Max pov.

I gripped the katanas tightly in my hands, their opal handles glinted in the artificial light of the room. Another eraser approached me, his hairy hand gripping a dagger.

Can't they give me something other than an eraser? They're just too easy to kill. Oh? You might be saying, "but Max it isn't right to kill, that isn't you." Haha, well i'm not really Max anymore. I kill to survive, it's either me or them. So I am terribly sorry for deciding to choose me.

The growling eraser jumped at me, bringing me out of my thoughts. It's claws swiped at me, but I swiftly dodged. I sliced one of my katanas towards his arm, giving him and deep cut running down the length of it. He growled louder, and rushed me. He wildy thrusted his knife towards me, and the tip grazed my bare stomach. I hissed in frustration, this fight has been going on too long.

My leg kicked at his hand, snapping it back and knocking the knife from his grasp, also breaking his wrist. The eraser cried out in pain, and he steped back clutching his wrist. I took that moment of weakness to send a powerful roundhouse kick to the neck, snapping it to the side with a sickening crack and therefore ending his pain.

Applause sounded behind me as I put my katanas back into their sheaths on my back. I turned and looked at the room full of whitecoats, who were protected by glass. Their faces held awe and approval, as they clapped.

Sarah, the whitecoat in charge of me, jumped up and down enthusiastically. "Good job, once again!" I think she would be a great mother, if ya know, she wasn't an evil scientist who made me kill for her pleasure. In that case maybe she would just be a hardcore soccer mom. "You killed 38 erasers today!" she continued, "You can now back to your room and rest sweetie, thank you for today," she waved and turned back to address the audience.

I sighed and trudged towards the now open door. They let me walk around freely as long as I cooperate, but I also think it is because I killed my first two escorts and severly injured the third.

I walked down the white hallway until I came to my door. It slid open by itself and shut behind me as I entered. Iggy sat up on my bed, and we met eyes. I nodded. He jumped up, grinning, and racing towards his side of the room.

I walked into my bathroom, examining my wound. It was deeper than I originally thought, and as I dabbed it with some guaze, I flinched. That would leave a nasty scar. I quickly wrapped it and bent down to retrieve my black backpack from underneath the sink. I ran out of the bathroom to meet Iggy who had already grabbed his. I didnt bother changing out of my sports bra and jeans, there wasn't time for that.

He grabbed a gadget from underneath his bed, and sat it on the floor. For a second he fiddled with the various wires, while I waited patiently for him to finish. The gadget started blinking red and ticking, so I knew it was time to leave.

Iggy stopped at the door, and looked at me, his gold eyes gleaming. "Let's blow this sterlized popsicle stand," he motioned towards the door, "After you m'lady."

Page Break

I walked out the door and cloaked myself, going invisible. Ok Max, we only have ten minutes to get out of here before it blows. Iggy and I decided to try and make our escape unknown, we wanted to avoid a bloodbath. I grabbed my katanas from their sheathes anyway, just to be safe.

Iggy followed closely behind, he reached his arm up and touched one of the lights. One by one, every light down the hall burst, blanketing the hall in darkness. I swiveled and became visible, glaring at Iggy who just smiled at my innocently. So much for leaving quietly.

Iggy and I ran down the pitch black hall together. We passed some very confused whitecoats, struggling to find their way through the darkness. They stopped to stare at us as we passed, only our eyes shone in the darkness.

I saw a frazzled Sarah, but when she saw us, her eyes narrowed in anger. As we were passing, her arm snapped out. Suddenly pain radiated through my body and I skidded to a halt. "What the h-" I hissed as she twisted the knife violently in my ribcage before ripping it out all together.

"You can't leave Nox. You are mine!" She screamed at me, waving the bloody knife through the air.

"That was quite rude." Iggy said as he kicked her in the stomach. He then turned towards me, as an alarm sounded. "Are you ok?" he whispered, concerned.

I waved him off, "yes yes i'm fine," I said, trying to convince him. He eyed the blood running down my chest. "How much time do we have?" I asked.

Iggy gazed at his watch, "four minutes!" he yelled over the alarm.

"Then what are we doing standing here!" I yelled and started to run again, ignoring the searing pain.

From then on, we only passed whitecoats during our escape. They hauled boxes or carts of supplies. They tried to stop us as we passed, but quickly decided they had no chance and let us by. It was weird, not one eraser showed up to stop us. Huh, I must have killed them all.

We ran out the front door, the FREAKING FRONT DOOR. They actually let us. Wow, easiest escape ever.

As our feet hit the dirt of the outside world, Iggy screamed, "GET DOWN," we hit the ground, covering our heads. More than half the school erupted in the ground shaking explosion. As we were showered with debries, Iggy laughed manically, and I laughed with him.

When everything settled, we dusted ourselves off and jumped into the air, unfurling our wings. As we flew away from what was left of the school, we high-fived.

"We did it Ig," I smiled at him, "we're free!"

That's when my wings buckled and I fell.

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