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Hi guys :) This is my very first FanFic. This chapter takes place in the night after defeating Cell and shows what could have happened between Vegeta and Bulma :)

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It was late at night, when Vegeta flew through the window Bulma had left open for him. His feet had barely touched the ground when she entwined her arms around him to pull him close, "I was worried sick about you!"

Vegeta's body went stiff, "There certainly was no need for that..."

He looked down at the woman and warmth filled his body. Her touch shook him to his core. He had learned to shut those feelings out and ban them of his heart a long time ago. They had caused too much pain for him to bear. So why was he here? When this woman made him feel again, leaving him vulnerable. He had truly believed getting back into battle and fighting would bring his old self back, the ruthless and merciless warrior.

When he still hadn't moved or responded to her embrace, Bulma lifted her gaze and looked up at him. But Vegeta couldn't bring himself to look in her blue eyes. He heard something shuffling in the corner, and he turned his head to find his son sleeping in a little bed. Following a reflex, he disengaged from Bulma and walked up to the bed, just looking at the sleeping boy for a long time.

To see his son die by the hands of Cell had pushed him one step too far. The pain and desperation that had flooded him, it was like he had found himself back on Frieza's ship, after his planet was destroyed. Vegeta knew he couldn't hide behind his pride anymore. It would rip him apart if he had to deal with it on his own.

He needed someone. He needed her.

Bulma approached from behind and placed on hand on his shoulder, "They have revived Trunks already, he is fine."

Vegeta knew. He was disgusted with how relieved he had felt when Tunks' Ki reappeared on earth. When the fuck did this happen, that I started caring?!

"Yamcha told me what you did, when Cell killed him..." That bloody weakling! Vegeta turned around pushing her off. His onyx eyes darkened dangerously, "I don't care about the brat or anyone else! Understand?" Bulma just shook her head. As if to say, 'Do you believe yourself, what you just said?'

Vegeta felt his anger rise, "Listen up... "

"Don't you see, that this made you stronger? Fighting for someone else other than yourself?"

All of his rage was vanished in that instant. It was replaced by this fucking confusion he has had, since he started living on this god-forsaken mud ball. Everything he had ever believed in had been shaken, and broken apart. He didn't know how to put the pieces together. He felt so lost. And then, there was this woman, he was so afraid of losing. He finally looked at her, his eyes expressing all of his confusion. Bulma's blue orbs penetrated his heart. Suddenly he couldn't hold back anymore. Kakarot's sacrifice, him not being strong enough to beat Cell, after all he had gone through, after all his training, this humiliation once again...

In an instant he had encircled Bulma, pulling her as close as he could. Vegeta's coveting hands ran up and down her body, feeling her curves, while he was inhaling her scent. He pressed his lips against Bulma's and pushed her backwards. His kiss was urgent almost desperate, as if he wanted to show her what he would never be able to say out loud. Before he could shove her on the bed, Bulma broke their contact.

Vegeta frowned,"What is it?"

She didn't answer but placed her soft hands on his cheeks, which were covered with blood and dirt. Surprisingly, her little gesture calmed him. Why does she have so much power over me? That dammed woman... But Vegeta closed his eyes, allowing himself to enjoy her touch.

"I will always be by your side Vegeta!", she whispered softly. His eyes flicked open, staring at her. She grabbed his wrist gently and he let her pull him towards the shower.

When Bulma started taking his armor off, Vegeta's body tensed again, "I don't need help with that!" What did the woman think, that he was a helpless child, a weakling?! Bulma stopped peeling off his combat suit and stroke over the muscles on his arm, "It's not a weakness to let someone in Vegeta. Let me take care of you for once."

She looked him in the eye, a really soft expression on her face. He starred at her for what seemed like an eternity. "You are not afraid, are you? My Saiyan Prince..." Bulma's eyes blinked with mischief.

"I am a Saiyan Warrior! I'm afraid of nothing woman!" but eventually he exhaled deeply and gave in. He just couldn't keep it up anymore, not today.

So for the first time since Frieza had taken possession of him, Vegeta broke down the barriers, he had built up around him and handed himself over completely. Bulma undressed him and then herself and lead him into the shower. The hot water ran over both their bodies and Bulma scrubbed the crusted blood and dirt off his tanned skin. She ran her fingers over his hard body, inspected every single scar and lightly kissed him all over, and then she wrapped her arms around him. For a long time, they just stood there holding each other, surrounded by water and steam. Vegeta kept his eyes closed, and focused utterly on her touch. It was the first time that he allowed Bulma to show him affection like that, the first time he would allow himself to embrace all the affection and love she held for him. Still this was an exception. And both of them knew.

Finally Bulma's lips found his own. Her tongue played around his lips, until Vegeta opened them to let her in. She deepened the kiss and grasped his spiky hair. Vegeta's heart skipped and he grumbled in comfort. Maybe, she was the one that could redeem him one day.

I found it quite difficult to write from Vegeta's POV but I like the challenge. I tryed to keep him in character. Hope it worked :P

The following chapters will be about Vegeta's and Bulma's relationship and how it developes up to the start of the Buu-Saga