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'Werewolves hate silver its basic instincts but when I look at your hair I find myself ignoring my instincts. I think this is the only situation where I would think that silver is beautiful.'

-Uzumaki Naruto

The Meeting

Uzumaki Naruto, the adoptive son of the Huang Family and their top bounty hunter. He was a werewolf, a monster that was unmatched in speed when under the influence of the full moon. Even without the help of the moon they are one of the fastest yokai in existence. As a ferocious beat like yokai he loved for the thrill of the hunt and engaging strong opponents in combat was his favorite pastime.

However right now he did not look like the powerful S-rank yokai he was.

"Oh god *grhak* someone put me out of my misery *urgh*." Naruto moaned as he lay down on his seat left hand clutching his stomach while his right hand was clamped over his mouth.

He was currently on a bus that was heading for Yokai Academy the only problem was…

"Gak! Can't you drive more smoothly? Uhhh." Naruto moaned as h is face began to turn green.

He suffered from an extreme case of motion sickness.

It wasn't this fault though. He was a werewolf damn it! He was like a wild animal that was meant to roam free outside not be trapped in a metal box with wheels.

It was safe to assume that the airplane ride from China to Japan, the taxi drive to get to a city where the bus would arrive and then the actual bus ride was taking its toll on him.

"T-There b-better be some stro-ack-ng opponents." Naruto weakly muttered as the bus made a sharp turn that did not help his stomach in the least. His main purpose for going here was for the chance to fight strong people so it better be worth the torture he was going through.

"Better buckle up kid, the road's about to get bumpy." The bus driver said with a dark chuckle just as the bus began to shake causing Naruto to release a whimper of pain.

He hated his life right now

"Come on Ura-chan!" a girl shouted as she got her things together. The girl had shiny pink hair, green eyes full of innocence and happiness, an aura of cuteness and a great figure.

"Don't rush me Omote." A girl who looked very much like the now named Omote. The difference though was while Omote seemed cute and innocent Ura had a more mature sensual beauty around her. She had long silver hair and exotic red eyes.

"Mou we're today is our first day of high school! Can't you be more excited?" Omote whined as she crossed her arms with a pout.

"Don't worry Omote. I may look calm on the outside but on the inside I'm positively jumping in joy." Ura said in a bland tone as she finished up her packing.

"I don't believe you!" Omote said with a glare that was for more cute then intimidating.

Ura and Omote were twin sisters who were about to depart on their first day of High School. The school they were going to was Yokai Academy, a school that was made for the purpose of teaching yokai how to coexist with humans. What yokai are they you ask? Well the twins just happen to be vampires, the strongest of all yokai.

"Do you have everything packed?" Ura asked ignoring Omote's accusation. Omote continued to glare a bit before smiling.


"Good, we won't be here for a long time." Ura said as she took a final glance at their home. Yokai academy was a bordering school so they would not be in this apartment for some time.

"A lot of memories here huh? I'm almost reluctant about leaving." Omote said as she joined Ura in a final look at their apartment.

For the past few leaves they left their family choosing to live on their own as they attended a human middle school. However the only problem was that humans did not believe in monsters. So whenever Omote tried to convince others that vampires were real she was often made fun of. Not only that but the girls in school often bullied her jealous of all the attention she got from boys who that she was pretty. Because of this her only real friend was Ura.

Ura was in the same boat as her sister though. Although her beauty made her popular among her classmates she would not tolerate anyone who hurt Omote. Because of this she would beat up anyone who made her sister cry and soon the students stayed away from her out of fear. And while she was a bit bothered about not having any friends she didn't care all that much. The only thing that mattered was that her sister was safe.

"I can't wait! Do you think we'll make any friends?" Omote asked hopefully.

"I don't know. Perhaps, out of the two of us you have always been the friendly one." Ura said with a shrug. One of the main reasons that they didn't make any friends was that humans did not believe in monsters. Since they were going to a school for monsters that would not be a problem but they were vampires so there were chances that their status were scare off some people.

"You should at least try and make some friend Ura-chan." The pinkette scolded. She knew that her sister was a bit anti-social.

"Maybe but if they're anything like the students of our last school then they will just be irritating." Ura counted but when she saw her sisters frown she sighed. "But I promise that I will at least try and make friends."

"That's all I ask for!" Omote said with a bright smile that Ura couldn't help but return with her own smaller one.

"Besides no matter what we have each other right?" Ura asked as she grabbed her suitcase.

"Always!" Omote nodded in agreement as she grabbed her bag.

"Alright now that this mushy stuff is out of the way we better go out and wait for the bus." Ura said as she headed for the door.

"Bus? But I wanted to ride our bikes." Omote said causing Ura to stop walking. She turned around and looked at her with her arms crossed and an eyebrow raised.

