After the wedding newlyweds went to the long honeymoon so the kids had all the freedom until Lilly and Bart came home. Chuck and Blair spent a lot of time in the suite with Eric and Serena. Two siblings had a lot of trouble getting used to seeing very mushy Chuck and Blair. He really changed since they got back together. One evening Serena was out partying and when she came back home, during her walk of shame, she found them making breakfast in the kitchen. Chuck was in his purple silk robe and Blair was barefoot in his shirt. They were kissing and laughing to something Serena didn't hear. She observed her friend. Her hair was messy, wild and she didn't try to tame her curls. She was sipping her coffee and looking at Chuck making them French toast and she felt proud of him. He was making an effort for her, like when they were at the island…

''Hey…. What are you doing?''

''Hey S… Bass here is making us something to eat…''

''Oh, is that good idea?''

''Oh, it is… He is an amazing cook…''

Serena was surprised…



Blair had an idea…

''Bass, you must cook for all of us…''



She made one of her pouty faces he couldn't say no to…

''Fine… I'll make lunch today…''

She kissed him and took Serena's hand…

''Thank you Bass… You are the best…''

He smiled at her…

''Go with Serena, I know you are dying to hear what she did last night.''

''You know me so well…''

''In more ways than one Waldorf…''

''Two of you are disturbing…''

''Oh, S, you are just jealous…''

''Of what?''

''Oh, it would take days to list it all…''

She took Serena's hand and went to her room. Serena rolled her eyes at her friend's comment and continued walking to her room.

''So, S what happened last night?''

''I want to know what happened downstairs? How did you get him to make you breakfast and make us lunch?''

''What can I say? I am good at getting him to do things…''

Serena threw her some summer dress to change. She knew that Blair will feel more comfortable around her and Erik dressed in something other than her boyfriend's shirt.

''I honestly hope I will not be informed about you having sex…''

''Hm… Than we have nothing to talk about...''

''Blair, do you ever do anything that has nothing to do with sex?''

''Hmmmm… We do… But…''

''Oh, I don't want to know.''

Serena was changing and Blair kept talking.

''S, we actually don't have as much sex as you all think we do….''

''What? There is so much sexual energy around two of you…''

''I know…But we do also a lot of other things.''

''Like what?''

''Yesterday, we spent most of the day outside. We went for lunch. He took me to some small gallery opening. We took a walk. I started getting flats because of him. We walked and fed the ducks. Then we went to my place and Dorota made us lunch. After lunch we watched a movie and then came back here and had some sex…''


''Yes… For most of the night…''

She bit her lip remembering how good it was.

''Ooookkk…. I saw that face. I don't want to know. Let's eat what object of your lust made us.''

''Sure S…''

Blair and Serena got down. Eric and Chuck were already at the table pouring coffee and waiting for the girls to come.


Blair kissed him and sat beside him.

''Let's enjoy your little feast Bass…''

Serena and Eric were surprised with how good the food was.

''I must say, this is so good.''

They talked about summer, about the wedding, Bart and Lilly who called every day just to check on them and things that were in at the moment. Serena was telling them how much fun she had previous night and they all made fun of her. Even Blair, who would never make these comments before. Eric didn't remember when he had so much fun during any family meal. He was studying his new sibling and how much he changed since Blair got into his life and how changed she was. He couldn't believe she was sitting barefoot, in Serena's very hippy sundress and that her hair was in a messy bun. Blair Cornelia Waldorf he knew would never do any of it few months ago. After they finished their meal, Helga came to clean up. They moved to the living room. Blair and Chuck cuddled up on the sofa, Serena was on the floor and Erik was in the chair. They continued their chat and Serena took few pictures of the couple. Blair didn't mind being photographed without any makeup and in Serena's dress. She simply didn't care about anything when she was in Chuck's arms. Blair went to the kitchen to get some water and Erik followed her. She noticed how he looked at her…

''Is everything OK?''

''Yes… I must tell you I never imagined you could be so much fun…''


''I always saw you as a stuck up UES princess…Always so into who is doing what… what is happening here or there. Too busy with tearing people down and hiding who you really are.''

She lifted her brow…

''But you let your guard down…and you really are very…different from before….''

''Is that a good thing?''

''You are really the same…''


''Two of you?''

''Me and Bass?''

