To Love a Fire Goddess

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Hey! Yep, I got my second story out, finally... Well, in this story I'm going to create a few characters to place as Wufei's family, but Rei's family is going to consist of just Grandpa. The story will be told from mostly Rei's P.O.V., but I'll let you know when it changes. Um...I think that's it for my little note. Oh, by the way, (this means thoughts) and, duh, "this means speaking." Now, here is my story, To Love a Fire Goddess....

Chapter 1: Just an ordinary day

Rei P.O.V.

Rei stood outside the temple, in her usual red and white robe, sweeping the leaves from the overhang in front. But her mind wandered elsewhere. (What is this feeling? It's like a premonition, but this doesn't feel like evil is coming, like something else.) She frowned softly to herself, trying to pick apart the feeling from the rest of her thoughts.

"Rei!" A bright voice called her attention to the steps that led up to the shrine from the busy streets below. Practically bounding up the steps were her three best, and only, friends, Minako, Ami, and Makoto. Minako was breathing heavily and so was Ami, though she concealed it a bit better, but Makoto seemed to be enjoying the long walk and jumped over two steps and stood triumphantly at the top, while the two others trudged slowly behind.

"There...are way...too many this place..." Minako complained between gasps.

Rei smiled and rolled her eyes. "You just haven't been up here for a while. You'll get used to them after some time."

"I hope so." Ami said, stretching her back.

Makoto looked over her shoulder and laughed. "Come on you guys, we came up here to study, not to stand around complaining!" She smiled as she turned, standing her full height, hands across her chest like a drill sergeant.

Rei laughed at Minako's straight salute. "You all go in; I have to put my broom away and change."

She waved as they walked towards the small building they used for studying. Turning swiftly, Rei walked quickly to the secluded shed she stored the brooms in. Rei hesitated as the premonition feeling returned. Sensing something behind her she whipped around, her powers ready, to see a boy standing behind her.

Rei frowned to herself as she went over his clothes. The traditional long, white jacket, matching, baggy whit pants underneath, with the thin, blue slipper-like shoes on his small feet. Rei tried not to let her mask of indifference slip, but she felt her grip on the broom tighten. These were the same clothes of the boy who came to the shrine not two weeks ago, insulted her, and went home with a black eye and a bleeding nose, courtesy of Rei and Makoto. (Wait a second...) Rei's grip loosened. The previous boy had had his long, black hair back in a braid. This one had his shorter hair tied back in a tight ponytail.

"Can I help you?" She asked politely.

"Yes. I am looking for the owner of this shrine. Grandfather Hino."

Rei felt the frown tugging at her lips. This boy used the same condescending tone the other had used. (They are probably related.) Rei thought bitterly.

The boy's black eyes flashed. "Onna, I asked you a question."

Rei couldn't keep the anger from her face this time. (Who does he think he is?!) Rei opened her mouth to insult this rude boy, but right then, burst through the bushes. Well, as much as he could burst, with his small stature.

"Ah, Wufei! Here you are! I thought I heard your voice somewhere! Oh, I see you've met Rei. Rei, this is Wufei Chang. Wufei, this is my granddaughter."

"It's a pleasure." The boy, Wufei, said flatly.

"Likewise." Rei returned the formality, but kept her eyes hard on him.

Even as he left with her grandpa, her eyes were locked on his back. After he was out of sight, Rei shook herself and set the broom down. (Great. Now I'm going to be stressed out for the rest of the day.)

Rei hurried to her room, where she quickly changed out of her robe and into a fine red skirt and loose, long sleeved, white shirt. Glancing in the mirror as she pulled a brush through her long, raven black hair, Rei almost laughed to see how she seemed to wear the colors of her uniform more often. Dropping her amber-colored brush on the short dresser, she opened her door and stepped out.

Rei managed to stumble back a step before she ran into someone. Looking up, she opened her mouth for an apology, she clamped it shut at the sight of Wufei looking down on her, or rather, across at her; they were the same height. Rei snorted softly and brushed past him, shutting her bedroom door behind her.

Rei walked under the overhanging roof in her soft-soled shoes. She frowned as she wondered whether Wufei was behind her. (He had soft shoes too. He can probably move as quietly as the girls say I do.) She glanced in a wind chime bell and saw, to her satisfaction, Wufei was not behind her.