"Do you not see how bright it is today?" Ura asked as she pointed towards a window that showed how sunny it was outside. "I didn't think that I would have to remind you how sensitive to the sun."

"No you don't. Besides I'll be fine." Omote insisted but Ura looked at her disbelievingly.

"Really? Because I distinctly remember you crashing into an innocent bystander the last time you rode your bike." She deadpanned.

"You're never going to let that go are you? I already apologized." Omote huffed.

"Maybe but who knows what could have happened. Maybe I almost suffered from brain damage." Ura said as she rubbed her head as if relieving the pain.

"Stop being so dramatic." Omote said as she crossed her arms.

"Alright alright." Ura conceded with a smile. Teasing her sister was always a favorite pastime of hers. But her playful expression was gone and in its place was a serious one. "If you really want to ride your bike you can. Just make sure you are careful."

"Really? Thanks a lot nee-chan!" Omote said with a smile before running out the door. "I'll see you there!"

Ura just stared at the door before turning towards a suitcase that stood by her own. Sighing she rubbed her head in exasperation. "She forgot her stuff."

Walking back she grabbed both bags and proceeded to walk out the door. Once outside she sat on a nearby bench and waited for the bus. About 20 minutes later the bus showed up. Grabbing both bags she entered the bus and raised a brow when she saw that other then the bus driver she was the only one here.

"How odd." She muttered to herself as she walked towards the middle and sat down. The bus started and the moment it did she heard a pained groan coming from behind her. Looking over she saw that the reason she didn't see anyone else was because the only other person in the bus was lying down in the fetal position looking like he was about to die any moment.

She took a moment to study this person. He was a boy with spiky blonde hair. She couldn't see his eyes because they were shut tight. He had a lean muscular build and was wearing the male version of the uniform she was wearing. After releasing another groan of misery she spoke.

"Are you okay?" she asked unsurely. She usually didn't talk to others but she promised her sister that she would at least try and make friends.

The boy opened an eye and she saw that it was sapphire blue.

"I-I'm good." He said in a shaky voice eyes widening as he lurched a bit after the bus hit a pothole.

"For some reason I don't believe you." Ura said with a raised brow as she looked at how pale he was.

"Mo-Motion sickness, o-once I get o-off this damn bus I'll be fi-ah-ne." the boy said through labored breaths causing Moka to sweat drop. This was probably the most extreme case of motion sickness that she ever saw.

"I see." Was all she said as she turned around. She figured she would leave him alone since it looked like he wasn't in any condition to talk. Sighing she leaned her head against the window and looked at the passing scenery as she began to think about her new school life.

What it would be like she had no idea but Omote definitely seemed excited. Thinking about Omote sent a strange feeling in her. Her younger twin was always the more social of the two. While Ura was satisfied with just being in the company of her twin Omote would no doubt try and makes as many friends as possible.

What happened if she moved on with her friends and left her behind. Unlike Omote, Ura was not as friendly and social. While she was not cruel she was guarded and private. And while she would like to think of herself as better than the typical arrogance of the older vampires there were times that she let her pride get the best of her which would sometimes drive others away.

Releasing another sigh she shook her head a bit to shake away these negative thoughts.

"N-Naru-uh-to…" she heard someone say. Blinking a bit she turned around and looked at the blonde boy he was now sitting up. He was still pale, sweating a little and clutching his stomach but he offered her a small smile.

"What?" she asked in confusion.

"My name…Uzumaki Naruto…first year of Yokai Academy…" Naruto said between deep calming breathes. Ura just stare at him before offering a small smile.

"Hello…Naruto." She said after a brief pause of wondering if she should address him by his name or his family name. Based on his smile she assumed he wasn't one for formalities. "My name is Akashiya Ura."

Aono Tsukune was sitting at a bench waiting for his bus. He was an average an average student with nothing that made him stand out. He had failed most of the high school entrance exams and the only place that would accept him was Yokai Academy. He had never heard of this place before and it was apparently in the middle of nowhere but since it was the only place that accepted him he didn't have much of a choice.

He finally saw a bus heading his way and stood up just as it stopped before him.

"Alright, here we go." He muttered to himself as he stepped into the bus. The moment the door closed he couldn't help but feel like his fate was set.

"So…you're attending Yokai Academy?" the bus driver asked as he took a drag out of his cigarette his glowing eyes shadowed by his hat.

"Uh..yeah I am." Tsukune answered nervously. Since when do eyes glow like that?

"Well you better find a seat. You're in for quite the ride." The bus driver said before releasing a few dark chuckles.

"Alright then." Tsukune said as he slowly walked away from the man acting as if the slightest movement would cause him to attack.

He looked around saw that the bus was almost empty expect for two other people.

One was a girl who had long silver hair and red eyes. She was wearing the female version of his uniform and didn't even look up from the magazine she was reading. The boy had spiky blonde hair and wore an identical uniform as his own. Who was currently leaning against the window sleeping. Shrugging to himself he walked towards them. They were both sitting on the left side of the bus so he took a seat on the right which was next to the girl.

