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Hey guys this is a new Rosario Vampire/Naruto story that's been on my mind for a while. You see I have read many stories in this crossover where Naruto is a shinobi, fox yokai, vampire, the juubi and there are even some where he is a dragon but I have never read a story where he is a werewolf which is surprising because in my opinion next to the vampire the werewolf is the most famous monster out there. So I decided to write a werewolf Naruto story.

Pairing: Naruto x Inner Moka

'You thought you could escape me? Sorry to inform you but I never forget a scent. It wasn't a matter of if I get you but rather when I get you.'

-Uzumaki Naruto

The Beginning

As the sun was setting it cast an orange glow around the city. Walking through the busy crowd of citizens was a young man wearing white and black sneakers, black pants and an orange hoodie that covered his face from his nose and higher . His hands were stuffed in his pockets and based on his relaxed stance one would think that he was just out for a casual walk before the sun fully sets but that was not the case at all.

His nose twitched slightly and he abruptly changed direction heading towards the park. As he walked by he saw that parents were gathering their children to head home before it got too dark.

As he continued to walk his ear twitched and he quickly tilted his head as the sound of a gun going off filled the air. He looked over his shoulder to see the bullet that was heading for his head imbedded into the tree behind him.

"That was rude." The boy commented casually.

"Why have you been following me?" another voice asked.

"Following you? Whatever do you mean?" the boy asked with a confused frown. "I just decided to go for a stroll and then you go shooting a gun at me for no reason."

"Don't play dumb with me! I know you've been following me!" the voice shouted and Naruto stepped to the side to avoid another bullet. "How are you dodging these bullets? Who are you?!"

"Who am I?" the boy repeated as he seemed to contemplate the question. "It doesn't really matter."

And with that said the boy suddenly blurred out of existence. He suddenly appeared behind a man wearing a typical mobster suit who didn't seem to notice him. The boy silently walked towards them man as he rolled up his sleeve as his right arm began to change. It seemed to have gained a bit more muscle as golden fur covered his arm from his elbow down and his hand morphed until it resembled claws. Leaning towards the unsuspecting man's ear he whispered in a cold voice.

"Besides…what's the point in telling you my name when you're about to die?"

The man barely registered his words before a clawed hand shot through his chest his heart now in the palm of the golden fur covered hand. The boy drew back his arm as the man fell to the ground dead. The boy dropped the head and pulled out a piece of cloth as his arm returned to normal. He began to clean off his arm.

Once the blood was cleaned from his arm he reached into the dead man's pocket and pulled out a flash drive. He stashed it into his and pulled out a cell phone and dialed in a number. Placing the phone to his ear he waited for a moment as the phone rang before someone answered it.

"Hello?" he heard a man answer.

"Yo, it's Naruto." The now identified boy said.

"Oh Naruto! How did your job go?"

"It was a success. I killed the target and retrieved the flash drive." Naruto answered causing the man on the other end to hum in approval.

"That's good to hear. I have no idea how a spy was able to infiltrate our family but it doesn't matter."

"You might want to up the security. I knew that Mizuki guy couldn't be trusted." Naruto stated.

Yes yes it seems like your instincts were right once again." The man agreed.

"Seems like it." Naruto agreed as he turned a corner. "So any other jobs you want me to do before I get to the house?"

"No nothing comes to mind." The man said thoughtfully before Naruto heard him make some kind of sound of realization. "But there is something that might interest you."

"Really?" Naruto asked with a raised brow. "And what might that be?"

"The wife and I decided to enroll you into high school!" the voice said rather cheerfully.

Naruto suddenly froze in place, his eyes widened and he dropped his voice in shock.

"Hello? Naruto? Are you still there? Hellooo~!" the voice said but Naruto paid no attention to it.


"What do you mean you're sending me to high school?!" Naruto demanded as soon as he arrived home.

He was sitting at a table in front of his adoptive family,the Huang family.

Fei-Hong was his adoptive father. He had short hair and facial hair from above his lips to his chin. He wore a business suit but the most noticeable features were the scars that littered his face from the top to his neck.

Sitting next to him was his wife and Naruto's adoptive mother Ten-Ten. She wore an elegant red Chinese dress. Her black hair was tied into two buns with flowery bobs and two bangs framing her face.

Next was Ling Ling their daughter. She wore the clothing of a traditional Jiang Shi but without the talisman on her hat. She had black hair that was tied into a ponytail and green eyes.