She put on a smile and opened the door to where her friends were waiting. They looked up at her. Ami took off her glasses. "What's wrong?"

"What are you talking about?" Rei sat down next to Minako.

Minako closed her book and leaned forward on her elbows. "Come on, Rei. Did Grandpa give you more chores?"

Rei waved her away. "No, nothing is wrong." She looked over at Ami. "Why do you ask?"

Ami sighed. "You have that look."

"What look?"

Makoto smiled. "That look you get when something happened and you don't want someone else to know."

Rei rolled her eyes. After a moment's silence and a few pointed stares from Makoto, Minako, and Ami, Rei sighed. "There was this guy."

Minako's head shot up. "A guy?!"

Makoto crossed her arms in suspicion. "A guy?"

"Yes a guy." Rei continued. "He was wearing the same kind of outfit that other guy was."

"Other guy?!" Minako leaned forward.

"Other guy..." Makoto cracked her knuckles in remembrance.

"Can we all stop interrupting and let her tell what happened?" Ami pushed Minako down in her seat and put her hand on Makoto's shoulder.

Rei nodded to Ami and continued. "I was putting my broom away, and he came up behind me and asked where 'Grandfather Hino' was." She mimicked his tone and rolled her eyes. "I was caught a little off-guard by how he wore the same outfit as the other guy, and I didn't answer right away. So he gets all arrogant and says, 'Onna, I asked you a question.' Oh, I could have pounded him..." Rei looked away in anger.

Ami reached over and put her hand on Rei's shoulder. "I'm sure he was a one-time visitor, Rei. He's probably gone by now."

Rei nodded. "Yes, you're probably right."

"Does that mean we have to get back to studying?" Minako whined.

"Yes it does, you have a geometry exam coming up and you don't want to fail do you?" Mercury put her glasses back on and pushed Minako's book back in front of her. "Then you should get going."

Minako stuck her tongue out at her, but took the book.

A few hours later and several complaints from Minako's end of the table, Ami finally called an end to the study session. "Besides, even I don't want to keep everyone from a Friday's night sleep."

Minako stood and stretched. "I finally get to sleep in..."

Makoto stood as well. "Yeah... I guess I'll see you guys tomorrow." She waved as she stepped out the door into the night. Ami and Minako said their own goodbyes and left afterwards.

Rei straightened the cushions and turned out the light as the door slid shut behind her. She stepped down off the deck into the tiled courtyard and looked up to the moon. (It's full tonight. It's so beautiful...) She felt her thoughts carrying her away and almost didn't hear the voice calling her.

"Oh, Rei, would you come here for a moment?"

Rei looked over at her grandfather's voice and hesitated before walking over. The moon revealed her grandpa standing with four other people, one short, though not as short as her grandpa, wearing what looked like a red and black robe, two tall figures, both wearing black and dark blue outfits, and one Rei's size wearing white.

Though Rei guessed who the medium size figure was, she didn't know him or the others, so kept her power at ready. Even as she walked closer, the moon's bright light didn't reveal the three others' faces.

Finally, when Rei stopped next to her grandpa, the others lifted their heads and nodded to acknowledge her. She nodded back and half smiled to see she was right; the third figure was Wufei, the short one appeared to be his grandfather, with a lined, but intelligent face, and the two taller ones looked to be his parents, both with his onyx eyes and sleek black hair.

"Hello, Rei." His mother said cheerfully.

"Hello." Rei nodded in return, still wary.

"Rei, I want you to meet the Chang family, you already met Wufei this morning, so I think now would be the best Time to tell you both the news." Rei's heart leapt into her throat at the word 'news'. She could see in the dim moonlight Wufei's unmasked surprise as his own grandfather nudged him forward.

"Grandpa..." Rei tried to take a step back from Wufei, but found her grandpa behind her, bumping her forward. He stepped around her and took her hand.

Grandfather Chang pulled Wufei's hand up as well. Rei jerked back as she realized what was happening.

"As of now, Wufei, Rei," Grandfather Hino started.

"You two are betrothed." Grandfather Chang finished proudly. He clasped Wufei's suddenly stiff hand around Rei's fist.

"Betrothed?!" They both said in unison as it sunk in.

So... Nice cliffy huh? He he, Rei and Wufei are betrothed! How will the girls take this? What about the other G-boys? Find out next time on 'To Love a Fire Goddess"...