The girl was beautiful he noted and he thought about striking up a conversation but he never had luck with pretty girls before, besides she seemed too engrossed with her reading. So he opted to stay silent instead of taking the risk of making a fool of himself.

Ura found herself rather enjoying herself at the moment. After their introduction the two of them began to engage in idle chit chat. She wouldn't have categorized them as friends, instead they were something like friendly acquaintances. But who knows? If things continued this way then she may have made her first friends outside of her family.

Pretty soon she noticed how he was struggling with his motion sickness. Grateful that he was trying to remain awake to give her some form of company she told him that if he wished he could rest up and sleep for the remainder of the trip. He sent her a grateful smile before passing out.

Seeing as she had nothing to do she pulled out a magazine and began to read its contents as a way to pass time. She heard the door and noticed that a rather plain boy with brown hair and brown eyes walk in. He had a brief talk with the bus driver before taking a seat adjacent to hers.

She briefly thought about talking to him but decided against it. She promised Omote that she would try and make friends and she already did with Naruto and seeing as she was a very private person she thought one friend would be best for now. So she would wait and see how things went with him before even thinking about making another friend.

"You kids better get ready." The bus driver announced gaining everyone's attention, expect for a sleeping Naruto's. "See that tunnel over there? The moment we exit it we'll be in front of the school."

Hearing this Ura closed her magazine and placed it in her bag as she waited. She glanced at the brown hair boy and noticed that he fidgeted in his seat every now and then, she could practically feel the nervousness rolling of him.

"A little word of advice…Yokai Academy is a pretty scary place." The bus driver laughed as they entered the tunnel and all they could see was darkness. The bus began to shake roughly and Ura was glad she put her seatbelt on otherwise she was sure she would have fallen off.

Suddenly the shaking stopped and they were once again able to see.

"Here we are…" the bus driver said as he took a drag from his cigarette and opened the bus door. Ura saw that the boy stood up on shaky legs, no doubt a result from the ride. She watched as the boy took step out of the bus before standing up. She grabbed both her bag and Omote's before noticing Naruto who was still passed out.

Debating on what do she shrugged before deciding to help her new acquaintance.

"Oi, wake up. We're here." Ura said as she shook his shoulder trying to get him up. After a few moments he began to stir before tire blue eyes peered into her red ones.

"Wha?" he asked groggily.

"The bus ride is over we're at Yokai Academy now." Ura answered as she turned to leave the bus. Naruto nodded as he grabbed his own bag and followed her out the bus. Once they left the bus driver turned to them and offered them a grin.

"Well now I hope you two enjoyed the ride." He said but it was mostly aimed at Naruto who glared at him.

"Fuck you." Was the blonde's simple statement causing the man to laugh before driving off.

Sighing he turned around and saw that Ura was waiting for him. Offering a small smile he walked over to her and the two of them headed off in the direction of school.

The two walked in silence as they had no idea what to say to the other. While Naruto had no problem with the silence Ura was wondering if she should try to start up a conversation. Sighing to herself she chose to remain silent and couldn't help but compare herself to her sister. No doubt if Omote was here she would have found a way to strike up some form of conversation. Eventually the time for them to split came.

"I have to go find my sister." She said as they stopped walking.

"Right you twin right? The one who rode her bike?" Naruto asked as he recalled their brief conversation on the bus.

"Yes, I should go look for her before she gets herself into trouble." She stated.

"Want any help?" Naruto asked catching her off guard. Smiling a bit at the offer she shook her head.

"Thank you but that's alright. I can handle it, besides I'm sure you have better things to do." Ura stated. Naruto was about to deny her claim before his stomach growled causing her to smirk as he lightly blushed. "Like eating for example."

"Right I guess I could go for a bite." Naruto said scratching the back of his head. Shrugging his shoulder he offered her a smile. "Alright then I guess I'll head off, if you need any help just find me."

"Alright and again thank you for the offer." Ura said.

"Alright hopefully I'll see you around campus. Who knows we might even have some classes together." Naruto said as he turned around to search for the cafeteria.

"Maybe." Ura agreed as she turned around quite pleased with herself. She was able to get along with someone outside her family and she was able to rail in her pride. Yes, this was a good start for her first year of school.

As he was walking Naruto's lips twitched into a smirk. "Silver hair…red eyes…and even though it was repressed I could still sense that impressive aura. Who would have thought that the first person I met here would be a vampire?"

End of Chapter

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Phoenix: the Uchiha were known for their talent in fire jutsu so I thought his would work. Plus Sasuke is known to have an inferiority and superiority complex, as an S rank yokai he might want to prove he is the strongest of the other S ranks like werewolves and vampires.

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