The last was the youngest. His name was Fang Fang. He had black hair and feminine-looking eyes and face, wearing common Chinese clothing.

"I would think that you would understand such a simple statement." Ling Ling stated casually unaffected by Naruto's glare. "They obviously said that you were going off to school."

"I get that!" Naruto shot back in annoyance before turning back towards the two adults. "Why do I have to go to school?"

"Why else? To learn of course!" Fei-Hong said as if it were obvious causing Naruto to slam his head against the table.

"Again, that's not what I meant." He groaned pitifully.

"What he meant Naru-chan is that we are sending you off to school so you can interact with people your own age." Ten-Ten explained.

"But I hand out with Fang Fang and Ling Ling!" Naruto protested before shooting Ling Ling a glance as he muttered. "Although…I still don't know how old she really is."

"Ara, don't you know that it's impolite to ask a lady about her age?" Ling Ling asked tilting her head.

"Perhaps but this could be a good chance for you to get real life experience." Fei-Hong stated causing Naruto to roll his eyes.

"What kind of experience can I get at a school?" he asked sarcastically.

"But onii-sama, think about the opportunities!" Fang Fang said excitingly.

"What opportunities?" Naruto asked as he shifted his gaze to the youngest in the room.

"If you go to the school you can search for strong subordinates that could increase our family strength!" Fang Fang said enthusiastically.

"Strong subordinates? At a human school? No offense but I find that hard to believe." Naruto said doubtfully.

The room was silent before the Huang family burst into laughter.

"What the hell is so funny?" Naruto asked feeling a little annoyed.

"Sorry about that but it seems like we forgot to tell you something." Fei-Hong apologized after getting his laughter in control.

"You're not going to a human school Naru-chan." Ten-Ten explained causing Naruto to raise a brow.

"I'm not?" he asked hopefully. Maybe he wouldn't have to go to school after all.

"No, you're going to Yokai Academy. A school that was built for yokai to attend." Fei-Hong explained.

"A school for yokai?" Naruto asked slightly interested.

"That's right." Ten-Ten nodded.

"In fact, grandfather was one of the school founders." Ling Ling added.

"Really?" Naruto asked thinking about their grandfather, Touhou Fuhai who was one of the three Dark Lords.

"Yes, I'm sure you can find some powerful allies at a school our grandfather helped build!" Fang Fang said.

"I don't know." Naruto said unsurely. "Being stuck in a classroom doesn't sound so appealing."

"Ah that's right. I forgot how much our little dog likes to run around in the wild." Ling Ling stated.

"Who the hell are you calling 'little dog' you walking corpse." Naruto shot back in annoyance.

"What a rude thing to say. Perhaps I should kill you and make you join my army?" Ling Ling suggested innocently.

"You want to start something?" Naruto asked as he stood from his seat.

"Enough!" Ten-Ten said her usual peaceful expression becoming stern causing Naruto to sit back down but not before shooting an annoyed glare at Ling Ling who returned it with a carefree smile. "Listen Naru-chan I know you're not really a fan of education."

Naruto felt his eye twitch when he heard the other three members snicker.

"But please just try it. Think of it as a vacation." Ten-Ten suggested.

"But I don't like vacations." Naruto whined.

"Maybe so but we aren't changing our minds." Fei-Hong said seriously. Seeing how Naruto was still reluctant he decided to go for another direction. "Besides this could be a good opportunity for you."

"Really? What makes you say that?" Naruto asked in a defeated tone.

"Think about it, a school full of different types of yokai. Think of all the fights you will get into." Fei-Hong said already knowing that the blonde would get into many fights. Naruto blinked as his words registered.

"Huh, I never thought of that." He admitted as he straightened up a bit.

"Really? Now you're interested in going?" Ling Ling deadpanned. "Seriously when it comes to you hunting and fighting are the only things that matter."

"So what so you say Naruto? I can guarantee you will find some very strong opponents to fight." Fei- Hong asked again as Naruto thought about it.

"Well since you guys have pretty much made up your mind already it seems pointless to argue." Naruto shrugged. "So when am I leaving?"

End of Chapter

Short Chapter I know but this was just a brief introduction the rest of the chapters will be longer. So here we have a werewolf Naruto who was adopted by the Huang Family. What do you guys think? Good? Bad? Decent?

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