so let me just say that I'm really grateful for all you guys reading this.

Signing out,