Chapter 9

The next day was Saturday and Reid got out of the bed. He put on his shorts and walked to the kitchen where he started to cook. He didn't hear the door nor the steps just the surprised gasps when he got spotted. He turned his head and saw Ruby and Belle. "I know about it." He said and turned back to the food. "Emma was still asleep when I got up, maybe she is awake now." They saw that he had a hard-on and gulped. Emma was one lucky girl.

"Even if you are not attracted to men could you please don't stare at IT. I'm embarrassed enough right now." Reid said and they blushed before they got an idea. They stepped to him and placed both a hand on his back. "Why don't taking care of it? Somewhere quiet and private." Belle breathed out and Ruby leaned to his ear. "With us." She said and he turned his head to Ruby.

He pushed her against a wall. "I would never cheat on my girlfriend nor sleep with my girlfriend's best friend's girlfriend nor the best friend. So don't even try. You are supposed to be her friends and then you pull this shit? You are disgusting." Reid said and let go of Ruby. He stepped back to the food and suddenly was forced into a bone crushing hug from two sides.

He froze confused. "And we thought you are really an asshole." Ruby said and they let go of him. He took a deep breath and looked at them. "You..." "We don't want you. We love each other but are concerned about Emma. God, she is pregnant with 18 and that from her teacher... A teacher who is feared by everyone. We wanted to make sure that you are far from being like Hook. For him Emma was more like a booty call than his girlfriend." Ruby said.

"I don't do booty calls. Either I'm together with someone or not." She said and Emma came out of her bedroom. She wore a red hoodie and shorts from Reid and leaned against the doorframe. He smiled lovingly, his eyes lit up and he walked over to her. They kissed and Emma wrapped her arms around his neck and sighed contently.

He pulled the hood over her head and chuckled. "I love you." He said and she kissed him again. "Love you too." She answered and looked down. "Still happy or again?" He grinned. "Still?" He answered and she laughed. He lifted her up and laughed happily. "I know that you would happily take me against this door but obviously we have guests." Emma whispered and he nodded. "I made food." He said and Emma followed him to the stove.

"Mhm. Smells good." Emma said before she greeted her friends. "What are you two doing here?" "We thought you need some company... but obviously you took care of your loneliness." Ruby said and Emma smiled. Reid got four plates and set them on the table. He served the food and washed his hands a last time. "Eat." He said and they sat down. Ruby and Belle were a bit uncomfortable with Reid at the table but they soon saw that he was truly in love with Emma. Surprisingly he had good humor and he was still slightly juvenile which made talking to him quite easy.

Afterwards they cleaned up together and then Belle and Ruby left while Reid and Emma got comfortable on the couch. "What do you want to call it if it is a girl?" He asked her and she smiled. "Mmm... I don't know... Lana or Melanie." She answered and he smiled. "Beautiful names. I like Snow as name... maybe a middle name." He told her and Emma nodded. "Lana Snow Mills or Melanie Snow Mills." Emma grinned and kissed him softly. "And name for a boy?" She asked and he smiled. "Liam." Reid answered and Emma smiled. "I love River as name." "I won't call my son River!" Reid said and Emma huffed. "But we can use Snow? That's almost like River." "Liam River Mills." Reid answered and sighed. Emma cheered and he rolled his eyes amused.

"You are lucky that you are so incredibly cute." He told her and she kissed him. "How far are you?" Reid asked and Emma smiled. "6th week." Reid smiled and kissed her lovingly. "I can't await her birth." Reid said and cupped her cheek. "Her?" Emma asked amused and he nodded. "Her. Because I want a little girl to cherish and to cuddle and to hug and I don't know what." He answered and Emma laughed. She kissed him softly and they settled more on the couch. Emma leaned over him and caressed his face with a soft smile. "I never was so much in love like I'm in love with you." Emma said and smiled amazed. He looked at her lovingly. "Me neither." He answered and she rested her head on his chest.

