Max Pov.

I landed in the small cave that the Flock and I have settled in for the night. My hands were full of groceries, I haven't stopped thinking of a way to get Iggy back. We were ambushed two days ago by erasers and they had decided to take our blind pyro with them.

When I landed the Flock was still sitting around our little fire that we had started, right where I left them. As I sat down and began to distribute food, I noticed Nudges stiff shoulders and when I handed Gazzy a sandwich his hands were shaking slightly. Angel on the other hand, looked very confident. She sat up straighter and had a permenant smirk on her face. Fang was blank, like a stone. No emotion in his face but his eyes look sad and he refused to look at me. Something was up for sure.

"What's going on?" I questioned, "You guys aren't acting right." Gazzy looked down, and Fang took a deep breath, closing his eyes.

Angel looked at me, her eyes narrowed but her smile never leaving her face.

"You've betrayed us Max." Fang said, his voice upset but strong.

"What?" I was seriously confused.

"We know you've been in contact with the School, how else would they have known where we were?" My babies voice held so much hate, hate that was directed towards me.

"I'm taking over Max, and we are going to resume the search for Iggy without you." Fang still wouldn't meet my eyes.

"Were telling you to leave Max," Nudges voice was angry, her eyes held fire.

"Wha...what?" They're telling me to leave, my family is telling me to get out, I've done nothing wrong!

"We aren't your family, you never loved us Max, you were using us this whole time." Angel's grin finally left her face and she had stood up looking at me accusingly, "Since you're too stupid to understand what is happening, I will help your tiny brain process this information, were kicking you out and we don't ever expect you back. Don't try to come back because we don't want you here."

Did a six year-old call me stupid?

"I'm seven Max." Angel was annoyed with me.

Fang decided to finally approach me, but I was frozen in shock. After everything I've done for them and they throw me out with the trash.

"I loved you Max, I trusted you." His voice held so much hurt, tears threatened to fall, "you betrayed me, you're lucky I don't try to kill you now for causing us so much pain."

"Fine, if that's what you want I will leave, I never betrayed you and I had no intention to do so in the future. I hope you understand that you are making the BIGGEST mistake you will ever make!" I was livid, " After everything i've done for you, after taking care of you and protecting you with my life, you throw me out with fake accusations!" Gazzy and Nudge were crying now, "And you," I whirled on Fang pointing at his chest, "I LOVE YOU! I TRUSTED YOU AND YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE MY BESTFRIEND AND MY RIGHT WINGMAN, YOU BLAME ME FOR THIS WHEN YOU AREN'T EVEN SURE OF YOURSELVES," Tears streaked down Fang's face, "I did everything I could for you guys and this is how you repay me? I will tell you now, you will regret this choice."

I turned, opening my wings and taking off. I flew blindly as tears crowded my vision. I didn't know where I was going and I didn't care, thunder sounded and lightening lit up the sky. It started to pour, drenching my wings and weighing me down. I landed in a forest and laid down in the mud, not closing my wings. I curled up in a ball and laid there. I was numb. The one thing i've dedicated my life to protecting and taking care of rejected me.

I laid there for a while, it could have been hours or days, I didn't know. At one point the rain stopped and a helicopter landed, erasers dragged me into the helicopter. I didn't fight back and I didn't care to.

There was no point, I had no one to come save me and nothing to live for.

I was alone.