''Yes… Who would have thought that all it took was a bad boy to make you move from the spot you trapped yourself in… And all he needed was someone who believes in him… I am not trying to say I get it. It's your relationship and my guess is that not even two of you get what happened to you… But, whatever this is… I am glad it happened because you changed… I like this Blair…''


''I know. I will not mention it to anyone... I will not risk my social destruction…''

''I actually wanted to say thank you…''

''Oh, you are welcome…''

Lilly and Bart visited a lot of nice places, but during the entire trip, Bart was waiting on some news of his son's mistakes his check book had to fix. When they came home and everything was normal, he felt a bit surprised. Doorman said there were no parties and that kids spent most of the time inside with Ms. Waldorf. He checked with usual…houses and ladies his son used to frequent and they said they haven't really seen him in a long time. He was now very confused. Serena woke up first and came down. She was surprised to see Bart and Lilly home.

''You are back early…''

''We had to. Bart has some work related things that couldn't wait. But don't worry… We had a nice time we rested and we are now back to city and our duties.

''Where is Charles?''


''Oh, I should have known…''

''Let me get him for you…''

''There is no need. I know where his room is…''

Serena closed her eyes not wanting to imagine Bart's reaction to finding Chuck and Blair together in bed… most probably having sex… Bart opened the door of his son's room and found him in bed with Blair. She was asleep cuddled up to him. Bart knew his son never let the girl spend the night and he was sure that none of the girls ever got to this point of spending the night in his arms. When he took a second look at his son, he noticed something. He seemed very peaceful and happy. He didn't remember seeing his son happy in years…

Did he really change his ways for the Waldorf girl?

Bart Bass never believed someone like Blair could ever fall for his son. She had no reason. Chuck was all she hated, and her mother couldn't stand too. He was new money, outspoken, with very loose morals and people talked about his womanizing and other habbits. But, there was she…In his bed cuddled up to him, naked and happy. He left the room and was met with very panicked Serena and cofused Lilly…

''What happened?''

Bart kissed his wife and smiled.

''Let him have few minutes more. When Hilda makes luncg, we'll get them…''


''I believe my son and Miss. Waldorf are an item…''

''Brair and Chuck?''


''But she is with the Archibald boy?''

''No love, she is naked in our boy's bed…''

Serena blushed and her mother was shocked…

''Oh, my…''

''I'll go change and check on my emails…''

Bart left and Lilly looked at her daughter. Serena walked to her room, but her mother followed.

''When did that happen?''

''It's the second time… First time was a bit after I came back…''

''This has been happning before?''

''Yes, mom…''

''I had no idea she could even stand him…''

''Oh, she couldn't until they ended up in bed… Now, it's different…''

Lilly gave her daughter a meaningful look and smile.

''So, the stories are true…''


''Hey, he turned a goody two shoes… He must be good in bed…''

''Mom, we spent entire time you were away all together… I am sick of their sex life... I don't want to talk about it.''

Lilly couldn't stop laughing…

''Who knew Blair had it in her? I am shocked and surprised…''

''Well, now we all do…And Eric and I want earplugs…''

Lilly left her room and she met Blain and Chuck going down the stairs. They were in his robes, barefoot with very crazy sex hair. When they saw her, Blair turned pail and Chuck had no idea what to say.

''Blair, Charles… Nice to see you are up… Your father is expecting two of you for breakfast…''

''My father? Us?''

''Yes, he informed us that Blair…was here…So, go along… Change and be there…''

She smiled at them… Blair came back to his room and sat on the bed.

''What was that?''

''I have no idea…''

Serena came knocking on the door.

''Can I come in?''

''Sure sister…''

She got in with a red sundress for Blair.

''You will need something for breakfast…''

''This is so crazy…''

''No, fact that Bart saw you but naked in Chuck's bed is crazy…''

Now they turned towards Serena in shock.


''He got into you room as soon as they came… He said you are asleep…With Blair…''

''I can't face your father…Oh, my God…''

''Relax, he has seen a naked woman before…''

''Not me naked…''

''But you are amazing naked…''

She smiled for few seconds…

''That's not the point… It's your father… He saw me naked…''

''We'll be fine…''

They got ready and got down. Blair was very nervous…

''Son, Miss. Waldorf…Good morning…''

''Good morning, father…''

''Good morning Mr. Bass…''

''I hope you…are well…''

''Yes, I am Mr. Bass…''

''Good. I would like to believe my son is behaving.''

''Has been al abut amazing to me. And I really…''

''I am glad to know Miss. Waldorf… I was wondering, would you join us at the end of the next month for a family holiday? I suppose my son would mind to part from you for three weeks…''

''I am supposed to ask my mother…''

''Lilly will talk to her… We will assure your parents that we will take care of you…''

''Thank you Mr. Bass…''

Bart was a bit confused. His son didn't make any comment or gesture to convince Blair not to go. He must have really liked her.