"I need to go home to Henry though." He said and Emma huffed. "But you can join me." Emma smiled. "Just let me pack a bag." Emma said and got up. Reid nodded and started dressing. Emma quickly dressed too and then packed her things. Afterwards they drove to Reid's home and Henry greeted them. "Hey, Emma." Henry said with a big smile. "Yeah, Hey Emma." Graham said and crossed his arms. Reid gulped and Emma looked down. "Graham... please don't tell anyone." Reid said and Graham sighed. "She is your student for god's sake!" Graham answered and Reid led him in his study. Emma followed Henry into the living room and sighed. "I didn't tell him." Henry said to Emma who smiled softly. "I believe you, kiddo." Emma said and fidget with her hands.

"I need to tell you something though... and I hope you won't be angry." Henry nodded and she sighed. "I'm pregnant with your father's child..." She told him and Henry looked at her surprised before he smiled. "I hope it'll be a girl... I want a little sister... I can protect her from all the bad people and be the big brother who teases all her boyfriends when she is older..." Henry said and grinned. Emma chuckled and ruffled Henry's hair. "Your father wants a girl too... I guess you lived too long only under men." She teased him and Henry giggled. "Yeah but furthermore... she surely won't want my toys. She can have her dolls, I'll keep my action figures." He answered and snuggled in her arms. Emma smiled and ran her fingers through his hair. "If she comes after me then she'll steal your action figures." Emma teased him and he huffed. They smiled.

"You can't be serious, Reid!" Graham hissed and Reid ran his hand through his hair. "I... I don't know why it happened... I... just know that it feels good... she is kind, loving, caring young woman... She is great with Henry and I can trust her..." Reid said and sat on his desk. Graham groaned and shook his head. "You think she is better than Daniel?" Graham asked and Reid nodded. "She had a shitty life herself... she told me many things about herself... and Henry likes her pretty much." Reid answered and sighed. "She doesn't want to take him away. She wants both of us or no one." Graham smiled slightly. They walked to the living room and heard Emma's and Henry's conversation. Graham stopped Reid and glared at him. "Maybe I was a little too careless but I love her. I love her with all my heart and I love this child... we will keep it low until she graduates and she will change classes with Ruby and Belle soon so I'm not her teacher anymore... but please keep quiet about this. I don't think I can handle it loosing her."

Graham sighed and nodded then. They entered the room and Emma turned around. She smiled lovingly at Reid who came to the two of them and sat down next to them. He kissed Emma's head softly while he ruffled Henry's hair. Henry giggled and Emma leaned against him. Graham sat down on the other couch and watched them. Emma looked gratefully at Graham and then turned her focus back to Reid who just said something to them. She nodded and smiled. Henry got up and quickly got a movie selection. "I think I'm done babysitting." Graham said and wanted to go but Reid stopped him. "Stay." He said and Graham sighed but nodded. "Fine. But no making out in front of my eyes. I risk my job right now with knowing from you two." Graham said and they nodded.

They spent a pleasant day together and soon even Graham befriended the idea with Reid and Emma as couple. Henry was happy, Emma didn't minded Reid's little ticks and Reid felt safe. He couldn't feel bad about that. He spent most of the day just analyzing their relationship and even when the two were teacher and student it seemed like a healthy relationship. Luckily she was already 18 so they at least had no problem with that. Reid knew what his best friend was doing and acted as normal as possible. He wanted his best friends approval for this. Like he wanted the approval of his son.

In the evening Reid said goodbye to Graham. "So? Is she approved?" Reid asked and rubbed his neck. "Yes... because she likes Henry and makes you happy." Graham answered. "Not because I think what you did was right. But if she hurts you I'm going to kick her ass." Reid hugged him. "I know. Thank you." He answered and Graham hugged him back. He kissed Reid's cheek and then started to go to his car. "We need to play the nice couple. Henry told me about that." Graham called over his shoulder and Reid giggled. "Well then. Bye, honey." Reid called to him and Graham chuckled.